Kosher Chowhound!

The Sacred Chow is under the kosher supervision of International Kosher Council, IFC, and Rabbi Zev Schwarcz. Click here http://sacredchow.com/kosher.htm to view IFC's Kosher certification of the Chow .

Below is a comment reprinted from Kosher Chowhound about Rabbi Zev Schwarcz:

"I've spoken to him a few times about the various restaurants under his supervision, and I've found him always willing to answer my questions frankly, and in a way that shows he's thought of the issue and found an answer that satisfies him. I've also found him willing to talk about the leniencies he sometimes relies on, and their pros and cons, and why he feels they should be applied in a particular situation. Let's just say that I've tried having similar conversations with some other rabbis who give hechsherim, and sometimes found quite a different attitude to being questioned.

Blog with Rabbi Schwarcz @ http://nyrabbi.blogspot.com/
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