Sukkah in the Park!

SACRED CHOW CAN BE EATEN IN THE SUKKAH! Have no fear friends you can still enjoy the great food of Sacred Chow over the Sukkos Holiday. Just a couple of blocks away in Washington Square Park is the Sukkah in the Park. So come to Sacred Chow say that you want eat in the Sukkah and we'll pack it up comfortably for you. Have an easy and productive Yom Kippur and a Good Yom Tov.

Visit Chabad's giant Sukkah in Washington Square Park The Sukkah is located on the South Side of the park across from the Kimmel Center.
Feel free to stop by, enjoy your food from Sacred Chow, and perform the traditional shaking of the Lulav and Etrog. The Sukkah is generally open from 10AM- 8PM.
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