HELL yes, cheers!

Thanks for this reminder! What a busy GOOD day. Checking with team about 6:30 pm now...

hey mr. d,

great 2 see u 2day!
next friday, early evening: does that work 4 you all?
let me know. that time works 4 chef d.

all best,
chef p.

note from hux's grandma.

I'm lighting the candles tonight and thinking of you for a blessing.

Peace truly has descended: after another week of endless driving and hassle, life looks to be settled at last, and everything is working out. I have a new little niece in Massachusetts, who was a little shaky at first, but is now fine.

Miss you; Hux!

Much love,

choco halva crust pie!

okay so the choco halva crust pie?

it's way over the top, and easy 2 make and impresses the heck out of everyone.

here's the free association recipe 4 u 2 covet. u'll need 2 tweek it here and there, but just here and there, and it'll be perfect. and dont just use the recipe 4 a pie, think: bars, custards, cakes... it's endless really. subtract and add different flavors 2 ur hearts desire.

but 2 begin.

1. go get urself a good lb of vanilla halva, kalustyan's foods, nyc.
2. place halva in2 large stainless steel bowl, put on food-safe gloves, add drizzles of water and a healthy sprinkling of medium dessicated coconut 2 the bowl, turn halva mix in bowl w hands til dough-like.
3. oil pie round, 10" spring-form or tart shell, (pictured above: the halva choco torte in chow's walk-in w beer lines in background) cut out a parchment round 4 a non-stick bottom, oil parchment as well, sprinkle w coconut, press halva in2 shell til well-formed.
4. blind bake @ 350 4 10 minutes, place on rack. tip: if halva has shrunk a bit in2 the shell, gently push in2 place w fingers while hot.
5. meanwhile, in2 a separate bowl, squeeze & mash 1 lb of firm tofu w all fingers til ricotta-like. place in2 food processor.
6. melt 3/4 lb of dark chocolate chips. place choco chips in2 dry stainless steel bowl, cover w plastic wrap. punch holes in2 plastic wrap w fork tines about 4-5 times. place bowl on top of pot w 3 cups of boiled water. let heat 4 10-15 minutes.
7. now add1/2 cup cane sugar 2 processor,
8. w 1 T vanilla x,
9. and 1 can of coconut cream, only cream not milk, roland's is great, vegan, kosher and creamy. kalustyan's.
10. process til completely creamy, a good few minutes.
11. take plastic off choco chips, mix well w spatula til totally chocolaty creamy, add 2 food processor. process all til well-combined.
12. pour in2 shell, fill 2 top, shake in2 place. put extra in2 frig 4 frosting cupcakes, smoothies...
13. bake @ 350 4 25 minutes.
14. chill well. a couple of hours in frig, less in freezer.

ah, delicious. indulge!
gluten free y'all!
perfect w a dollop of coconut creme fraiche, one glazed raspberry and a spring o' mint.

serves 8.



on reading online reviews about sacred chow? cheers 2 freedom of speech! knowledge is power.


read reb zev!

"We can effect a change with our efforts regardless of what we think everyone else will do."


the sweetest sinner bar

dad, am i different than anyone else? yes, and so special! u r a sensitive, caring being, a beautiful thing 2 bring in2 being, and it's entirely yours. u r learning 2 navigate ur being wisely. u r a fair person, pure love, an architect building harmony; other children feel this w u 2: and the world grows more peaceful. u r the sweetest sinner bar my son, the sweetest sinner bar.

communication is key.

nice, steady brunch 2day. hux is w me @ chow. we r both so in2 harry potter movies. he wants 2 see g.force. got really busy in a condensed period of time and hux wanted 2 help. he brought orders down from harriet. communication is key.


Celiac Disease Center

The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University hosted a Thought Leader’s Program in June which included the following presentations:

Peter Green, MD, Introduction to the Center and recent new information on celiac disease

Suzanne Lewis, MD, Evaluation of poorly responsive patients

Suzanne Simpson, RD, Why see an expert nutritionist for evaluation of celiac disease

Christina Tennyson, MD, Nutrient and vitamin replacement

These presentations are available on You Tube and can be accessed at http://www.youtube.com/CeliacDiseaseCenter.

morally invigorating

Sacred Chow offers an exciting, varied menu of meals that are not only morally invigorating, but live up to their description. Totally delicious, well presented, and a pleasant, easy vibe-what more could you ask?
Susan Roberts, July 21 at 1:51am

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so delicious

Back to Sacred Chow again because it was so delicious first time round.


white chocolate

zucchini cake w white chocolate frosting y'all! it is ridiculous!


latkes prep @ chow

israel imprinted in2 nyc pavement

however, huxley sees one dementor.

Consistency is key

I work near Sacred Chow and have been ordering delivery from them for the past year and a half, up until last weekend. Their food is great don't get me wrong, but their management sucks. As a restaurant manager myself I feel I have the experience to know. - After receiving my order 1 1/2 hours after I had ordered it (which is the norm), I noticed that I was over charged for my Gym Body Shake, in addition the proportion I received for the Better Than Biscuits and Gravy was suddenly cut in half but still cost $11. When I called to complain, the hostess said that she was sorry but the menu prices needed to be updated and the portion I received for the BTBG had been the correct proportion as it was the owner who was in the kitchen that afternoon. Consistency is key for loyal customers, and when you screw up, you should fix it, it's basic customer service. Too bad they screwed up so bad they lost one of their most loyal, and made no attempt to repair the damage. I'll miss their food, but I won't miss getting stepped on.

post note from sacred chow: thank u rebecca 4 letting us know! and u r 100% entitled 2 a sunday brunch on the house. sacred chow apologizes 2 all of our loyal, fine customers who have experienced any lack in sacred chow's consistency. let us know, and we'll repair. sacred chow loves u rebecca!

chew, make climate change.

eat ur local plant proteins, eat ur local plant proteins! chew, make climate change.

Flavors burst in their dishes

"Flavor!" by toast
June 23, 2009 - I Like Sacred Chow - Great tasting, bold, spicy dishes with textures of your choice...mushy or snappy. Flavors burst in their dishes and the best thing? cheap! The service was wonderful!


be fair.

sacred chow, less carbon consumption. sacred chow, climate change happening. sacred chow, a charge 2 share the planet harmonically w all beings. sacred chow, kind: "u look so happy! that makes so much sense! u r so kind! thank u so much! what perfect shoes! u have such a noble nose! such unusual eyes! ur hair is beautiful!" sacred chow, generosity no matter the context. sacred chow, no hate! sacred chow, no starvation!
claim ownership 2 the veil of tortured souls b4 u. there is zero immunity. be fair, and go on your way, where ever u are going.

consume local plant proteins.

we need 2 feel singularly-brave about the whole incredible journey. wow, what possibilities! an inner-aurora blooming in2 a bold, new universe. 2gether: strong, healthy, infirm, wounded, shamed humans, take our hands. be here, now let go, and let matter move. do not wait! celebrate consciousness! seek the lesson of stability during all encounters. quickly disregard the judgments and deficiencies u have of others as an inadequacy u will conquer. just start thinking: how interesting! think out each encounter, especially if it seems 2 confound u in anyway. reach out 2 improve the state of 2 minds meeting. create little vignettes 4 humanity and fairness. make mindful freedom happen 4 all beings on ur path. pretty hard w the summer ants! but believe it or not, change is automatic. 4 there will be less pain in the world as we r more conscious. as there is more consciousness, less consumption of our fellow beings will follow. ah, less violence just like that. how exhilarating! let me eat a grilled western tofu corn tortilla w some dill soy-mayo 2day! make change happen while u chew. thoroughly delicious! make low-carbon decisions every day. consume local plant proteins. p.s., sacred chow is made primarily from local ingredients. 1. chew. 2. make climate change.


"people smoke marijuana."

"The word addiction is so fungible in our society, and cannabis just doesn’t fit that tidy definition, though it can be abused.”

“Science really has proven, if anything, that cannabis is likely one of the safest substances we can interact with.”

"Many people smoke marijuana every day without ill effects, advocates say, just as many casually drink wine in the evening."

"These marijuana users do not meet the clinical definition of addiction, which includes an inability to stop using the drug, an uncontrollable obsession with it and increased tolerance. It is used in many situations for stress relief.”

"Marijuana withdrawal is not nearly as severe as withdrawal from most other drugs. Giving up drinking can cause fatal seizures. Heroin users vomit and sweat for days; sudden withdrawal can be fatal."

"In fact, some doctors specializing in treating addicts would rather prescribe marijuana for anxiety and insomnia than sleeping pills or Valium and Xanax, which are highly addictive."

“People are dying from alcohol, stimulants and opiates. Marijuana may be an up and comer, it may be transforming into something that will become a bigger problem in the future, but not at the moment.”

sink those teeth in!

eat juicy news! dont give in2 the impulse 2 let go. sink ur teeth around a proverbial mountain nail hammered in2 the side of a proverbial canyon mountain above death. ur kid is hanging from ur foot, letting go is not an option. sink those teeth in!

good shab to all, and to all a good-shab!

Fwd:Good shab.
Thanx for being you

harmonize equal

idea, let go of one, bring a new one 2 life. yes, yes, we live and work while conspiring 2 exist. kiss me, i'm a newish yorker! be newish, be present, no hateful feelings. throw them out in2 the universe. way out! out, out, out in outer space, whewwwwwwwwwww! here, here i am, angry tigers, fearful humans prowling 2gether. death and life, impossible 2 hold either. listen up males and females, we all create historical degradations, but THE JUICY NEWS: as we work 2 harmonize equal, earth life will be more-balanced, a purer green. amen 2 that!


read reb zev!

"The right way may even be a seemingly unconventional or even revolutionary act but under the right circumstances and with the proper sincerity from the heart it will affect a lasting change and even bring peace."


good food vibe

Posted by darling on 07/11/2009

Good food vibe, poor delivery service

sacred chow has such a good food vibe-a little over priced but sacred chow is quality and freshness. I suggest eating at the place, because ordering is a bit of a nightmare. Every time I place an order it has taken well-over an hour for the food to arrive. Such a shame because when I can't go in person it is very discouraging to want to have delivery, especially when the food is so good!

note from chow: dear darling, thx 4 letting us know!


Rockin' Out for Farm Animals!

Dinner Location: Sacred Chow, July 16, 2009 @ 5:45PM

coffee smoothie, and wheat free scones

http://www.blogger.com/profile/14889014189054762234 said...

i want a sacred chow coffee smoothie tomorrow.

i love sacred chow. i love wheat free scones! WOW HUNGRY!

favorite restaurant

Oh my god--over eating is the theme of this trip but Sacred Chow is my favorite restaurant


less predator, more moral order

dear uncle, i have a question: what's all this 100% hardcore stuff? didn't you always tell me never to be rigid? i feel like 100% hardcore is the opposite of that. if not. whats it mean then?

dear niece, the idea of making sacred chow 100% hardcore came 2 me after i had finished reading & watching a n.y. times online review about candle 79, written by frank bruni. (see, Not Missing the Meat (Mostly))

in the video review, he was asked by one of his meat-eating guests: "do u think the restaurant would appeal 2 hardcore meat-eaters'? he sort of snickered and said: " i don't think this or any other vegan food would."

what i read and heard seemed odd and peculiar, in a jurassic kind-of-way. i know most of us view animals as henry the 8th viewed his wives, but i thought, "u must be a better man mr. bruni! think: animal protein= high carbon calories; think: less predator, more moral order; think: a good balance of well-crafted plant proteins makes less carbon, and tastes great; think: i will help build the new low carbon frontier; think: how fortunate i am 2 have the ability 2 do so in such a nourishing way; think: 2day!"

other splendorous n.y. times writers consume high on the carbon calorie chain 2. and it's shocking that during such ominous times, especially after 9-11, that they point their noble quills @ others and boldly articulate: u Betray the Planet and Humanity ! hey guys, take an index finger, and point it between ur eyes, look @ that finger, and say: first, first, first: heal thyself!


think: heart attacks, cruelty, violence, death 2 the planet!

i think of fairness, always - over and over, and over again, in every situation. thinking fair is my ballast. my physical being sails on a perfect sea-breeze in deep blues, fluffy whites and bright yellows.

so the hardcore meat-eater comment got me aching 2 be hardcore about not Betraying the Planet and Humanity. it's my # 1 goal.

it didn't feel rigid, it felt liberating!

it feels as i am channeling 100% hardcore in2 sacred chow, the mantra: "make climate change happen." navigate w fair words & deeds, and let them move through like wild winds.

sacred chow makes climate change, and that's amazing!


mirror image, father & son.

lower the count 2day!

this day is hot and humid, i can feel the air sweat on2 my 4arms.
2gether w all creation i pledge 2 reduce earth's carbon calorie count.
lower the count 2day!


lovely brunch!

We then headed over to Sacred Chow for a lovely brunch! We both ordered the Tempeh Hash, crumbled seasoned tempeh with hash-browned sweet potatoes and browned onions, topped with diced fresh tomatoes & parsley, because who wouldn't want that? Steamed collards on da side, yo.

This dish would be so easy to make at home too! I'll definitely have to experiment with it.
july 4th, 2009, posted by: eleanordashwood.blogspot.com/


dear dragons and magical beings,

let's go 2 the forest, and pow wow fairly about everything, harmonize as one, and pray: we will save-the-planet. next, let's devour our delicious plant protein meals prepared by master magical. and after that, we will pow wow in2 the deep, deep earth, and chant: low-carbon being transforms creation.

yes 2 100% hardcore transparency!

sweet love,



eat little one!

cloud formation moving through on sullivan, w. 4th & washington square park.

transgess the issur dorasa!

just so u all know and understand, sacred chow is well-prepared, and is under strict kosher supervision, in part, 2 never transgess the issur dorasa.

sacred chow, 100% hardcore transparent!

low carbon living also see, the veggies are very well checked for bugs... and know "...even in your hidden ways be together with the morality of G-d."

the veggies are very well checked for bugs...

At the vegan restaurants under your supervision, such as Certain Restaurant, are the veggies checked for bugs?

the veggies are very well checked for bugs...

Checking for bugs is an arduous time consuming task. Hard to accept that vegans checking equals that required by Halacha. Also, I don't see how the fact that vegans don't like to eat bugs which is a personal preference issue equates to a Issur Doraysa [Torah transgression].

p.s., the veggies are very well checked for bugs...

by the way, where does the Torah say that it is an "arduous Time consuming task"? "hard to accept"? is that halacha too?

and, the veggies are very well checked for bugs...

Checking for bugs is an arduous time consuming task. That's a practical reality. Made more so with the volume of veggies in a vegan store. Halacha requires super careful checking not to be nicshol [make a mistake]. If your contention is the guys at a vegan rstrnt are as careful and dedicated in their search day after day as one who is afraid of transgressing the Issur Dorasa [Torah transgression] you may want to seriously verify this. There is the problem of Lifnei Iver. [causing people to sin}

read slowly, the veggies are very well checked for bugs...

Have you ever been in the kitchen of a vegan restaurant? You haven't even spoken to me.
It's a dangerous thing to be motivated by (mistaken) assumptions and emotions rather than actual Halacha. Perhaps YOU are not concerned with Halacha but only with being contentious and assumptive? Please call me when you have the chance and I will clarify your concerns one by one.

oh, and by the way, the veggies are very well checked for bugs...

excerpted from:
Another Kosher conversation - An email DiscussionTuesday, July 7, 2009, http://nyrabbi.blogspot.com/


"...even in your hidden ways be together with the morality of G-d."

read reb zev. 2 excellent new posts @ http://nyrabbi.blogspot.com/


spinach & shiitake salad

Hummus platter at Le Pain, spinach & shiitake salad from Sacred Chow, and now topping it all off with a little Green & Black's.


Kyle of the Colorado

Joe Hayes "Would you believe, I had delicious Sacred Chow in the bottom of Grand Canyon? Yes, prepared by Kyle of the Colorado. Hope to visit the mother ship restaurant some day soon!"


ideal destination for a fine gastronomical experience.

Sacred Chow, New York is one of the finest places to eat in this city in the US state of New York. New York City is the largest city in the United States. A renowned international tourist destination, the city of New York is visited by millions of tourists every year. An experience of dining and wining in this city is what many tourists look for. Sacred Chow, New York is an ideal destination for a fine gastronomical experience.

Sacred Chow, New York is one of the best places to eat and drink in this city. Enjoy a wonderful dining and wining experience at this vegan restaurant.


I ate a big bowl of sunshine and happiness

I had my first meal at Sacred Chow tonight. It was amazing. I feel like I ate a big bowl of sunshine and happiness. I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian, I'm just trying to eat healthier for myself. But now I'm thinking that maybe just eating healthy for me isn't enough--I need to think bigger! Thanks for making me an amazing meal, AND giving me some serious food for thought.


hey rachel,
wow! thx so much 4 that!!!
let's talk about thinking bigger, it can make climate change!
seriously amazing food 4 thought!
and maybe, just maybe, lots and lots of sunshine and happiness!
it's worth the effort.


Happy Independence Day!

Sacred Chow

celebrates freedom.