Daily Specials for 28th February 2008

Hummos: Rosemary Thyme

Protein: Chickpea Croquettes

Grain: Quinoa with Red and Green Peppers

Soup: Classic Vegetable Soup
Celery Root & Potato

Vegetable: Cornmeal Crusted Brussels Sprouts

Dessert: Pineapple-Blueberry-Apple Crisp
Rice Pudding

Scone: Pineapple (1 More)

NEXT SCONE: Banana Walnut


New Hire

What a day! I got to meet Alyson, one of our new workers. She's such a delight to be around, because she exudes this positive energy that is so easy to flow with. The two of us had a good, long natter. She lives in the Jackson Heights, where the best shopping in New York city exists. I can't wait to visit.


I could go on forever...

Thu, 14 Feb 2008 1:10 pmSubject: THANK YOU!
I just wanted to say, thank you.

I’ve tried other vegan restaurants in Brooklyn and in Manhattan but Sacred Chow still remains at my number one spot, and always will.
Thank you for providing amazingly flavorful, good for you and creative food instead of vegan junk food!
Since when did being vegan turn into fast food style FAKE food? Burgers, chili fries, pizza and fried chicken! Ugh!
I mean, I love cupcakes and I like veggie burgers, but that’s not food to live on.
Bring on the sesame steamed kale!
I love that you don’t take the easy way out, and that you take pride in your food!
I could go on forever, but I’ll stop there…<3


whisper hour

whisper hour is an hour or so of time at sacred chow with non-intrusive prayer, chant, music, voice or instrumental, meditation or storytelling, fact, fiction, science-fiction, poetry; other times, just thoughts/ideas/dreams/wishes written on notes, and secreted into our little house of hoyle. it is a quiet moment to reflect. we whisper to one another to be w/ an inner-calmness, a magical ethereality, it is a sacred transformation that we place into the universal stream of consciousness to create an aurora of love .


salty little fish.

i have pulled you out of the big sea little fish, how long can you live, little fish, on land? flop little fish, let me see you struggle on land.

now i am fish on land, and you are feasting on my struggle. what do you really want? too bad, my flesh isnt ready to fry. this flopping show is lasting longer than you thought. i am not ready for you to eat! are you bored? i see you chain smoke. i have discovered resistance well. ha! i struggle, and you just watch. but smoke, smoke my friend, my flesh will be ready to eat soon enough. and listen up, i have risen from the sea with an essence that few will know. i do reveal this for you to know your feast, and i see you feast on blood. my heart, my finest organ, will be ready soon. yes, get ready for a fine feast. and know that i have feasted with the souls of salty little fish and killer whales. i have a choice heart, and it's beating is beginning to slow, so stab me now and eat my heart with lots of garlic. i am a salty little fish with a cunning soul, no salt needed. stir in some fine olive oil and pepper, and fresh cilantro, it tastes good, i know. try it with a shot of tequila and a beer, even better.
sacred chow was born on the docks of hudson street, nyc. i was a salty little fish always darting around in my small tank. i wanted to break it, but i'd just bump up against it. the shape, i mean, of the space, our collective bowl. still a great question was thought, can we find a way to teem, and team, and teem together with mutual respect? despite the cold spilling of blood for the good of other-weirdly bliss? or just for the drippings to soak our daily bread in? yes, yes, let them soak it up!
is this a tale of a mad mind, or perhaps one that has contracted mad cow's disease? either way, all who enter here will find tales of universal distractions with a sprinkling of truth, guided by the ever-knowing invisible hand. shall i walk with "his" hand to the edge of darkness? yes, i am ready to feed the infinite light. i will jump into blissful infinity, squeezing his blood drenched bread all over my body. yes, and i will let you eat my heart in peace! and i will close my eyes, and jump and shout: eat now! whew!!! i let go! falling, falling, dropping, faster and faster, falling, falling, and splash back into the sea. yes, yes, and back into big sea. and again, and again, and again, you fish me out. but i am the salty little fish that feeds on disintegrating bread and blood. i am freedom!


Daily Specials, 17 February 2008

Hummus: Sundried tomato and kalamata olive

Puffed Tofu with spicy peanut sauce

Hoppin' John

Cornmeal Crusted Brussels Sprouts

Soup: Butter Bean Masala
Shiitake Mushroom Barley

Dessert: Oreo Puddin' (gf)
Blueberry Apple Crisp (wf)

Scone: Date (wf)


diary posting, hola amigo, 2/10/08 @ 2:13pmest

dear posting,

today my 2,200 day old son woke me up and asked me to remind him how many days old he was and told me this dream. He said, "daddy, blood was coming into the fresh water and it was so toxic, i didnt know if i could even drink it, and i was thirsty. and i asked, "are you scared?" he took 20-30 seconds to answer, his face was looking at me, and his mouth looked ready to drink, he shook his glance into my stare, and asked for apple juice.

ahh, your apple juice my wee son. thanks daddy!

"play legos with me daddy!" and in flash, he quickly skipped into another place; beautiful humming, a little magic work shop where he was a trillion billionaire, sweet new ideas, lego towns, cars and trucks, vroom, vroom. " i need to go to sacred chow hux, do you want to come with me?" " i like obama daddy!" I like him too huxley!" "well hillary clinton smells!" i laughed. he laughed too. and then he said that little boy funny-line, "she smells like doody." more giggles.

"okay i gotta go soon hux, do you want to come to sacred chow?" "no, i wanna build legos!" okay you go build it, and i'll see you later mi amigo!" "okay daddy, see you later mi amigo!" ahh, my wee son!

see you later mi amigo!


Daily Specials for 12th February 2008

Black Bean Pozole(gluten free)
Silky Pumpkin w/ dollop of Coconut Cream (gluten free)

Garden Pea-Basil(gluten-free)

2 Mushroom Risotto (gluten free)

Puffed Tofu Kebabs w/ Sicilian Sauce(gluten free)

Cornmeal Crusted Brussels Sprouts (gluten free)

3-Fruits Crisp(wheat free)
Cherry Jelly Roll w/ a Warm Vanilla-Rum Sauce


Daily Specials for 7th February 2008

Mediterranean Kasha Vegetable Soup (gluten free)
Country Split Pea and Carrot (gluten free)

Herb Hummus (gluten free)

Sumac Crusted Mushrooms with Millet (gluten free)

Tofu Puffs with Broccoli Pesto (gluten free); 2 orders left
NEXT PROTEIN: Down Home Whole Wheat Lasagna

Cornmeal Encrusted Brussels Sprouts (gluten free)

Strawberry Vanilla Creme Pie with Halva Crust (gluten free)
Apple Date Crisp

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