what a beautiful sabbath!

2day is a physical off day from sacred chow.

huxley and i walked around a bit, felt the warmth of the late winter sun. we skipped, ran a bit, put our arms around each other while we walked and spoke softly bout things huxley currently loves: wizard 101, a online wizard game, the books he's reading: a series of unfortunate events by lemony snickets.

we went to the library and returned a few books and the lemony snicket film; and made a deposit in2 huxley's savings account: his pass-book said he made .03c in interest! it started getting a little cool, so we headed home.

we realized how lucky we were even though sometimes we feel unhappy. we spoke bout how many folks, here in our great country, are in so much pain, w no place to live, and not much to eat. felt so sad bout the folks wounded, trapped and in pain in japan. and we spoke bout the many awful govts globally that silence, hurt and kill their citizens.

we spoke bout why we r vegans: 2 make less violence happen. we talked bout our unbalanced planet: too many have so very little, and a few have way too much; and disasters and disease happen wo a warning, sweeping love away in a flash. we stopped, and sat on a stoop to pray 4 the folks everywhere, at that moment, experiencing horrific pain. we prayed 4 more love and less hate. we hugged each other tightly and said that we were embracing the whole world w our 2 hearts filled w love, and hoped that it would penetrate, somehow.

we knew that our reason for being was 2 try to find ways 2 be gentler, and hugged each other again, and thanked each other 4 being here and making our lives more gentle. we thanked the universe for the seed that made its way to the egg that became hux; we thanked the universe for the seed that made its way to the egg that became cliff; and we thanked life for making sacred chow.

we go to thy table and can eat the food divine: the sacred chow.

what a beautiful sabbath!

peace & love.


thinkin' bout buildin' life wo picklin' my fellow beings!

in the market 2day, i saw jars upon jars of passover fish, stuffed & pressed compact in2 gelfite balls, lids tightly closed, prices screaming: "buy me!"

in my mind, I saw the fish struggling 2 stay in the sea, & the person pulling the line, unconcerned, thinking:"wow, what a great catch!" "it'll bring in lots of $!" "gotta make a livin!"

then i thought bout how everything: pigs, cows, worms, bad debt, u, me, r commodities: right up 2 being stuffed, pickled & pressed in2 the coffin being closed tight behind us. "gotta make a livin!"

i pondered how we can build life/biz w/o salivating about pickling and commoditizing each other and our fellow beings?

let's ponder 2gether.

here at thy table, we meet to feed on food divine, and ponder the sacred chow.

mucho love & peace 2 all!