Hi Chef,
I'm a recent vegan and eat at Sacred Chow about twice a week. I LOVE YOUR FOOD! (especially the carrot fennel cassarole and black bean burger!).
I'm wondering if you have a cookbook or recipes for sale? Even if only for the sauces... Do you ever do cooking workshops/classes for people who want to learn the basics of vegan cooking?
Any resources you can pass on would be greatly appreciated.
I also saw fliers for the farm sanctuary in your restaurant. I'm also a member! Maybe you should do some kind of fund-raising cooking workshop for them. I'm sure they'd give you access to their NYC members which could also be great (and cheap!) marketing for you. I'd enroll for sure!
Anyways, I'm a big fan of your cooking. Keep making yummy food.
Best, Danielle

hey danielle,
melt my heart!
manana in the am, i promise i will work on fulfilling ur desires. in the meantime, check out chow on facebook, and @ sacredchow.blogspot.com. if u have a question or an idea that's moving through ur imagination, ask away.
thx so much! ur email was great!

eco-vegan kid!

also, i'm hux's daddy! hux @ 7 is an eco-vegan kid. he hates skool lunch. while he 8 skool food 4 the last 2 yrs, over the summer he went 2 camp near sacred chow @ the kid's aid society. here, i delivered 2 him a fresh "hot lunch" everyday. he wanted the same when skool started this year. so we got a thermos, a heat resistant container 2 hold fresh rice noodles, & a juice flask. pour water on2 noodles, let sit 3 minutes, shake, shake; all good 4 the first month. yesterday he was told, by some mean lady, "no more soup!" 2day he prepared himself 4 "THE SKOOL LUNCH." he was mortified! trooper kid!!! 2morrow it will be eco-vegan again, but a room-temp sandwich of some plant protein sort, NOT A HOT LUNCH. he's pissed. "not fair that they serve hot garbage or starve. not fair!" i am so glad he knows that so fully. wow! very proud pop!
yo "adults", let's fess up already and feed the kids' less garbage.
economically, environmentally, educationally: we must bring 2 the skool lunch table, delicious, sustainable plant proteins: integrating plant proteins in2 the healthier skool lunch program is a fundamental necessity; plant proteins will become another natural weekly choice 4 students, and adults alike. we start w the students, educate; slam dunk: change happens!
one of the most versatile plant proteins on the planet right now is sacred chow's mama's soy meatballs w sicilian sauce, if i dont say so myself. sun-shiny sunny, me niece, is going 2 hunter college 4 her master's degree. i love this kid! she pops by the chow quite a bit 2 kibitz...she told me that she met a new student that told her she was vegan, and sunny said, "oh my uncle owns a vegan place in the village." "oh really," friend/student said, "which one?" sunny said, "sacred chow!" friend said, w wide-eyed excitement while pumping her fist in2 the air, "MEATBALL HERO!" need i say more. get on over 2 the chow now, & make change happen!

Sacred Chow will be joining the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food

So many kids being fed garbage, day in and day out. Help make vegan food accessible to all people, regardless of socioeconomic status, time constraints, or location of schools. Sacred Chow has been and will continue to be a supporter of the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food.

pancakes...beyond amazing!

o1 o2

Sacred Chow, 227 Sullivan St. New York, NY.

most amazing Vegan Brunch i have ever had. The pancakes were beyond amazing, as was the banana bread french toast.

i highly recommend it….

Major, major mitzvah!


I told my good friend Jonah, a modern Orthodox Jew, about Sacred Chow providing kosher food for the sukkah. He replied with much praise and a marketing suggestion for you. Read below...

kisses from darala
Become a fan on facebook's "Yoga with Amy Dara"!

Wed, 30 Sep 2009 13:19:17 -0400

Dear Amy,

Posting the Sukkah and providing kosher food with a hashgachah that people recognize is an INCREDIBLE mitzvah. Major, major mitzvah.

Please suggest to Cliff to post a posting on Luach.com. It would be good for people to know, that in that area, that a sukkah exists, and that one can get kosher food from an ethical establishment nearby.

G-d willing Sacred Chow should flourish and people should enjoy!

This made my day!



A plus number one!

Jamie posted this on September 27th, 2009 @ 2:43:48 pm
» quote
I really, really love the brunch at sacred chow (vegan biscuits and gravy f-ck yeah!) I went there once with my dad and he loved it even though he's the farthest thing from vegan...

tsatsagawhore posted this on September 27th, 2009 @ 5:47:14 pm
» quote
sacred chow A plus number one for dinner too though anything in red hook rules.


a true find!

You have to have dinner anyway, might as well have a fabulous dinner with interesting people. Come dine with us at this little gem, Sacred Chow, September 30, 2009 @ 6:30pm.
This is a great little place, a true find. I've eatten here many times, but not recently enough -- I'm more than ready to go back. The chef-owner is a true artist of 100% Low Carbon Code, 100% Eco-Vegan, 100% Heart Healing and 100% Scrumptious Cuisine
Easy to get to -- A, C, F, D to West 4th Street.

best lunch in the city!

I highly recommend Sacred Chow for vegans and meat eaters. Chow has the best lunch in the city, with a very cozy atmosphere and great service.Recommended are the Tempeh Reuben and 'Hot Dog', in addition to their amazing vegan hot chocolate. They also have a raw kale dish that is so simple yet out of this world.The space is small, so you may need to wait for a table, but it's never been a problem on the numerous times I've eaten here.There are not many great choices in this area for vegans, and I highly suggest stopping into Sacred Chow if you are hungry and in the area!
Craig R. Brooklyn, NY

change now!

make a vow w the chow.
vow @ the chow 2 never cower or devour.
come 2 the chow, send out a collective vow.
take ur vow: eat plant proteins. change now!


delish w.f. vegan waffle & coconut creme fraiche

w pretty smile & pure maple syrup!

get mad & feel happy!

i am feeling so mad 2day! that doesnt mean i am not feeling happy. in fact, the happier i am the madder i get, the madder i get, the more excited i feel about the chow's precision focus 2 reduce violence. violence makes me madder than a mad cow. but i am so happy that the chow makes less violence. it is happening. i love the responsibility, both here @ the chow, and taking care of the wee son. after-all, he is hope; he's less violence in action, humaneness in motion. i get mad sometimes that the wee son's ma's family treat each other like distant relatives. the days a passin got me a wonderin bout how many days i have seen the wee one. well let's see, the wee one has been here on earth in son form for approximately 2,742 days. he has seen his pa somewhere near 2,400 of them, same w his pa's ma. his ma's somewhere near 3-400. his pa's side cousins, uncles and aunts, 200-300. his ma's ma, 60-90. his ma's side cousins, uncle, aunt, pa; & pa's pa 0-15. the disparity sometimes makes me real mad, but the wee one is happy, so happy, and i can see that he'll do great things 4 himself and the earth. and that makes me happy. i get madder than hell @ the over-abundance liberally taken by the few versus the never-ending masses of starvation. this makes me so piping mad. i despise this disproportionalism that leads 2 so much chaos, misery and hunger. i stand up against all this inequity! i will make sure the sacred chow is always less violence in action, humaneness in motion. i am here on earth 2 make less violence, and this makes me very happy. humaneness in motion! come 2 the sacred chow, make less violence. get mad & feel happy!


cozy chow storm; shoe repair & french motor-bike.

wah is authenticity?

yeah wah!

the all-being ignites life 2 continuously move creation through the ever-flowing universe. an essential ingredient 2 life, beyond being, is 2 create in abundance, 4 an easier life, 4 the generations 2 come, b4 life sparks outward in2 creation's ever-flow. our desire is 2 feel joyful, spread love and happiness. and when this is accessible bc we live in a strong democracy where freedom of expression is constitutionally protected, then we must strive 2 make the whole of us strong. we must protect the rarest of all elements: humanity. come 2 the table, glow bright, radiate outward, bring forth ur individual freedom: drink, sing, eat, seek the chance 2 change the course of history; love thy neighbor as thyself is foremost in your mind's eye, protecting life from physical harm is your utmost concern. come 2 the table!

mix up ur authenticity, let it get red-hot, boil it up: the rare-earth element in u. u r singularly unique, a being that no other will ever re-create or replicate. be authentic! come 2 the sacred chow. while it is certain that u will not always feel joy and happiness, u will know100% of the time that humanity is more content. come 2 the sacred chow. tip more love in2 life, and feel grateful, feel this, and thank urself 4 doing so. if we dont take the risk 2 venture in2 territory unknown, we can be certain that we will never find the celebration happening. but the celebration is happening, so go find it, contribute joy and happiness. come 2 the sacred chow, eat plant proteins, do it bc u must.



and her face was beaming 2!

a gay friend near 30, who was being obnoxiously gay, said 2 a friend closer 2 70, after she said, "u look really nice in MY sunglasses," glowingly he replied, "that's bc i'm young!" i turned 2 him dropped jaw mortified, but he didnt notice, his face was beaming and his eyes had a vacant stare, as if they were set on a mirror of himself. breaking his stare, i said loudly, "that was a really ugly!" but then she proceeded 2 tell us that obama was an anti-semite snake oil-socialist and that she had proudly voted 4 a republican in every presidential election since nixon. "tax-paid health-care 4 all? bullshit!" and her face was beaming 2. the new jerusalem?


Sukkah in the Park!

SACRED CHOW CAN BE EATEN IN THE SUKKAH! Have no fear friends you can still enjoy the great food of Sacred Chow over the Sukkos Holiday. Just a couple of blocks away in Washington Square Park is the Sukkah in the Park. So come to Sacred Chow say that you want eat in the Sukkah and we'll pack it up comfortably for you. Have an easy and productive Yom Kippur and a Good Yom Tov.

Visit Chabad's giant Sukkah in Washington Square Park The Sukkah is located on the South Side of the park across from the Kimmel Center.
Feel free to stop by, enjoy your food from Sacred Chow, and perform the traditional shaking of the Lulav and Etrog. The Sukkah is generally open from 10AM- 8PM.

A Great Rosh HaShanah Celebration!

Dear Sacred Chow,
My family and I are very excited to celebrate Rosh HaShanah at the Sacred Chow. I understand that there is going to be Rosh HaShanah storytelling and songs. I would like to schedule our dinner for this time.

Hello Shlomit!
Saturday at 7 PM will be the time for our program. Please let us know if this time works for you and your party, and then we'll go ahead and add you to the reservations book. :)
Sacred Chow

Dear Sacred Chow,
I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to enjoy such a great Rosh HaShanah celebration. The food was excellent (I'll be back...) and the waitress was superb and patient. The singer was also very talented and we really enjoyed her performance.
May the Sacred Chow always be delicious, joyous and fruitful.
Happy New Year!

Who's ready for Yom Kippur?

I would've loved to attend the storytelling and special-menu Rosh Hashanah dinner at all-vegan Sacred Chow on Saturday, but it conflicted with my family's celebration. I was elated when I stopped by Sacred Chow for lunch today and saw that the restaurant was still serving Rosh Hashanah specials. I enjoyed both the Kasha & Leek Beggar's Purse and White Pizza Rustica With Housemade Brisket Sausage. Other specials included House-Made Challah, Roasted Yams & Sauteed Leeks With Pomegranate Seeds, Tzimmes Cassoulet, Roasted Beet Hummus, Blintzes With White Chocolate Cream Cheese & Wild-Berry Sauce, and Cactus Pears With a Orange-Date Agave Dip.

Typing that last sentence made me hungry. Who's ready for a Sacred Chow break-the-fast feast on Yom Kippur?




be 100% humane! don't be swayed by the wolves in power. a fool's life. take the world's A list 4 instance, the teeny, weeny gilded few and the great starvation list: power=poverty. what did he say the A stood 4? oh yeah, asinine!


swhistle, swhistle!

just finished helping hux w 2nd week of 2nd grade homework: reading for more than 30 minutes, and a writing assignment. he had 2 interview someone who has lived in nyc more than 5 years, so he interviewed me and took notes. i am now enjoying one of my favorite moments w him. he is piecing 2gether vast seas of lego pieces in 2 form. this time, he has made a collection of space crafts, and has just entered another world, speaking in parcel tongue, whistling, hiccuping, clucking, swooshing his space craft about in2 the far reaches, and landing on planets in other galaxies. he authoritatively exclaims: "ur dreading the point!" now he's very quiet, and now he's making little bomb sounds, and next other beings r talkin. "the enemies r making demands!" "the good guys r helping 2 protect u!" bigger bomb sounds, in a low singsong: "i found u trying 2 kill all the men! shoooo, phshoom, whehhh. get outta here guys!" his tongue is against the back of his teeth making the sound, swhistle, swhistle. "off 2 axmarnia axel ray! crystal ball reads its mine but u can have it." in a louder singsong, "mine, mine, bashoom, tookrah, tookrah! instead of trying 2 make the princess have a weak kingdom, u need 2 know how lucky u r." perfect point!

hidden in the steam!

worked out 2day @ the gym. was sitting in the steam room relaxing w my friend steve. we were talking and oblivious 2 the goings on around us, no one else was speaking so our quiet chat was echoing a bit. it was steamy but not real steamy. so i said, " you know, i wish it would get hotter in here! what's up w the steam level?" then some voice hidden in the steam piped up, " if u'd shut up, it would get hotter in here!" i didnt get what he meant 4 about 20 seconds. i wont repeat what i said, but no more steam room 4 me.


look who's talkin'!

Challah rising!

Challah is on the 2nd rise. Pumpkin nicely peeled for the soup. Tzimmes tsimmering away. Pizza Rustica is smelling yummy. Giant pot of black eyed peas forming into a lovely soup. Kasha to come. Rosh nosh is on its way!


Rosh Menu of Entertainment

The lovely and talented Melanie Gall has graciously agreed to perform a feast for the spirit and the ears. Here is the programme she's put together for Saturday September 19, 2009 at 7 PM.

Rosh Nosh

Introduction :

Song: Le Temps de Cerises - J.B. Clément, Antoine Renard

*Story: Rosh Hashanah in the Caribbean*

Song: Autumn Leaves - Jacques Prevert, Joseph Kosma


Song: A Stranger Here Myself – Kurt Weill

*A Will, a Way, and a Woman*

Song: O Mio Babbio Caro - Puccini


Song: La Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf

*The Very Special Apple*

Song: Someone to Watch Over Me – George, Ira Gershwin


Song: Un Canadian Errant – Anon.

*Story: My Mother and the Airport Shofar*

Song: Matchmaker – Jerry Bock


Grain Of The Rosh
House-Made Challah
Kasha & Leek Beggar's Purse, G.F.

Veg Of Rosh
Roasted Yams & Sauteed Leeks W Pomegranate Seeds

Soup Of The Rosh
Tzimmes Cassoulet
Silky Pumpkin Bisque

Hummus Of The Rosh
Roasted Beet

Bean Of The Rosh
Black Eyed Pea W Wilted Spinach, Basil & Garlic

Protein Of The Rosh
Thick Breaded Tofu Parmesan Cutlet, G.F.
White Pizza Rustica W Housemade Sausage, N.S.

Dessert Of The Rosh
Cactus Pears W A Orange-Date Agave Dip
Blintzes W White Chocolate Cream Cheese & Wild-Berry Sauce


Chow Rosh Menu!

Rosh, Rosh, Rosh Is Coming!

Chow Rosh Menu:

Grain Of The Rosh
House-Made Challah
Kasha & Leek Beggar's Purse, G.F.

Veg Of Rosh
Roasted Yams & Sauteed Leeks W Pomegranate Seeds

Soup Of The Rosh
Tzimmes Cassoulet
Silky Pumpkin Bisque

Hummus Of The Rosh
Roasted Beet

Bean Of The Rosh
Black Eyed Pea W Wilted Spinach, Basil & Garlic

Protein Of The Rosh
Thick Breaded Tofu Parmesan Cutlet, G.F.
White Pizza Rustica W Housemade Sausage, N.S.

Dessert Of The Rosh
Cactus Pears W A Orange-Date Agave Dip
Blintzes W White Chocolate Cream Cheese & Wild-Berry Sauce

Update on the Rosh

Happy (early) New Year! Our lovely performer called us to let us know the timings for Saturday's Rosh Hashanah event. Storytelling, music, and all of it family friendly fun. Please send us an email (sacredchow at aol dot com), and we'll make the reservation for you. Updates about the specifics of will be coming soon. This is so exciting!


torah loves homo!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh if only the Torah was the law of the land

If the Torah was the law of the land we wouldn't need tort reform because there are no torts allowed. the laws of murder and capital punishment are so cleverly crafted to allow just the right amount of deterrent with the right amount of compassion and humanity for both the criminal and, what we forget these days, the victim. And there is so so much more. The impeccable balance which the Torah law follows is so brilliant and it was devised more than 3000 years ago.
Anonymous said... "the laws of murder and capital punishment are so cleverly crafted to allow just the right amount of deterrent with the right amount of compassion and humanity for both the criminal and, what we forget these days, the victim." Are you nuts? Murder for disrespecting parents, for being homosexual, for violating the sabbath, are those even crimes that deserve the death penalty? You call the Torah humane? You're a religious freak just like the rest of them who refrain from giving a hechsher on a place that is not shomer shabbat. People like you who believe in that cruelty (and holy shit) have no place in the village. September 11, 2009

RR said... I guess it's no wonder that you comment anonymously and you don't have the guts to directly discuss the issues. How dare you spew those accusations at me?? You don't even know me and you obviously have no idea what I meant by what I said!!!You are a classic hater.You just want to vomit out those damaging, noxious words whether it fits to what I said or not.Feel better now?Since you want to see a fanatic in every religious person, you are misconstruing my words and twisting the Torah. It is typical gross ignorance and narrow-minded bias and preconception that motivates your reactions. If you were at all interested in learning something and actually understanding what I meant you would have of course asked your questions differently. I will nevertheless address your points. There is no death penalty for disrespecting parents. Not even close. I have no idea what you're talking about and neither do you. The Torah "cleverly crafted" the death Penalty so that it would almost never be able to be given. It would be impossible to give the death penalty for anything someone does in the privacy of their own bedroom, and in general it was almost impossible at all. Because in order to give the death penalty there has to be 2 witnesses who have forewarned the person and he says "I don't care I'll do it anyway" and he does it again in front of those same witnesses. And there's a lot more BUT I am disgusted by you and your spiteful, malicious and vicious words and attitude. If you're ever really interested in learning I would be more than happy to teach you and explain the Torah laws to you. And I do give a Hechsher to places that are not Shomer Shabbos.

blog w the man, @ http://nyrabbi.blogspot.com/


really great food!

"Delicious & cozy in the Village" by Loren Worsley August 28, 2009 - It may be a little small, but Sacred Chow proves very comfortable with it's warm decorations and really personable and friendly employees. I had the roasted black olive seitan hero with mixed greens and dijon vinaigrette and I was taken aback at just how good it was! Warm crispy baguette with tender seitan and a delicious tangy dressing, accompanied by some sort of delicious cabbage slaw. I even came back later that evening to get the sinners bar - a delicious chocolate covered caramel-coconut mess - for dessert! So if you're looking for friendly service, really great food and a comfortable and inviting place to rest your feet after a long day's walk in the Village, this is the place.

Kosher Chowhound!

The Sacred Chow is under the kosher supervision of International Kosher Council, IFC, and Rabbi Zev Schwarcz. Click here http://sacredchow.com/kosher.htm to view IFC's Kosher certification of the Chow .

Below is a comment reprinted from Kosher Chowhound about Rabbi Zev Schwarcz:

"I've spoken to him a few times about the various restaurants under his supervision, and I've found him always willing to answer my questions frankly, and in a way that shows he's thought of the issue and found an answer that satisfies him. I've also found him willing to talk about the leniencies he sometimes relies on, and their pros and cons, and why he feels they should be applied in a particular situation. Let's just say that I've tried having similar conversations with some other rabbis who give hechsherim, and sometimes found quite a different attitude to being questioned.

Blog with Rabbi Schwarcz @ http://nyrabbi.blogspot.com/

italiano-marinated soycakes!

little kid is a sittin just a few specks away from me in the chowbelly. how truly soothing! first 2 build, but then 2 be so honored 2 watch an independent mind, the voice of creation, interpreting and unfolding w such utter joyfulness. wow! that's a marvel and a half! hux just piped up and said: " that's him w a broken arm, he has a lot more life left in him. dude!" harriet just phoned from the foh, " i need the generic label 4 sacred chow: do u have one quickly available?" hux is pouting loudly @ the computer. ms. ah fang is ah mixin 2gether in the chowbelly, the next ah protein: raw collard hearts & shredded celeriac mixed w italiano-marinated soycakes. a fav recipe from the chow's far west village days! mangia!


love's calling!

am i blowing my cover, as a jew, "working" on shabbos? creation doesnt stop working! the moment our work stops: the breath of life inhales & exhales 4 its last time. i know that when i am on my last breath, in & then out, i will rest easy: i have embraced love's calling. and in2 the next journey i will flow, creation's work is never done!

love's calling u 4 the journey. work hard, be strong & fair, and create as creation demands - 4 all creation.


it's september 11th all over again!

Dresden Rising.
Hates flame, destruction, steel & skin - melt, both colossal; smoke ascends into the mouth of creation, reintegrating. 9/13/2001, nyc.

New York.
Oh York of York: will you ever be new? can you ever feel safe? Be new, be new, do not seed hates growth, be kind, and be new, be new, be new my new York. 9/13/2001, nyc.

Hux is Hope.
Oh little York or Huxley or Aurelius growing in mommy's belly -I saw you dance at 8 weeks and 4/5 days, I saw you wiggle your fingers and toes when you were 10 weeks, you are fire in water, u r hope. 9/13/2001, nyc.

Collective Gasp.
On 6th Ave and Waverly, down they tumbled, together we watched the towers of mighty, how small we were next their grandeur one moment, how small we are. Humbled together, crushed - a pancake of hatred, not sweet. No doubt, we are all in this together, we are, even sons with knives. 9/14/2001, nyc.

dear life, the only thing I can control is me, human form for just a moment, I see - violence erupts instinctively; hurricanes, earthquakes, destruction's gate, there is a simple way from human hate. (i love u!) 9/14/2001, nyc.

i met him as a child and he grew into a man, his rage rumbled outward, it developed a plan,
it was this one or that one, with shouts of g-d damn; delicate by nature, so angry the man. 9/14/2001, nyc.

Eternity we are, forever we’ll be, from within and without – electrons simply. An energy rippling into the sky, a miracle, a wonder, a part of g-d’s eye. Tear drops from memories, nostalgia we knew, this burnings connected, eternity renewed. 9/14/2001, nyc.

A Simple Prayer.
i promise you rich, pure love, dignity. now quiet your soul, visualize the constant connection to eternity's everflow, and the complexity of your being here now; step into the kingdom of kindness. 9/14/2001, nyc.

The Devil’s Cigar.
Thunderous rivers of billowing smoke, alone with the night, my throat and I choke. I wonder, I wonder and really I pray, I sit and I ponder, away and away -a child, a father, a mother, a land, wherever i go, it’s Destiny’s plan. A decision, a way, of how not to be: I’ll travel the road, my own history.The Lesson before me is simple and clear, kindness I honor, and all I revere. 9/16/2001 nyc.

Sound & Sight.
To everyone, everywhere, N.Y.C.: BIG, LOUD! It's quiet now, just church bells & sirens. the police officers and firemen: Not-The-Same! It's a small town with ghost streets, marshall law, soldiers & army trucks; you can hear neon signs humming. After 10PM, at Spring and Houston, Mister Softee is serving a large crowd, transfixed on the new amusement park. 9/17/2001, nyc.

Acrid Rain.
i want them to be found, uncovered with cheer, i see them and hear them, 3,000 clear. they’re inside a big box of metal I’m sure, protected and waiting, extremely secure. a blue day so quiet with birds in the sky, I walk like a zombie, one death defied. i stop and i tremble with others that pray, our teardrops fall gently near pictures they lay. it’s gloomy and wet, unlike yesterday, the smoke that’s been rising is hidden away. a new moment i cherish, a game that i play, i say over and over, they’re not far away. they’re inside this big box, sealed tight and quite safe, i know it and feel it, but then i awake. a smell that is drifting, a seared odor from then, it’s september 11th all over again. 9/20/2001.

Lay & Wait.
On Thursday, it was cloudy, a foggy downtown, the smoking rubble lays & waits. 9/25/2001, nyc.

Everyone on the street,
Everyone in Times Square, in China, in Baghdad,
Everyone everywhere!
Every motion that we make,
Every image that we see,
Every feeling that we feel for every life & every tree;
Everything that we know,
Everything that we don’t, from the stars in the sky to the plans for you & i;
Every life that will be,
Every life that will not:
Everything is connected by molecular dots. 9/30/2001, nyc.

rosh menu: cabaret & chow!

put 2gether a nice rosh menu 2day. coming closer 2 storytelling one 2. a fantastic voice has found her way 2 the chow, jewish cabaret mixed w white pizza rustica w house-made sausage & white chocolate-cherry blintzes, sounds delish 2 mama mio. relax, take it easy; come 2 the table, join the sacred chow. happy big, sweet rosh! and as the late, great bing crosbyawitz used 2 sing: "i'm dreamin' of a white rosh hashanna..."


come 2 the table 4 the big rosh!

chow's poshy, noshy, roshy menu is beginning 2 come in2 shape. chef dardi smarti-pants, dino weeno and i r pulling 2gether our roots 2 bring out in2 creation somethin fabulously fun and unusual. we're also workin w reb zev aka bev 2 intertwine torah, torah, text and joy in2 a magical storytelling, blessings menu as well. come 2 the table. join the sacred chow!

hold on2 summer-time!

2day was little kid's 1st day in 2nd grade. i thought i had 2 be elsewhere but that event was canceled last minute, so i was privileged 2 take my wee one 2 the skool-yard w his gramma. his 1st day of kindergarten and 1st grade were mesmerizing experiences 4 me, i was transported back 2 that exciting moment in my early life; 2gether w new kids on2 the future. and since u graduate from kindergarten, u begin all anew in 1st grade, so refreshing and fun. hux and i were very excited all summer about his going in2 the 2nd grade. in celebration the night b4, we had packed a special lunch box w soba noodles and korean tofu cutlets from sacred chow. i dont remember the 1st day of 2nd grade as vividly, and 2day i understood why. when we got 2 the skool-yard it was crazy-packed w kids, guardians & skool officials, galore, galore, galore. it felt like utter chaos. a women was outside the skool-yard gates sloganeering 4 mayor bloomberg. it felt like endless slow steps 2 the entrance where everyone was converging 2 find out where teacher & class could be found. by the time we got 2 the front, his class had already ascended 2 the 2nd floor. we walked over 2 the skool entrance where officer lola was greeting lines of classes going up. she said, " oh hux ur class already went up, go head huxley, ur a big boy, u can go up urself." huxley, wanting 2 hold on2 summer-time, said, " my dad needs 2 come up w me 2 meet my new teacher and classmates." " oh hux," i said, knowing that i couldnt, " u gotta go up urself, it's 2 crowded." he grabbed my hand tight, looking sad, and disappeared alone in2 the moving crowd. like melting in2 a 9am train-rush @ 42nd street; summer was over, time 4 work.


rosh hashanna dinner!

oh everyone, everyone! chef dardi, dino & i will be putting 2gether a special rosh dinner @ the sacred chow. we'll be working on the event starting the day after labor-dica day. we gonna make a rosh food menu & contemplating a storytelling one as well, both from the same region in italy. oy, mangia already! we'll keep u'll updated. get in touch if u is thinkin' u'd like 2 reserve. happy holiday all!


hate 4 folks that we havent even met?

CAIRO — Egyptians generally do not make any distinction between Jewish people and Israelis. Israelis are seen as the enemy, so Jews are, too.

Restoration work being done last month at a synagogue where Moses Maimonides once worked and studied in Cairo.

Khalid Badr, 40, is pretty typical, asked his feelings about Jews, he replied matter-of-factly. “We hate them for everything they have done to us,” Mr. Badr said, as casually as if he had been asked the time.

But Mr. Badr’s ideas have recently been challenged. He has had to confront the reality that his neighborhood was once filled with Jews — Egyptian Jews — and that his nation’s history is interwoven with Jewish history. Not far from his shop, down narrow, winding alley once called the Alley of the Jews, the government is busy renovating an abandoned, dilapidated synagogue.

In fact, the government is not just renovating the crumbling, flooded old building. It is publicly embracing its Jewish past — not the kind of thing you ordinarily hear from Egyptian officials.

Zahi Hawass, general secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities said, who in the past has written negatively about Jews because of the clash between Israel and the Palestinians. “It is part of our heritage.” Egypt has slowly, quietly been working to restore its synagogues for several years. It has completed two projects and plans to restore about eight more. But because of the anger toward Israel and the deep, widespread anti-Semitism — the government initially insisted that its activities remain secret.

“They told us ‘We are doing these things, but you can’t tell anybody about it,’ ” said Rabbi Andrew Baker, director of international Jewish affairs for the American Jewish Committee. “This was such a reverse of what we experience in Eastern Europe, where governments don’t do much but want to present the picture they are doing things. In Egypt they were doing things, but, ‘Shhh, don’t let anybody know!’ ”

So why the sudden public display of affection for Egypt’s Jewish past?

Global politics.

Egypt’s minister of culture, Farouk Hosny, wants to be the next director general of Unesco, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. In the context of this conservative Islamic society, Mr. Hosny, 71, is quite liberal, running afoul of Islamists when he criticized the popularity of women wearing head scarves, for example.

“The irony is they have done something,” Rabbi Baker said. “It goes back at least several years now. They didn’t want to do it in a formal relationship with us. They said, ‘We accept this as our responsibility to care for our Jewish heritage, so we will do things ourselves.’”

For Egyptians like Mr. Hawass, who seems most comfortable around Pharaonic tombs and mummies, speaking about Egypt’s Jewish past with pride has required a degree of finesse. Mr. Hawass has in the past refused a suggestion by the American Jewish Committee to consider building a small museum to house Egypt’s historic Jewish artifacts, as the government has done to preserve many of Egypt’s Christian artifacts.

“As Muslims or as Christians, it might not be ours, but as Egyptians it is ours,” Mr. Yousef’s son, Sameh, 27, said of the synagogue after sitting quietly for much of the conversation. “It may not be our religion, but as a building it is our heritage.”

Mona El-Naggar contributed reporting.

oy already: yes vegan!

being vegan & gluten-free!

I'm a PhD student, and I live in the East Village. I love music, art, yoga, Star Trek, being vegan & gluten-free, jogging, vampires, mango frozen margaritas with salt, Sacred Chow, eating, synchronized swimming, walking, and new hobbies.


really easy-to-fix thing!

David L. Brooklyn, NY 9/7/2009

Sacred Chow is one of my favorite places to get a meal in the city. The food is so fantastic that Sacred Chow gets five stars.

The only problem is that there is never more than one person working the front end of the restaurant, even at its fullest, so service can be slow. Food at least comes out quickly, but it takes a little while for her to get to you once you sit down, a little while for her to bring your drinks, all that. She does her job efficiently, but an extra server/host would help the quality of service.

The only really uncomfortable thing and really easy-to-fix thing about the service is that this one woman who works there either refuses to speak up or can't do more than whisper. Say, "Excuse me?" all you like, but she will never speak above maybe 15 decibels. How to fix? Oh Ms. Sacred Chow Waitress, please pick the decibels up just a few notches. Much appreciated!

Now, the food! Sacred Chow has the ONLY good tempeh dish I have had in the city. Tempeh is a favorite food of mine and I really wish more restaurants would serve it, period. Even if they couldn't do it as well as Sacred Chow does. The BBQ seitan is also super, and there is never anything bad to say about any of the other dishes, either. Their dozen or so specials change very regularly, and nothing ever makes me wish I'd eaten somewhere else, as vegetarian restaurants often make me do.

So I think if the waitress picks her voice up a bit, and another server/host is present during busier shifts, Sacred Chow will be perfect. Good-luck!



recipe: vietnamese sweet potato leek.

a delish, easy, no-time soup recipe!

name: vietnamese sweet potato leek. (gluten, soy & corn free)

sesame oil, 3T
fresh garlic, minced, 2T.
yellow onions, medium dice, 1 large.
leeks, slice in 1/2 moons, 4 large. clean, rinse & stir like crazy in water. strain over sieve.
sweet potatoes, cut in 1/2 length-wise, and in half again, then in 1/4 chunks width-wise, 4 large.
water 2 cover.
arrowroot powder, 1/4 cup plus 6 T cold water.
coconut milk/cream, 1 can.
sea salt, 1 T.(AD)*
black pepper, 1T.(AD)
ginger powder, 2T.
cayenne, 1/4 t.(AD)
sucanat, brown sugar, 1/4 cup.(AD)

in nice size pot, add 2T's of sesame oil, turn on fire, heat 1 min.
place in garlic saute til light brown, next add onions sweat til wet.
add leeks & sweet potatoes. stir til well combined w saute.
place arrowroot in2 small bowl, cover w cold water. whisk up til well-combined.
add rest of ingredients, and cover w boiling water.
add arrowroot water. mix well.
cover w lid.
boil taters til tender. 20-30 minutes.
check w fork.
if less chunky desired, place immersion blender in2 pot 4 20-30 seconds.

garnish: sauteed browned leeks, optional. (set aside 1 cup of chopped leeks 2 saute w xtra 1T of sesame oil. fry up til crispy & brown. AD. place 1-3 T on top of soup. AD.)

serves: 3-4. AD.

enjoy & share AD!

* As Desired.

read reb zev!

A Parsha by Parsha, step by step, guide to the Devarim cycle of responsibility


to DaD!

dad poem. written by hux.
to DaD!
we shold have more individual time.
My Best personal friend.
You are vary cool and cute.
Oh how i really like you.
And i really love you.
Oh ho, sacred chow!
You are my best personal friend.
from huXley.


one of the best meals!

Edward J.
Portland, OR
This is probably one of the best meals I had in NYC! Sacred Chow acts like a tapa joint, but all vegan!!! The tapas are about $5 each, kind of pricy but once you order two plates each person that's enough to fill you up! We got the BBQ seitan, its so good. Some steamed sesame collards (YUM!), cashew and hummus pate with crostini, the bacon tempeh was the least surprising, and the almond smoothie was so good and filling. I could have just eaten that for lunch. The salad with ginger carrot dressing is really good too. I was really surprised how this place is so good. I'm totally coming back on my next visit. If I live in NYC I would be eating here once a week.

most popular vegan restaurants!

The Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Manhattan
Aug 28th, 2009

For the past your I've been compiling a list of Vegan Restaurants for my website, VeganUSofA.com. These restaurants all look like fantastic places to eat, but what are the most popular? I'll start with with one of the greatest places for vegan food on the planet - the Manhattan Borough of New York City

The most popular vegan restaurants (based on online chatter) in fantastic Manhattan are:

10. Bonobo's Vegetarian Restaurant at 18 East 23rd Street
9. Pure Food and Wine at 54 Irving Place
8. Zen Burger at 465 Lexington Avenue
7. Quintessence at 263 East 10th Street
6. teany cafe at 90 Rivington Street
5. Sacred Chow at 227 Sullivan Street
4. gobo at 401 Avenue of the Americas and 1426 Third Avenue
3. Red Bamboo Vegetarian Soul Cafe at 140 West 4th Street
2. House of Vegetarian at 68 Mott Street
...and the most popular vegan restaurant in Manhattan is...
1. Blossom Vegan Restaurant at 187 9th Avenue

Restaurants not quite making my top 10 were Zenith Vegetarian Cuisine, Angelica Kitchen, Caravan of Dreams, Candle Cafe or 79, Maoz Vegetarian, Kate's Joint, Curly's Vegetarian Lunch, Loving Hut, Saravanaa Bhavan, Wild Ginger Vegetarian Kitchen, s'Nice, Madras Mahal Vegetarian Indian Restaurant, and Mint Fine Indian Restaurant So things were really mixed in styles and parts of Manhattan.
I was a little worried that restaurants with multiple locations would have an unfair advantage and dominate the list, but luckily that was not the case.
I compiled this list by searching for the vegan restaurants listed on a number of search engines and ranking them by the number of web pages, discussion forums, photos, videos, etc that are available online.

Check out my complete list for Vegan Manhattan at http://www.veganusofa.com/


Rosh Hashana Dinner

On 19 September 2009, please join us for Rosh Hashanah Dinner. We'll have our regular menu, as well as Rosh Hashanah specials. Please watch this space for updates on what the specials will be. I'll be discussing ideas with Chef Dardi this weekend, and will update as we get more info.


and all was good!

chef dardi and her two perfect boys went back 2 red bank, n.j.. josh, frankie & hux get along so well. sure they would fight about who the enemy was gonna be and who would be the good guy, usually the older kid would win the day w the younger crying and screaming loudly; but when the younger kid was forceful enough, he would win the battle. that was fun 2 watch. it was a little frenzied bc it was all in sacred chow's belly, the office, storage rooms, walk-in frig and kitchens. chef dino and i were trying 2 get legal work done, and edward accounting work, chef dardi was baking, compiling her recipes, and brainstormin' about wholesalin', ms fang was cookin'...and the boys were singing, yelling, building legos, battling w rolling pins and giant soup spoons, running around & playing tag... truthfully, we all had a nice time. and it felt great 2 put aside our initial intolerance 2 their kid-time as less important than our work-time; instead we let go, and all was good.

reb zev speaks!

If the Torah was the law of the land we wouldn't need tort reform because there are no torts allowed.
the laws of murder and capital punishment are so cleverly crafted to allow just the right amount of deterrent with the right amount of compassion and humanity for both the criminal and, what we forget these days, the victim.
And there is so so much more.
The impeccable balance which the Torah law follows is so brilliant and it was devised more than 3000 years ago.
And still is the best working thing out there.