get mad & feel happy!

i am feeling so mad 2day! that doesnt mean i am not feeling happy. in fact, the happier i am the madder i get, the madder i get, the more excited i feel about the chow's precision focus 2 reduce violence. violence makes me madder than a mad cow. but i am so happy that the chow makes less violence. it is happening. i love the responsibility, both here @ the chow, and taking care of the wee son. after-all, he is hope; he's less violence in action, humaneness in motion. i get mad sometimes that the wee son's ma's family treat each other like distant relatives. the days a passin got me a wonderin bout how many days i have seen the wee one. well let's see, the wee one has been here on earth in son form for approximately 2,742 days. he has seen his pa somewhere near 2,400 of them, same w his pa's ma. his ma's somewhere near 3-400. his pa's side cousins, uncles and aunts, 200-300. his ma's ma, 60-90. his ma's side cousins, uncle, aunt, pa; & pa's pa 0-15. the disparity sometimes makes me real mad, but the wee one is happy, so happy, and i can see that he'll do great things 4 himself and the earth. and that makes me happy. i get madder than hell @ the over-abundance liberally taken by the few versus the never-ending masses of starvation. this makes me so piping mad. i despise this disproportionalism that leads 2 so much chaos, misery and hunger. i stand up against all this inequity! i will make sure the sacred chow is always less violence in action, humaneness in motion. i am here on earth 2 make less violence, and this makes me very happy. humaneness in motion! come 2 the sacred chow, make less violence. get mad & feel happy!
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