tel aviv, eilat, ramallah, aqaba!

Hi Cliff,

How are you? It was very nice finally to meet the chef of our favorite restaurant, Sacred Chow.We would love to come and volunteer in your kitchen and to learn how to cook vegan food.We are free during the weekends.The reason we want to learn is first because we want to know how to cook good vegan food (in Israel there isn't the same variety as New York), and so that maybe in the future we will open a place in Israel. We understand that this is a non-conventional idea, and we will understand if it doesn't fit.


Moran and Yossi

all great business ideas are non-conventional! let's bring sacred chow to the middle east! tel aviv, eilat, ramallah, aqaba!

see, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGIGYwiRw2w , low-carbon living fits in everywhere!

and, why not dubai!

weekly shabbat dinner

Judah Sarna wrote:

My apologies for not responding earlier. We were away in Israel for two months and are moving, so things are kind of hectic. It seems to me that one of the major issues was being open on shabbos. The idea of doing a weekly shabbat dinner, this is something we can explore some more on a semi-regular basis. So to address the question directly - the first step would certainly be for the restaurant to be closed on shabbat, with the exception of pre-ordered and pre-cooked meals. Is that an option you would consider, even if it would not compensate for your lost Friday night and Saturday daytime revenue? Yehuda Rabbi Yehuda Sarna University Chaplain Educator, Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus The Edgar M. Bronfman Center for Jewish Life at NYU 212-998-4118 rabbi.sarna@nyu.edu ----- Original Message ----- From: sacred chow Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 7:49 pm Subject: To: rabbi.sarna@nyu.edu
hello reb sarna,
i hope that this e-mail finds that you and your family are well. i wanted you to know that I was truly looking forward to working with you on making sacred chow 100% observant kosher on shabbos. i was certain you had understood that by the end of august, sacred chow would be 100% observant. i view this the only way for sacred chow to be 100% kosher. as such, sacred chow would be observant and educating both observant and non-observant patrons by creating a low-carbon shabbos, no electrical transactions or cooking, w/ blessings, prayer, storytelling to further instill insight and hope. short of OU certification, as zev is our rabbi, and closing, let me know what we can do together to make this an example for the generations, and a sacred space for the observant jewish community every day, and especially on shabbos. my sincere best to you, cliff preefer, sacred chow
hola judah! what a beautiful spelling and sound! please see sacredchow.blogspot.com. especially, the sabbath menu. shabbat shalom la'cha! sincerely, baruch, my hebrew name

gluten-free vegan

Jennifer Parrucci wrote:

As a gluten-free vegan, I love Sacred Chow and eat there often. I was thinking about stopping in for brunch sometime, but I see that there a no markings of whether or not brunch items contain gluten (unlike the rest of the menu). Could you tell me which items would be safe for me to eat?
Thanks Jennifer
Hi Jennifer,
We are so glad that you eat at Sacred Chow! And thanks for inquiring about brunch. We will be updating our online menu soon so that it reads with gluten-free choices that are identifiable. For your edification, the frittata, tempeh hash and tofu scramble are gluten-free. You can get the biscuit sandwich or biscuits and gravy without the biscuit, which is made from wheat, by ordering either of these two items without the biscuit or with a toasted corn tortilla. If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime. You can trust that your meal is safe to eat, and that there is absolutely no hidden gluten. Enjoy!
Sincerely, Edward

quietly bless yourself

there are minutes when most of us just dont feel as though we can make it 2 the next second. but we do! and that is everything! u do! yes u do! so quietly bless yourself, and those around u. easy does it, come, into the sweet eternity.


ahh, the sabbath menu!

calling, calling, calling the observant: fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah!

sacred chow requests your presence to fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah.

a sabbath menu, low-carbon from sundown 2 sundown. here, now @ sacred chow, an energy slow-down filled with prayer, music, comfort, kindness, hope and sacred chow. come heal creation.

fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah, light the sabbath candle.

the mitzvah of tzedakah illuminates the darkness and helps guide us safely along the path of life, away from its dangerous pitfalls, instilling calm and a sense of safety. this energy radiates outward w/ less carbon and more peace. ahh, the sabbath menu!

find your way to sacred chow, and fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah .


a spot at the table

Someone asked me why Sacred Chow became a 100% vegan, Plant-based centric, Observant-kosher place with Organic food, Low-glycemic food, Low-sodium food, Heart-healthy food, Sustainable and Gluten free food. If this were about the money, I could say that Preefer was trying to hit every niche market. But honestly? If it were just about the money, we'd all be having mansions. Not our plan.

Everyone deserves a place at the table. Regardless of your needs, wants, or ideals, you need to have a spot at the table, where you can peacefully break bread with your sisters and brothers. Everyone needs to feel comfortable at the place. That's what we're all about. We want to provide a place where everyone is welcome. Please, come in. Join us. Be a part of the place.


and the leaf fairy made yummy granola.

here's a story from huxley.

i know of a tiny vegetarian dinosaur that lives in the dark, dark forest. he became friends w a leaf fairy who lived in the forest too. the dinosaur and the leaf fairy were the only two of their kind left on earth, which is why they lived in the dark, dark forest. they are almost impossible to find! one day, in the darkness of my dad's closet, which is filled w pillows and blankets, the tiny dinosaur appeared and pulled me through the wall. it was really dark, and this is what he told me: i am always hungry but boy am i lucky! and dont worry i wont eat u! w that out of the way, he told me about his friend the leaf fairy who was a great cook and created the most delicious dew-bark milk. (yes, i got the recipe dad!) he continued, we're best friends, and share everything, and eat wonderful meals of sweet, crispy leaves, crunchy sticks w/ dew-bark milk. he said, one day they were talking, walking and flying in a new part of the dark, dark forest and stumbled upon a really shiny black and white skunk who lived in the forest too. he told me that the air smelled of skunk perfume, which smelled good, and that, the skunk lived in a part of the dark, dark forest that was filled with berries and nuts. because he was shiny, the sun and the moon would bounce off his fur and give so much light to the forest. the dinosaur and the leaf fairy were amazed w/ his gift, and this made the shiny skunk reflect even more light. and this made colorful, sweet smelling flowers grow. so they all decided to live together. and the leaf fairy made yummy granola.


take a look inside sacred chow!

take a look at these tantalizing photos of sacred chow. makes me want to go to chow and eat right now. ahh, my feet feel the chill of the bed's cold sheets. divine! i aint going no where!


NYC Vegan EatUp September Lunch/Brunch

Welcome, New York Vegans!

Meetup topics
Vegan, Vegetarian
October 8, 2002
Membership dues
$0.50 per event

Our next Meetup NYC Vegan EatUp September Lunch/Brunch
Sep 6, 2008, Sat 12:00 PM
Where? Sacred Chow
Who’s coming?
20 Yes / 0 Maybe
(no spots left)
Want to attend? check for cancellations.

It's time we made a return trip to Sacred Chow - 227 Sullivan St bt W. 3rd & Bleecker.
*Please look for familiar faces from the Yes RSVP photos to find our table.
*When joining the table, please introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors, and the whole table if you can. No pop quizzes on names, fyi. Read more
More details about this Meetup…

packs a powerful punch

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 Take Five Pierce

Take Five: Vividly Vegan

A hub for sustainably cultivated, locally grown, and organic foods, it is no surprise that the New York restaurant scene, already world-renown for its increasing environmental and health consciousness, is such a major haven for vegans and anyone who enjoys fresh, green cuisine. Here at Gobbl it is our mission to provide our readers with access to the highest quality food at reasonable prices (not to mention ultra-slick ambiences and interesting clientèle). Therefore, we present to you our green-thumbed guide to the best vegan restaurants in New York City. Whether you are a vegan or not, these restaurants are definitely worth the trip!

Voted the best vegan restaurant in NYC in 2008 by Time Out New York, this vegan mainstay serves up beautifully presented dishes ranging from a succulent seitan scallopini to a portobello mushroom stuffed in a cashew-tahini sauce. Head to their Upper Westside location, Blossom Cafe, for a chance to enjoy their quiet ambience, smooth yellow lighting, and exquisite diner-top dining. Don’t forget to try the mouthwatering vegan Philly cheesesteak and sample their daily selection of freshly-baked desserts.
Blossom, 187 9th Ave. (Between 21st & 22nd Sts.)
Blossom Cafe, 466 Columbus Ave. (Between 82nd and 83rd Sts.)

Angelica Kitchen
This East Village gem bases its name off of the Angelica blossom rumored to have holistic health benefits. Angelica Kitchen strives to further the plant’s healing tradition by directly eliminating the middleman in all of its food procurement practices to ensure that it nurtures deep roots in local farm communities. Angelica brings you the freshest organic ingredients while inside the restaurant still sustaining the rural farming ambience that it supports.
Angelica Kitchen, 300 E. 12th St. (Between 1st & 2nd Aves.)

Sacred Chow
A comfy and casual vegan bistro in the West Village, Sacred Chow may be easy to overlook at first glance but packs a powerful punch with its artsy decor and beautiful waitstaff. It’s perfect for a weekend lunch with friends or to catch your breath after an outing in nearby Washington Square Park. Don’t miss out on their seitan heroes or freshly squeezed fruit juices either.
Sacred Chow,227 Sullivan St. (Between Bleecker & W. 3rd St.)

Pure Food and Wine
This Irving Place hotspot considers itself the real deal when it comes to organic and sustainable dining. All the food here has never been heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, which qualifies it as an exclusively raw food restaurant. Be sure to check out their extensive organic wine list, quite like the one at Counter’s organic wine bar to pair with your creatively raw concoctions.
Pure Food and Wine, 54 Irving Pl. (Between 17th & 18th Sts.)

Candle 79
The Upper East Side boasts the finest in vegan dining, Candle 79, a bit pricier than its counterparts but more luxurious and sophisticated. Try one of their farmers’ market entrees such as the sesame crusted tofu, the seitan timbale (served with a black bean sauce and chipotle coulis), or even the tuscan lasagna. For a more low-key outing head to Candle Cafe (the original locale) and try a blended fruit smoothie or take out from their catering menu.
Candle 79, 154 E. 79th St. (Between Lexington & 3rd Aves.)
Candle Cafe, 1307 3rd Ave. (Between 74th & 75th Sts.)


Writing this is making me hungry.

Dan F. says... ( on 07/13/08 )
Sacred Chow is the sort of place where whenever I am there, I wish I lived a bit closer to it so I could go there all the time. It has a very casual ambience and is a comfortable place to hang out. The part of the menu that I tend to favor at Sacred Chow is the tapas section, which is somewhat unusual for a vegan restaurant. They divide that section into protein and carbohydrates and the selections within each are widely varied and eclectic ethnically. I tend to favor the pate selection, especially their hummus of the day which has always been good. Noodle dishes are also often good and I've experimented occasionally with different kinds of tofu and other plant proteins they have in different sauces. I've yet to be disappointed.I still haven't ordered an entree myself, which generally consist of submarine sandwiches. A friend ordered the meatball sub and gave it a good review. I have been there for brunch however, and I do wish that happened on days other than the weekend. The brunch plates are very colorful and in particular I enjoy the biscuits and gravy, which is completely vegan, and a dish that is not easy to come by in New York. In fact to my knowledge, this is one of the only places that has it. You can order the biscuits on the side by the way even when it's not brunch. Lastly it's worth mentioning that the restaurant is entirely vegan, but they are alcohol-friendly which is an unusual combination and means they have a happy hour that can be enjoyed with vegan tapas. Not too many places in New York provide that kind of atmosphere. Writing this is making me hungry.


Metro NYC Environmental September Meetup

Join the Metro NYC Environmental Meetup w/ The NYC Social Justice Movie & Dinner Meetup for http://movies.meetup.com/489/calendar/8407005/. Movie: "Flow: For Love of Water" at Angelika Film Center, Saturday, September 13 at 12:00pm.

If you missed the premiere in February at Walter Reade Theater's Green Screens series, now's your chance to see this amazing documentary.

After the movie, we'll head to Sacred Chow (227 Sullivan St btwn W 3rd & Bleecker) to discuss the film over a low-carbon lunch/brunch.

hux said, yup!

huxley asked me to "google" him a map of where mt. everest stands. so we went to the "top of the world", and we found a 360 degree panoramic pictorial of mt. everest that was taken from the top of mt. everest: twisting and turning into a never ending rocky, snowy boundlessness. not a town in sight!

hux commented that it reminded him of the neverending story, so we sang the song. well, mostly hummed it, and then "googled" the song, and sang along w/ a bit more memory and recall.

then we went back to mt. everest, the site spoke of the many folks who have tried to climb to the top, which lead to many, many questions from hux as to how we, he, i, or any of us for that matter, could possibly get to the top. we spoke about deathly freezing cold air, loneliness, fear, pain, darkness, breathing difficulties, hunger, fatigue, utter strength, knowledge, patience, teamwork, perseverance and the truth that comes from never, ever giving up despite fierce, howling winds that told many of the successful climbers to turn back.

he asked me if i ever wanted to climb mt. everest. we then "googled" the definition of boundlessness, and it stated, n : the quality of being infinite; without bound or limit [syn: infiniteness, infinitude, unboundedness, limitlessness] i told him that bringing sacred chow into being, for me, felt very much like the descriptivism we had used to detail the issues confronted during a climb up mt. everest, making it to "the top of the world" is not an easy task. i said that a dream and sheer determination, w/ a bit of caution, the right moves and a little luck, brings to life a sense of boundlessness. he then stated, in a strong, proud voice, dad, i want to be the first korean-jewish president of the united states of america, and a doctor and a baker too! i promised him that with his power and energy, his intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual might, he would bring his sense of boundlessness to the world. i said triumph feels great. hux said, yup!


personal geeky things

Thursday, 3 July 2008 work in progress This blog was made, mainly, because Apryl and I thought that the idea of doing a joint blog over the summer would be a rad way to document our summers apart, and because of my lack of technological knowledge and pure laziness. I did not have a personal blog so had to create one for that plan to take effect. Then the idea of using this personal blog as a documentation of my own summer for family/friends to read about seemed easier than sending numerous emails. So here is this blog! On the 23.06.08, I flew to New York where I did tourist things such as Times Square, which was hit the first night. I went with the only other English girl that was on the same flight with me, and we're doing the "bunac" 'thing' together, so it felt right. The next day and next tourist spot was spent meeting up with other "bunac" folks, a canadian girl and her brother. We went to the zoo to see the polar bears in central park. It didn't really feel like a zoo, technically it only houses about 6 animals but still polar bears and red pandas are pretty sweet. The night was spent doing personal geeky things alone such as spending too much money in generation records and eating amazing vegan food at sacred chow, all in the Greenwich Village which is a visual delight for so many reasons.


black olive seitan hero...was spectacular.

Posted Sat. Jul 26th, 2008 Pierce S.
Sacred Chow again. This place is a must if you are a vegan. I am increasingly getting excited by the food at vegan joints. This time I had a black olive seitan hero, and it was spectacular. Also, don't miss out on their great fruit juice!