and all was good!

chef dardi and her two perfect boys went back 2 red bank, n.j.. josh, frankie & hux get along so well. sure they would fight about who the enemy was gonna be and who would be the good guy, usually the older kid would win the day w the younger crying and screaming loudly; but when the younger kid was forceful enough, he would win the battle. that was fun 2 watch. it was a little frenzied bc it was all in sacred chow's belly, the office, storage rooms, walk-in frig and kitchens. chef dino and i were trying 2 get legal work done, and edward accounting work, chef dardi was baking, compiling her recipes, and brainstormin' about wholesalin', ms fang was cookin'...and the boys were singing, yelling, building legos, battling w rolling pins and giant soup spoons, running around & playing tag... truthfully, we all had a nice time. and it felt great 2 put aside our initial intolerance 2 their kid-time as less important than our work-time; instead we let go, and all was good.
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