eco-vegan kid!

also, i'm hux's daddy! hux @ 7 is an eco-vegan kid. he hates skool lunch. while he 8 skool food 4 the last 2 yrs, over the summer he went 2 camp near sacred chow @ the kid's aid society. here, i delivered 2 him a fresh "hot lunch" everyday. he wanted the same when skool started this year. so we got a thermos, a heat resistant container 2 hold fresh rice noodles, & a juice flask. pour water on2 noodles, let sit 3 minutes, shake, shake; all good 4 the first month. yesterday he was told, by some mean lady, "no more soup!" 2day he prepared himself 4 "THE SKOOL LUNCH." he was mortified! trooper kid!!! 2morrow it will be eco-vegan again, but a room-temp sandwich of some plant protein sort, NOT A HOT LUNCH. he's pissed. "not fair that they serve hot garbage or starve. not fair!" i am so glad he knows that so fully. wow! very proud pop!
yo "adults", let's fess up already and feed the kids' less garbage.
economically, environmentally, educationally: we must bring 2 the skool lunch table, delicious, sustainable plant proteins: integrating plant proteins in2 the healthier skool lunch program is a fundamental necessity; plant proteins will become another natural weekly choice 4 students, and adults alike. we start w the students, educate; slam dunk: change happens!
one of the most versatile plant proteins on the planet right now is sacred chow's mama's soy meatballs w sicilian sauce, if i dont say so myself. sun-shiny sunny, me niece, is going 2 hunter college 4 her master's degree. i love this kid! she pops by the chow quite a bit 2 kibitz...she told me that she met a new student that told her she was vegan, and sunny said, "oh my uncle owns a vegan place in the village." "oh really," friend/student said, "which one?" sunny said, "sacred chow!" friend said, w wide-eyed excitement while pumping her fist in2 the air, "MEATBALL HERO!" need i say more. get on over 2 the chow now, & make change happen!
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