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for those of you around NYU, if you are vegetarian or enjoy vegetarian food, go to SACRED CHOW on sullivan street. chow subs are the END of the WORLD. i'm serious-- the meatball sub with vegan mozzarella, to die for. to die.

Posted by gannak: Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:55 pm

better everytime

awesome veggie food

Sacred Chow gets better everytime I go. They have interesting vegetarian dishes, normally leaning towards the spicy side, so if you don’t like that you may not enjoy it but everything I've ever tried here was really well made, so give it a try if you haven’t been there yet.

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from NYU students to Lubavitchers from Brooklyn, it's a great scene.

Matt B.
New York, NY
4 star rating
Usually the words "Kosher" and "Health Food" don't excite me, most definitely not together in the same sentence, the first word being synonymous with bubbe and the latter with flavorless bleh. Sacred Chow, though, surely did surpass all the expectations I had for it. It's tucked away on a nice block and is quite discreet. The interior has a bohemian feel to it, with an old red brick wall, a sparse amount of tables, minimal noise, and the right amount of lighting all make it a good date place. The "meatball" hero was delicious, and the hummus of the day had some great flavor. My vegan friend had some kind of grilled tofu which she raved about, complementing me on finding the place. I don't want to leave out the sweet deal beer selection, complete with Magic Hat brews, a significant plus. The wines weren't kosher though, even though I'm told this is to change soon (if it hasn't already). What I liked the most however about this spot is the mix of people dining here, a nice mix of people from all over the spectrum, from NYU students to Lubavitchers from Brooklyn, it's a great scene.
Sacred Chow: Wub

sacred chow/hardcore

there is no other PRACTICAL way 2 be but 2 be hardcore about life. sacred chow is hardcore. living a low carbon code is hardcore. it is hardcore (not hard!) work 2 use less carbon, and we do. being eco-vegan (vee-gun) brings us even closer 2 the low-carbon life. we sing as elvis sang, "dont be cruel", and by not being so, we continuously find ethical solutions that heal ecological and economical cruelty. by eating an all plant-based diet, change is immediate. just. like. that. SLAM, BAM!
even more so, purchasing food grown from organic sun-based systems is as hardcore low carbon as we can get; and, by consuming fair trade work products, we r hardcore about preventing sweatshops, child labor, and human rights violations. we're also ethically kosher, a hardcore standard that is deep rooted in ancient jewish law, the protocols of time, a land of milk and honey, a divine respect 4 our creator, and our fellow beings, w/ a distribution of fair wages through safe, healthy and cruelty-free work communities. truly hardcore!
we r hardcore about r bodies 2. we eat superlative foods and baked goods w/o wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, or any derivatives that may contain gluten. of course it's especially delicious 4 us w/ celiac disease, but gluten free foods, grains and flours r also economical and ecological hardcore powerhouses 4 the planet 2. we cook heart healing food - fats, carbs and proteins - from high-quality plant-based foods; no cholesterol or fake sugars, low-sodium, low-oil, low-glycemic. hardcore here is really hardcore low-carbon. the food is never, ever high-carbon fried, just low-temp, low-carbon steamed, griddled, tossed, roasted, or baked. that's being real hardcore 4 mother earth, father time, and 4 our little sweet hearts.
sacred chow/hardcore


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Ahead of most of the competition, Sacred Chow in New York City has a high level of awareness and an average level of customer loyalty. "tastiest food", "great service", "by far the best vegan brunch" are some of the common sentiments frequent diners have to say about the restaurant. Buzz on Sacred Chow has been consistent and its online community presence is competitive. Customer satisfaction has been consistent over the past six months. Learn more...

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the most firm and luscious tofu ever

sacred chow in nyc
by miss anthrope
NYC, restaurants (not LA)
recently i took a little tasting tour of new york city, what’s considered to be by many the best vegan-friendly place in the usa, right up there with portland. i had a whole list of neat restaurants i wanted to try, and couldn’t even begin to fit them all in. i mean, check out happycow or supervegan, there are just sooooo many. over the next few posts, i’ll be bringing you several installments of quarrygirl eats nyc, and tell you about all our cool (and not so cool) dining experiences.
of all the well-reviewed eateries, one place i knew i absolutely had to check out, was sacred chow. it came with a very high recommendation from the folks at vegan-la, and was said to serve the best breakfast ever. unfortunately, i went on a friday just before noon without realizing that they only offer breakfast/brunch on the weekends. it all turned out for the best though, because the lunch was out of this world. i’m sure i missed out by not trying their brunch, but hey, it just gives me another reason to return to nyc!

weekday special bowl: sliced western tofu, soba noodles, tahini, greens and broccoli
although sacred chow wasn’t serving up the weekend brunch when my husband and i visited, they did have a weekday special bowl that was customizable. they had different proteins, carbs and vegetables to choose from all served up in a pipin’ hot little package for i think around 8 bucks. we opted for the western tofu on soba with a mixture of collard greens and broccoli. it was absolutely delicious.
the entire bowl was filled with succulent vegetables and the most firm and luscious tofu ever, all slathered in the creamiest of tahini sauces. the waiter even brought us and entire bottle of squeezy hot sauce, which we used to drench everything in the bowl. the soba noodles were cooked just right, and there weren’t too many of them…which was great. so many times in restaurants, bowls come almost filled to the top with carbs, with a pitiful amount of protein and vegetables that look more like a garnish. not this sucker. it was freakin’ filled right up with the good stuff and the noodles were almost an afterthought. just enough to swirl around and soak up the yummy sauce, without being overwhelming.
the best thing about this bowl though, was definitely the western tofu. i’m talking huge firm slices that had a completely different texture than the tofu i’m used to. i don’t know how sacred chow made such a simple dish so mouth-watering. hearty long strips of protein grilled on each side and bursting with flavor. if you are ever in manhattan, you gotta try this.
next up, we decided to share a hero sandwich, also made with western tofu. mmmMMMMMmmm. just as good as the bowl, for sure.

grilled western tofu hero: thickly sliced western tofu, dill soy-mayonnaise, mixed greens served on a toasted french baguette with chow slaw, pickle, and casein-free mozzarella
the photograph doesn’t really do this sandwich justice at all. there was so much thick and tasty tofu inside, and some of the best vegan cheese i’ve ever tasted. not to mention the insane dill mayo, this sammy was off the hook! crusty bread, creamy sauce, melty cheese and spongey yet crispy tofu made for the yummiest combo ever. and the chow slaw was incredible as well. i think it was cabbage mixed up with a mystery concoction of curry powder, vegenaise, and other savory flavors. this hero is one of my favorite sandwiches ever. seriously, the same irresistible tofu from the bowl above took on a completely new life in this dish. it would be hard for me to return to sacred chow and order something else. it so hit the spot.
on top of all the great food, sacred chow also has a very sweet and inviting atmosphere. oh yeah, and TAP BEER! not to mention tapas, tons of wine, and a huge selection of baked goods, including cupcakes, bars and brownies. that’s right, there really is nothing not to like about this place. if i lived in nyc, i’d be hitting up sacred chow AT LEAST once a week. seriously, we need more joints like this in los angeles.

groovy sacred chow interior
so while i’m bummed that i didn’t get to try anything off of the huge appetizing brunch menu, i’m glad i got to try some of the awesome lunch items at sacred chow. eating there was one of the highlights of my trip, and knowing i missed out on brunch just means i HAVE to return.
so remember this place when you are in new york city, and make it your mission to eat here.
sacred chow vegan bistro -
tapas, wine and beer on tap
227 sullivan streetnyc, ny 10012