swhistle, swhistle!

just finished helping hux w 2nd week of 2nd grade homework: reading for more than 30 minutes, and a writing assignment. he had 2 interview someone who has lived in nyc more than 5 years, so he interviewed me and took notes. i am now enjoying one of my favorite moments w him. he is piecing 2gether vast seas of lego pieces in 2 form. this time, he has made a collection of space crafts, and has just entered another world, speaking in parcel tongue, whistling, hiccuping, clucking, swooshing his space craft about in2 the far reaches, and landing on planets in other galaxies. he authoritatively exclaims: "ur dreading the point!" now he's very quiet, and now he's making little bomb sounds, and next other beings r talkin. "the enemies r making demands!" "the good guys r helping 2 protect u!" bigger bomb sounds, in a low singsong: "i found u trying 2 kill all the men! shoooo, phshoom, whehhh. get outta here guys!" his tongue is against the back of his teeth making the sound, swhistle, swhistle. "off 2 axmarnia axel ray! crystal ball reads its mine but u can have it." in a louder singsong, "mine, mine, bashoom, tookrah, tookrah! instead of trying 2 make the princess have a weak kingdom, u need 2 know how lucky u r." perfect point!
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