it's september 11th all over again!

Dresden Rising.
Hates flame, destruction, steel & skin - melt, both colossal; smoke ascends into the mouth of creation, reintegrating. 9/13/2001, nyc.

New York.
Oh York of York: will you ever be new? can you ever feel safe? Be new, be new, do not seed hates growth, be kind, and be new, be new, be new my new York. 9/13/2001, nyc.

Hux is Hope.
Oh little York or Huxley or Aurelius growing in mommy's belly -I saw you dance at 8 weeks and 4/5 days, I saw you wiggle your fingers and toes when you were 10 weeks, you are fire in water, u r hope. 9/13/2001, nyc.

Collective Gasp.
On 6th Ave and Waverly, down they tumbled, together we watched the towers of mighty, how small we were next their grandeur one moment, how small we are. Humbled together, crushed - a pancake of hatred, not sweet. No doubt, we are all in this together, we are, even sons with knives. 9/14/2001, nyc.

dear life, the only thing I can control is me, human form for just a moment, I see - violence erupts instinctively; hurricanes, earthquakes, destruction's gate, there is a simple way from human hate. (i love u!) 9/14/2001, nyc.

i met him as a child and he grew into a man, his rage rumbled outward, it developed a plan,
it was this one or that one, with shouts of g-d damn; delicate by nature, so angry the man. 9/14/2001, nyc.

Eternity we are, forever we’ll be, from within and without – electrons simply. An energy rippling into the sky, a miracle, a wonder, a part of g-d’s eye. Tear drops from memories, nostalgia we knew, this burnings connected, eternity renewed. 9/14/2001, nyc.

A Simple Prayer.
i promise you rich, pure love, dignity. now quiet your soul, visualize the constant connection to eternity's everflow, and the complexity of your being here now; step into the kingdom of kindness. 9/14/2001, nyc.

The Devil’s Cigar.
Thunderous rivers of billowing smoke, alone with the night, my throat and I choke. I wonder, I wonder and really I pray, I sit and I ponder, away and away -a child, a father, a mother, a land, wherever i go, it’s Destiny’s plan. A decision, a way, of how not to be: I’ll travel the road, my own history.The Lesson before me is simple and clear, kindness I honor, and all I revere. 9/16/2001 nyc.

Sound & Sight.
To everyone, everywhere, N.Y.C.: BIG, LOUD! It's quiet now, just church bells & sirens. the police officers and firemen: Not-The-Same! It's a small town with ghost streets, marshall law, soldiers & army trucks; you can hear neon signs humming. After 10PM, at Spring and Houston, Mister Softee is serving a large crowd, transfixed on the new amusement park. 9/17/2001, nyc.

Acrid Rain.
i want them to be found, uncovered with cheer, i see them and hear them, 3,000 clear. they’re inside a big box of metal I’m sure, protected and waiting, extremely secure. a blue day so quiet with birds in the sky, I walk like a zombie, one death defied. i stop and i tremble with others that pray, our teardrops fall gently near pictures they lay. it’s gloomy and wet, unlike yesterday, the smoke that’s been rising is hidden away. a new moment i cherish, a game that i play, i say over and over, they’re not far away. they’re inside this big box, sealed tight and quite safe, i know it and feel it, but then i awake. a smell that is drifting, a seared odor from then, it’s september 11th all over again. 9/20/2001.

Lay & Wait.
On Thursday, it was cloudy, a foggy downtown, the smoking rubble lays & waits. 9/25/2001, nyc.

Everyone on the street,
Everyone in Times Square, in China, in Baghdad,
Everyone everywhere!
Every motion that we make,
Every image that we see,
Every feeling that we feel for every life & every tree;
Everything that we know,
Everything that we don’t, from the stars in the sky to the plans for you & i;
Every life that will be,
Every life that will not:
Everything is connected by molecular dots. 9/30/2001, nyc.
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