New York State Kosher Restaurants
Sacred Chow. 337-0863. 227 Sullivan Street (W. 3rd & Bleecker). Vegan. Rabbi Zev Schwarcz Int’l Kosher Council.
i love the rolling guttural sound of the word, nachas.
nach·as (näkh′əs)
pleasurable pride, esp. in another's achievements
Etymology: Yiddish nakhes <>
Nachas: (rhymes with "loch S") pride, joy, pleasure, gratification felt at the accomplishments of loved ones such as children and grandchildren. "Oi! That boychik (little boy) is so smart! Three years old and already he can read! He gives me such nachas!" Nachas makes you kvell.

fear not our vegetable-plant proteins

(an e-mail sent to sacredchow@aol.com)
Subject: Many thanks
Dear Cousin Cliff:
I am a little slow on the uptake these days. That comes from becoming officially old (60). But many thanks for your generosity when we visited your restaurant. While I am afraid I will never be a vegan, I did find the food interesting and enjoyed some of the dishes. Sacred Chow is really very comfortable and enjoyable. Hopefully we'll see you again soon.
Best regards. Cousin John
/caliph's response/
dear john,
sounds like u had a great time! and it was good to see u, meet a new cousin, see judy, and your son. all cousins of mine. the women were very serious about their eating experience, while u and your son were in giggles. also, a good thing. i am glad u found sacred chow interesting. sacred chow is an important food movement, a collective vow . and u can come and enjoy sacred chow any time you'd like. you'll see the mood changes with the hours. add this to your blessed 60 years of life:"i, cousin john, am a part of bringing about enormous change for the health of the earth and human species, and onto our sons, and the generations." now that's an old, slow, officially 60's kind of thing to be proud of! each decade we r called on to be stronger, a leader. come lead the way cousin john, come lead the way!
yours, caliph
/chow's response/
fear not our vegetable-plant proteins for we can step on them and crush them into the dirt with our feet. while w/ our larger flesh proteins, we'll need our guns, arrows, hooks and knives, or simply our brute strength to choke them to death. ah, but u r 60 "officially" old and slow. so just use some dental floss to get the grizzle out while you egest, and read this article on the actress, estelle parsons, http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/29/theater/29estelle.html?ref=arts, she's "officially" 80/1. place article/laptop on your knees, so u can s l o w l y do 3 things at once.
p.s. here's a 4th thing u can do, think: vegan is a cleaner, greener fiber, adding effulgence to the blood, spirit, body, mind and our collective sewage system. it's low carbon living man! now that's generosity!
best regards 2,
sacred chow


carnivores enjoy it also!

mmmm....sooo gooood!!

By dobleizquierda on 07/13/2008

Sacred Chow is my favorite vegan place in the entire city, and possibly the entire country. Unlike other places that serve fake meat with steamed veggies, Chow serves complete food that tastes delicious and makes you healthily full. My favorite dish is the grilled western tofu sub and the sesame collards greens. I recommend Chow to all of my friends and even after initial hesitation, the carnivores enjoy it also!

and it was excellent!

Pierce S. on Sacred Chow (Sun. Jul 20th)

Had Sacred Chow near Washington Square Park for lunch today and it was excellent! Not a huge frequenter of vegan joints in my life, but it is always a pleasure to be able to go to one and have to eat something really healthy and really great with one of my vegan friends. I enjoyed the hummus and mixed greens hero today. The bread was hot and tasted very fresh. Likewise, the sandwich was excellently combined with a slaw, and the pickles were done well too. It all went exceedingly perfect with the Sierra Nevada that I had (not a big fan of the Rare that I was offered initially). My friend had a vegan meatball sub that looked great also, and I would probably get it next time I go. (Although, I tend to prefer the real thing.) The collard greens that we had on the side were also very nicely steamed and we ere equally flavorful. The decor in this place is really nice, understated yet artsy, and very friendly. The waitress was very friendly, not to mention darlingly cute :). If you are reading this can we have a date? I want to come back to Sacred Chow to try again some of their very fresh and reasonably priced foods. Their brunch looks phenomenal too!


amazing low carbon treats!

sacred chow bakes fantastic lb cakes, banana or orange chocolate chip, freeze prefectly too. each loaf = 6 pieces. a big, healthy slice, pan-seared in earth balance, toasted or fresh, the lb cakes are out-of-this-world! with a scoop of soy ice cream and fresh blueberries, wow! w/ sprinkles, melted chocolate or nutella, toasted nuts, over-the-top!
amazing low carbon treats!


"triple chocolate" brownie is gluten free.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/18/2008. good soup, lame brownie.

I went in the middle of the afternoon, so my service was great (really friendly waiter!)* and the soup was delicious....but I DID feel like the portions were rather skimpy for the price. On the online menu, the soup was listed as coming with bread in the restaurant, it cost $2 extra**. If you're looking for a really decadent brownie, don't be tricked by the "triple chocolate" label - the brownie tasted like some sort of health bar. Very wheat flour-y***. Which is fine, if that's what you're shooting for, but suffice to say I headed for Chelsea Market immediately after my visit to buy a SECOND brownie because that one simply didn't do the trick.
(* hang with kyle for a while, and you'll smile for miles.
** sorry about the price mix-up we'll make sure to change the online menu asap. and thanks for letting us know!
***cliff note: "triple chocolate" brownie is gluten free. made w/ organic corn flour, silky cocoa powder, melted tempered chocolate, & velvety ganache.)


clean energy parity

huxley is resting his sweet head on my shoulder as i write and chant slogans, ideas, thoughts aloud about sacred chow: sustainability, low-carbon living, heart healthy blood, plant-based fats & proteins, clean energy & health-care parity, no starvation, sharing & kindness, observant kosher & gluten free preparation, delicious high nutrition, freedom, our responsibility as sacred warrior's, creation, and... dad? yes hux? i'm a sacred warrior! me too hux.
hwangyong-hamnida, welcome sacred warriors! sacred chowwwwwwow!


but couldnt resist.


went to sacred chow for the first time today and really enjoyed it. it is a small place, not alot of tables, but plenty of space for the people that were there. very casual, which i liked. the waiter was very nice and my food was out quickly. i ordered the breakfast sandwich with an order of fruit from the brunch menu. it was sooo good and alot of food. i probably didnt need to order anything else, but couldnt resist. i ordered a side order of the meatballs and sauce which were great. i also ordered the gym body smoothie which was like the best smoothie i ever had and a brownie. i was very impressed and will go back!


super duper amazing

Review by joabarnett on July 13, 2008:

yay! i love sacred chow, i am glad everyone else seems to enjoy it too. the cute little english waitress is super sweet and the sangrias are worth the money. their pumpkin soup is super duper amazing. a lil pricy though.


yes my son, hwangyong-hamnida!

let the answer come to u. rest my most glorious, benignant son. i know the picture of the skinned roasted dogs hanging in that restaurant window in beijing, china really upset u. and i am so sorry about that story of the man who was so violent to his children, and the starving families, and the terrible wars, and the diseases that u are already quite familiar with. let the world spin my son. rest my most glorious, benignant son, you have the confidence needed to change the world. what a gift! and u talk about fairness. u r a beautiful one! and sacred chow's vow is yours too. it's amazing that u understand! what a strong, colorful, joyous, ambitious, proud, illuminating warrior u r! hwangyong-hamnida!
# 1 son: i see the warm breath of howling wolves moving upward, mixing into the midnight dark sky, magical places, effulgent northern lights; and here u r, like wizardry, connected 2 creation, the howling wolves, a shining aurora, fresh, new & confident. yes my son, hwangyong-hamnida!


little red dots

hola little red dots over there on the map! i have always loved geography, so maps, especially world maps, have always fascinated me. and sacred chow shares a similar hue. nice! see u later little red dots!
sacred chow, 227 sullivan street, nyc.


licked their plates clean

Hi Cliff,
The food that we ordered from Sacred Chow was delicious! Everyone really enjoyed it and practically licked their plates clean. In fact, a few people at Hazon are ordering some more for lunch today.
Thanks so much!
Hazon New offices: 45 West 36th St, 8th floor, NY NY 10018 212 644 2332 fax: 212 868 7933www.hazon.org www.jcarrot.org - "Best New Blog" in the 2007 Jewish &Israeli Blog Awards :-)


Brunching it at the Sacred Chow

Monday, July 7, 2008

Brunching it at the Sacred Chow

Long, long ago (i.e. Memorial Day weekend), in a town not so far away (i.e. Manhattan), Sejal and I had a lovely brunch at Sacred Chow. We were the only guests in the tiny restaurant and enjoyed a sumptuous vegan meal. Great taste, variety and oh yeh, it's healthy to boot!
Sacred Chow opened in 1995, and focused on kosher-vegan food. The restaurant is located in Greenwich Village and is pretty popular with veggies and non-veggies.
Here are some examples of the delicious fare:**Toasted Sunflower Lentil Pate'**Root Vegetable Latkes (Pancakes)**Korean Tofu Cutlets**Roasted Indonesian Tempeh**Mama's Soy Meatballs**Hummus Salad**Banana Bread French Toast**Soy Buttermilk Biscuit**Gym Body Frozen Smoothie (Bananas, toasted almonds, cinnamon, flax oil, soymilk or apple juice)OK, let me stop...drooling is just not attractive or appropriate for me right now.


great downtown restaurant

Vegan Brunch By Erica Kubersky

As a vegan living in NYC that works at a vegan business, one of the questions our staff gets asked most often is, "Where are the great vegan restaurants?" This can be especially challenging for Sunday brunch, which is typically rife with non-vegan fare, such as eggs, meat, cheese, etc.
Yet Sunday brunch is one of my favorite meals, and it's always fun to join friends for a relaxing meal. And since it's one of my favorites, I made sure to find a place that I really enjoy. There are tons of places in New York where you can find great vegan fare, but here's one that I really do love.

Sacred Chow. This great downtown restaurant features a bistro-fare of organic beer, wine & herbal elixirs, mouth watering soups, stews, salads and heroes, enticing desserts & hot drinks, delicious, hearty plant proteins, complex carbohydrates and luscious frozen smoothies. And while I love it all, for me, the number one reason for going to Sacred Chow is for Sunday brunch and their biscuits. I love their breakfast sandwich which comes on flaky, savory biscuits which is just wonderful. Also, Sacred Chow has the best tasting mimosas made with the freshest orange juice ever. The restaurant is also completely vegan and the staff is always really nice, which means you get great service.

Being vegan does not mean that you have to give up one of New York's favorite meals. Now that you know where to go, grab some friends and have some weekend fun!

MooShoes, Inc. is a vegan-owned business that sells an assortment of cruelty-free footwear, bags, t-shirts, wallets, books and other accessories.

And the shakes they have...hell yeah.

Bobby M.
New York, NY

HOLY CRAP! I'm not even a vegan and I liked this shit! Seriously. Although I didn't know what half the stuff was, I very much enjoyed by black olive sandwich thingie. And the shakes they have...hell yeah. Being a green tea nut, I ordered their alcoholic green tea shake (yeah tell me about it.) I had it without alcohol because it was way too early for that. But, I'd love to return to check it out. It's not too pricey either. And they seem to have a nice looking breakfast menu too. BONUS FUN GAME: Try to replicate what I did in Sacred Chow. 1.) Arrive late to a get together.2.) Not knowing that the place is vegan, flip through the menu and proclaim, "Where's the chicken at?"3.) Be slightly embarrassed over said chicken comment.


I went to heaven and returned.

VegFriends Forum / Chit Chat / Re: Desert anybody?
on: June 07, 2008, 10:17:59 PM
I had the most delicious halvah pie slice, so chocolate, so chocolate mousse from Sacred Chow last night. I went to heaven and returned.

a grand old flag!

u have any change u can spare? change u can believe in!
happy 4th of july america! the u.s. is the 15th happiest place to be in the world. somewhere between denmark and zimbabwe. a grand old flag!


poof, no discouraging words!

"home, home on the range where the deer and buffalo roam, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the sky is not cloudy all day."
i'm ready!
poof, no discouraging words!
animals roam, it's home, on a range, and the weather sounds great! we'll plant a garden, build a grape arbor, make sacred chow, and drink amazing wine.

why dont u? be a plant-based burping human too!

i re-read and re-read, and i feel as if i am painting the words into place. each time i see something new, and suddenly a corner appears that i cant see behind. so i wander over there.

the words of the title in the piece below, get out of my way grandpa!, are hurtful, mean and discouraging words. in context, the words are meant to be funny, but u feel the meanness and disrespect. we glean imperfections and hide on the dark side of our own imperfections, and demand perfection from every one. i am better, he's better, she's better! non-stop chatter and poking! argh! my body, his face, my legs, her arms, my height, his breath, my hair, my nose, her skin, her age, my strength, his weight, his race, my smarts, his ideology, his chin, her gender, my sexuality! i am better! no he's better! she's much better! b/c she is, b/c i am, no he is. stop it, stop it! we can not be so mean-spirited and self-centered? but we are! so ha! if i'm writing and we're reading, we are participating together. why dont u?

we all hear, think and partake in the same hushed whispers that we all silently hear, think and partake in no matter where we live, the same hurtful, mean, discouraging words. just different towns, political clowns, and disruptive-pronouns. i put a few "old-style" rhyming ditties together. i call them, the jewish princess snake in four parts, b/c it sounds wilful, humorous and strong.

he's old and he's ugly, he's fat and i'm glad, he looks like a monster, a rag doll and a fag. there was a time, he was, at the top of his class, now he just smells like cobwebs and ass.

i hear he has collected the finest lizard skins, and his wife was a model with the perfect chiseled chin. he's too dark! she's too vapid! what a honey when she was thin! have u seen him lately? what a crime to see him now! oh man, i would of done him but the lizard's now a cow.

did u read about the legend of the jewish princess snake? her tongue flicks in eight parts like a farmer's wooden rake. in nyc in central park they say, she hides in the rambles waiting for her prey. a spell that was cast upon the king, her father's head, turned a new born beauty into something now he dreads. they say she was finer than a classic french bordeaux, now she eats her victims with dijon mustard on a roll.

i am a hyena, i know it for sure, i'm sneaky and creepy, i'll devour you poor. if u look kinda close, it gets kinda gross, so if it's kindness and mindfulness u want, i'd run for the door.

oh that was fun! "frickin' flicking!" run for the door! ha! by nature? a mirror of "stylized" self-contempt, existing only to flick and jabber endlessly, often mindlessly, about others and myself. a spice mix of gross distortion and limited insight with a blend of spiteful insult. what a perfect diet!

but i aim to change mine. it is a tough one though, b/c it's instinctual competitiveness, it's a lonely struggle my dear friends. and a friggin' normal one too! how do we get out of the cesspool of rhythms? practice my friend, practice, reflect inward, change will save the day! a sense of humanity can be nurtured and pulled into mindfulness through acts, gestures, deeds and words of human kindness, comedy and love.
i will find a way to do it every day. i promise to live sacred chow's mission to end of me days. aah, sacred chow your vow i know: slow-down the over-consumption of animal protein, make less carbon and therefore less violence grow!
for sure, consuming animal protein requires a violent struggle to the death. maybe that excited me? bah, bah bacchic! perhaps you enjoy eating "food" that is horrifically scared into the final exit? sexy! and before we stick our forks into that, we are the next step up in the food chain. ready for dinner? great, let's start! pass the frickin' flicking tender genders, race, age, disability, sexual hatred plate down my way. blah, blah, blah, lick my chops! oh, i just love to eat the eyes! it's the burst! we rip into one another and tear each other to shreds, digesting like snakes, with teeth, fingers, and oppressive judgments. burppp! nope, human!
attention: "democracies, autocracies, monarchies" alike! we plant-based burping humans make a big, big, big difference. and that's really something! yes it is!
see, Tuesday, June 3, 2008 blog piece - those damaging methane burps
and, just 25%! from Sunday, June 15, 2008.