Hi Chef,
I'm a recent vegan and eat at Sacred Chow about twice a week. I LOVE YOUR FOOD! (especially the carrot fennel cassarole and black bean burger!).
I'm wondering if you have a cookbook or recipes for sale? Even if only for the sauces... Do you ever do cooking workshops/classes for people who want to learn the basics of vegan cooking?
Any resources you can pass on would be greatly appreciated.
I also saw fliers for the farm sanctuary in your restaurant. I'm also a member! Maybe you should do some kind of fund-raising cooking workshop for them. I'm sure they'd give you access to their NYC members which could also be great (and cheap!) marketing for you. I'd enroll for sure!
Anyways, I'm a big fan of your cooking. Keep making yummy food.
Best, Danielle

hey danielle,
melt my heart!
manana in the am, i promise i will work on fulfilling ur desires. in the meantime, check out chow on facebook, and @ sacredchow.blogspot.com. if u have a question or an idea that's moving through ur imagination, ask away.
thx so much! ur email was great!
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