Dr. Pachuari* and friends,

Dr. Pachuari* and friends,
Each week, we eat about 20 meals. When that is the case, one of those meals would be about 5% of our diet.
What if we in the US, and even worldwide, made one of these meals even greener?
Eating vegetarian if we're omnivores, vegan if we're vegetarian and raw if we're vegan.
And what if we chose to do this weekly? Let's set the data reports aside and begin to find out how great would the benefits be!
As World Veg*n Awareness Month begins Wednesday, I encourage you in joining friends to schedule and share greener than usual meals.
I ask this favor on behalf of You, your health, our planet and our connectedness.
And I appreciate your listening to this request, and hearing my message.
To encourage us in this habit, I'll blog about it weekly or more: http://vegand.net/blog/5_favor/
Feel free to comment on your adventures, sharing, nouveau cooking, and all the rest.
Peace and progress,
Demetrius Bagley
Organizer, NYC Vegan EatUP


ergo, either is mccain!

Polls Shows McCain Still Favored on Foreign Policy.
there's no time 2 be tepid.
8 years of such ineptitude! i mean really, a choice of a v.p. whose foreign policy experience doesnt extend beyond the north pole? how can any of us see this as good judgment on foreign policy? we'd always be just a heart-beat away from the 1st day. a heart-beat away! think of gov. palin answering that phone call @ 3 in the morning in 112 days, & counting, from 2-day. think of W when he was told about 9/11 in that florida classroom. he looked frozen solid, and that was w his well-connected political background. now let's reflect forward 2 her 1st day being on jan 20, 2009. talk about being between a rock, iraq, but not barack, and a hard place. bad, bad foreign policy judgment! we deserve a person w considerable reach. nothing personal gov. palin, u seem great, but ur not ready! ergo, either is mccain!


think, pray, & vote big!

i love the person's promise in last piece, and then it was perfect. it is the perfect example of simply believing in something that is really beautiful, like think coffee, and knowing that this ideology will somehow transcend all possible barriers. by just placing the idea out into thought, voice or writing, our collective desire pulls, twists and turns, and moves into being, a new reality falls into place. something perfect. this collectivism, which, we, u and me, send out in a prayer 2 our maker, is placed into a sort of cosmic mailbox. it's not just my desire, but a collective overload swirling and twirling through the great orb 2 our maker's ear. and suddenly, w love united in perfect form, we bring that beauty up to perfection. and it is perfect!my thought buds will never stop believing in goodness, true love & sacred chow.
share, believe in love, and send this collective prayer, over and over, and over again, to our maker's ear.
and suddenly powers shift and change, a thunderstorm cleansing our "old ways". we, u and me, w our maker's ear, change the power w our higher power. let's make it an unmistakable, landslide vote. think, pray, & vote big!


and then it was perfect!

Monday, September 11, 2006
veganity. new york. cupcakes.
yes. i am going to say here that think coffeehouse on mercer (between 3rd and 4th) is my favorite coffee shop ever. i was in love with them right from the start, because they put soymilk right there on the bar, and because all of their coffee (that's right, ALL of it) is fair trade organic, and because the milk that they do use is local and organic. and then i found out that they donate 25% of profits to local community action. and then it got really good. because they started carrying some food from sacred chow, one of my very favorite vegan restaurants in new york. i'd been saying from the first visit that it would be perfect if it just had vegan foodstuffs... and then they did! and then it was perfect! they get brownies and cupcakes (the ones with rainbow sprinkles on top!) and also the tofu spa salad and the peanut noodles sometimes. and they have vegan sandwiches of various compositions sometimes. so yes, when i saw my first sacred chow cupcake there, i knew it was love, pure and true. hopefully it will last.


Anyway, Sacred Chow turned out to be awesome.

September 10, 2008
My Dad’s visit
On Sunday we went to New York and walked through the city. Of course we took the opportunity to try out a new vegetarian restaurant. Bil wanted to go to Hummus Place for a falafel and I wanted to go to Sacred Chow. I guess Juan and Bil went into Hummus Place and asked for a falafel and was told “No falafel!” How can a place called Hummus Place run out of falafel? I know that Bil was really looking forward to trying it out, but I found them to be rude and would rather not give them my hard earned money. Anyway, Sacred Chow turned out to be awesome. It was crowded so we couldn’t all sit down inside and eat. But that was ok. We took our food to go and ate outside at a nearby park. At first I ordered the Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich. I helped Bil order something since he looked a little lost while reading over the menu. I suggested the Philly Peppersteak Hero which he loved. My food didn’t exactly look so good. Maybe it was because my Dad took one look at my food and made a face that led me to believe he was disgusted. Tofu does that to some people, like my Dad. Or maybe it had turned upside-down on our way to the park, because it looked messy. I’m not sure. All I know is that I was turned off. Bil let me try his and I liked it a lot. So Juan went back and got me the same thing I ordered for Bil. This time around I kept my back turned to my Dad so that his faces didn’t bother me. The sandwich and home fries were delicious. The guy that took our order was very friendly. I’ll definitely go back.

make a collective effort

can we make a collective effort to change the world? and actually do it? yes, yes, yes!
let's change the world! yes, u and me. we can do it! we can. i know it. u know it 2. not alone, but u and me 2-gether, as one, knowing we r making the difference. let's do it b/c we can. not tomorrow, 2-day. now, get up and get over 2 sacred chow and let's make our move 2-gether, building mutual respect and freedom, to love, to breath and live in clean world, to work hard, to be joyous, to care for each other.


vote 4 dem!

join us @ sacred chow. let's not waste another second building "bridges 2 nowhere." come, eat, and create strategies 4 building life, business & government, a community w less violence, less carbon, & less nitrogen. we, you & me, can build the most extraordinary america.
obama-biden, mccain-palin? the dems & the pubs both get big, big question marks. but mccain-palin is 100% responsible 4 the bridge 2 nowhere. an enormous misappropriation of our government's time and energy, contracting so much 4 nowhere 4 so few.
8 years of republican party earmarks, disaster after disaster. porky, porky, porky bridges 2 nowhere privileges. the party's leadership has been awful. they dont deserve the next chance. 8 years that lacked success, adios, no more access.
the next chance goes 2 the dems. let's give dem our great support, we'll need it, & together, perhaps the ordinary will b extraordinary.
make our votes a majority vote that gives the current party in power the proverbial kick-in-the-pants. dont let ur vote stand between barack and a hard place. get rid of the mess. vote a new majority into power, and let's hold dem accountable every 2 years. make dem work 4 the power we r giving dem. change the party power! vote 4 dem!
no 1 person, family or ethnic group is so important that they deserve 2 possess such a ridiculous supply of consumption while so many of us r starving and homeless. no 1, no way.
change the power.


u, most sensitive thing,
fellow human being,
spin ur spells of love and friendship into the deep blue;
w a less judgmental narrative, will them, into the wind.
in this molecular stew, everything is reality, & everyone is ordinary & extraordinary. we come forth from the same combustion: part solar storm, part magnetic field, part gravity, part aurora. yes, colors galore, different shapes & sizes & pure energy. we, you & me, can make less violence & less poison. we owe it 2 creation. let's do it, less smoking, less raucous eating & drinking, less degradation of carbon & nitrogen. right this minute.
focus on consuming less, right now. hey, pull one plug out of the wall.
i just did it & i have to say: wow! i pulled one cell phone cord out of the wall, & cut our carbon flow. this little, simple act affects us all. here the axiom is true, every pulled out cord helps assure our survival.
there's so many cords, so we will do it together. let's share the responsibility. now! pull out a light cord, or any cord. PULL THE CORD!
lead, communicate by example. sacred chow, an honorable, delicious and respectful 1.


sweet blood pudding cake

she told me how important it was 4 me 2 b pro-life, in between delicate bites of her ostrich burger w/ melted gruyere and organic ketchup. ostrich is leaner and better for the environment, she said.
i sipped a sambuca double espresso.
i was remembering, from when we were kids, the little lamb her family owned. and then 1 night, she was dinner. when she was a child, she had learned how 2 slaughter sheep and chickens and drain their blood. i was squeamish about it, but it didnt stop me from watching. i mentioned the memory, she said, it was soothing for her, an art passed down from generation 2 generation.
i suddenly could taste her grandma's sweet blood pudding cake. when i was a child, it never occurred 2 me that the cake was made from fresh blood & sugar. i always thought, yippee, her grandma made her delicious pudding cake again.


Must try the Sundae

Posted by Justin on 09/03/2008 Must try the Sundae
I shared the sundae, at Sacred Chow, with my girlfriend recently and she (vegan) and I (omnivore) loved it. The chocolate sauce, blueberry sauce, and peanuts went together perfectly.


the vegan-est city on earth

Vegan Walking Tour
September 1, 2008
The travel issue, includes a vegan walking tour of NYC by Rich Bebenroth, full of commentary and recommendations for making the most of a single vegan day in New York. The instructions included going with a friend and ordering less than one thing at each eating establishment so as to sample the most food. The following places (and other highlights that don’t have websites; buy the magazine) are all within a square mile section of the vegan-est city on earth:
Babycakes: a vegan, gluten-free cupcake bakery.
Lower East Side Tenement Museum: featuring an interesting gift shop.
Economy Candy: Bloom’s kosher candy is vegan.
Toys in Babeland: adult toys, not for viewing at work.
TeaNY: vegetarian tea house.
Moo Shoes: aforementioned cute vegan shoes.
Bluestockings: radical bookstore and vegan, fair trade café.
Tiengarden: vegan Chinese.
Yonah Schimmel’s Knish Bakery: mostly vegan. See Wikipedia for Knishes.
Kate’s Joint: vegan greasy diner and bar. Appears not to have a website besides MySpace.
Life Café: as seen in Rent.
Crif Dogs: again with the MySpace. Hotdog place that makes vegan hotdogs.
Whole Earth Bakery: all vegan, online reviews complain of it being too healthy.
A row of vintage toy shops!
Atlas Café and Bakery: to quote supervegan.com, “The vegan soft serve ice cream… and the vegan crêpes also make this a popular destination.”. I can believe it.
May Wah Healthy Vegetarian Food: mock meat emporium, if you were needing one. Vegetarian Kidney? (”No”).
Vegetarian Dim Sum House: more veg Chinese.
Peanut Butter & Co: link is to their “White Chocolate Wonderful” peanut butter, which is SO AMERICAN and somehow vegan.
Sacred Chow: kosher-vegan bistro. Just downloaded their menu in PDF and can’t get past the weekend brunch menu, it all sounds amazing. Advice from the vegan eating tour: “Try to save room for a brownie sundae.” Okay.
the Dosa Man in Washington Square Park: street vendor of dosas.
Red Bamboo: they mark the things on their menu that aren’t vegan. Lots of fake meat, but lots of vegetables too.
I may need to start dieting tomorrow to save space for all the desserts.

the menu is all hippy and cool.

Day 52 [NYC] Yummy Munch Crunch

NEW YORK, the capital of the world, the crossroads of the universe, is also the mecca of all sorts of cuisines. New York is so packed with food, it is named after a wonderful fruit, the Big Apple (that's a joke, in case you do not get it). I definitely gained quite a few pounds during my stay here, and you cannot blame me because there are so much to eat and taste. I am a vegetarian and I am already spoiled for choices, imagine if I'm not? One of the interesting places I dined in is the Sacred Chow near the Washington Park. This vegan bistro is so cute, the logo is a meditating cow, and the menu is all hippy and cool. The place offers healthy delicious food with no meats, and mostly gluten free. Their specialties are small tapas appetizers that you can order in multiples to make up a meal. I ordered three of them, the hummus of the day, grilled western tofu and tofu spa salad. My favorite would be the hummus, partly because I loved its crunchy crostinis. They also have all kinds of lactose free desserts and organic beer if you want. If you think New York is unhealthy fast food nation, think again. It might be crowded with all sorts of fast food stores, but there are healthy options too.
To tell you the truth, I don't mind gaining some weight for trying all this fantastic food. Good food does not come easily, you'll have to cherish what you have when you have it.
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