wah is authenticity?

yeah wah!

the all-being ignites life 2 continuously move creation through the ever-flowing universe. an essential ingredient 2 life, beyond being, is 2 create in abundance, 4 an easier life, 4 the generations 2 come, b4 life sparks outward in2 creation's ever-flow. our desire is 2 feel joyful, spread love and happiness. and when this is accessible bc we live in a strong democracy where freedom of expression is constitutionally protected, then we must strive 2 make the whole of us strong. we must protect the rarest of all elements: humanity. come 2 the table, glow bright, radiate outward, bring forth ur individual freedom: drink, sing, eat, seek the chance 2 change the course of history; love thy neighbor as thyself is foremost in your mind's eye, protecting life from physical harm is your utmost concern. come 2 the table!

mix up ur authenticity, let it get red-hot, boil it up: the rare-earth element in u. u r singularly unique, a being that no other will ever re-create or replicate. be authentic! come 2 the sacred chow. while it is certain that u will not always feel joy and happiness, u will know100% of the time that humanity is more content. come 2 the sacred chow. tip more love in2 life, and feel grateful, feel this, and thank urself 4 doing so. if we dont take the risk 2 venture in2 territory unknown, we can be certain that we will never find the celebration happening. but the celebration is happening, so go find it, contribute joy and happiness. come 2 the sacred chow, eat plant proteins, do it bc u must.
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