hold on2 summer-time!

2day was little kid's 1st day in 2nd grade. i thought i had 2 be elsewhere but that event was canceled last minute, so i was privileged 2 take my wee one 2 the skool-yard w his gramma. his 1st day of kindergarten and 1st grade were mesmerizing experiences 4 me, i was transported back 2 that exciting moment in my early life; 2gether w new kids on2 the future. and since u graduate from kindergarten, u begin all anew in 1st grade, so refreshing and fun. hux and i were very excited all summer about his going in2 the 2nd grade. in celebration the night b4, we had packed a special lunch box w soba noodles and korean tofu cutlets from sacred chow. i dont remember the 1st day of 2nd grade as vividly, and 2day i understood why. when we got 2 the skool-yard it was crazy-packed w kids, guardians & skool officials, galore, galore, galore. it felt like utter chaos. a women was outside the skool-yard gates sloganeering 4 mayor bloomberg. it felt like endless slow steps 2 the entrance where everyone was converging 2 find out where teacher & class could be found. by the time we got 2 the front, his class had already ascended 2 the 2nd floor. we walked over 2 the skool entrance where officer lola was greeting lines of classes going up. she said, " oh hux ur class already went up, go head huxley, ur a big boy, u can go up urself." huxley, wanting 2 hold on2 summer-time, said, " my dad needs 2 come up w me 2 meet my new teacher and classmates." " oh hux," i said, knowing that i couldnt, " u gotta go up urself, it's 2 crowded." he grabbed my hand tight, looking sad, and disappeared alone in2 the moving crowd. like melting in2 a 9am train-rush @ 42nd street; summer was over, time 4 work.
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