really easy-to-fix thing!

David L. Brooklyn, NY 9/7/2009

Sacred Chow is one of my favorite places to get a meal in the city. The food is so fantastic that Sacred Chow gets five stars.

The only problem is that there is never more than one person working the front end of the restaurant, even at its fullest, so service can be slow. Food at least comes out quickly, but it takes a little while for her to get to you once you sit down, a little while for her to bring your drinks, all that. She does her job efficiently, but an extra server/host would help the quality of service.

The only really uncomfortable thing and really easy-to-fix thing about the service is that this one woman who works there either refuses to speak up or can't do more than whisper. Say, "Excuse me?" all you like, but she will never speak above maybe 15 decibels. How to fix? Oh Ms. Sacred Chow Waitress, please pick the decibels up just a few notches. Much appreciated!

Now, the food! Sacred Chow has the ONLY good tempeh dish I have had in the city. Tempeh is a favorite food of mine and I really wish more restaurants would serve it, period. Even if they couldn't do it as well as Sacred Chow does. The BBQ seitan is also super, and there is never anything bad to say about any of the other dishes, either. Their dozen or so specials change very regularly, and nothing ever makes me wish I'd eaten somewhere else, as vegetarian restaurants often make me do.

So I think if the waitress picks her voice up a bit, and another server/host is present during busier shifts, Sacred Chow will be perfect. Good-luck!


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