recipe: vietnamese sweet potato leek.

a delish, easy, no-time soup recipe!

name: vietnamese sweet potato leek. (gluten, soy & corn free)

sesame oil, 3T
fresh garlic, minced, 2T.
yellow onions, medium dice, 1 large.
leeks, slice in 1/2 moons, 4 large. clean, rinse & stir like crazy in water. strain over sieve.
sweet potatoes, cut in 1/2 length-wise, and in half again, then in 1/4 chunks width-wise, 4 large.
water 2 cover.
arrowroot powder, 1/4 cup plus 6 T cold water.
coconut milk/cream, 1 can.
sea salt, 1 T.(AD)*
black pepper, 1T.(AD)
ginger powder, 2T.
cayenne, 1/4 t.(AD)
sucanat, brown sugar, 1/4 cup.(AD)

in nice size pot, add 2T's of sesame oil, turn on fire, heat 1 min.
place in garlic saute til light brown, next add onions sweat til wet.
add leeks & sweet potatoes. stir til well combined w saute.
place arrowroot in2 small bowl, cover w cold water. whisk up til well-combined.
add rest of ingredients, and cover w boiling water.
add arrowroot water. mix well.
cover w lid.
boil taters til tender. 20-30 minutes.
check w fork.
if less chunky desired, place immersion blender in2 pot 4 20-30 seconds.

garnish: sauteed browned leeks, optional. (set aside 1 cup of chopped leeks 2 saute w xtra 1T of sesame oil. fry up til crispy & brown. AD. place 1-3 T on top of soup. AD.)

serves: 3-4. AD.

enjoy & share AD!

* As Desired.
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