Reb Zev Said!

I wanted to know if the wine in Sacred Chow was mevushal. Also does any of the food fall under the isur bishul akum and why? Thanks!
August 6, 2009 9:27 PM

Reb Zev Said:
all the wine is mevushal except for one and sacred chow only sells it by the whole bottle. the owner is jewish and involved in all the cooking. but besides that none of the cooked stuff is "oleh Al shulchan Melachim" although some Chassidish are Meachmir on beans. The OU however is not.

vegetarian eggplant torte!

Summer is also about vegetables in New Jersey." G.M. Ramos said. " So in The Copeland Restaurant at The Westin, Morristown, we weave fresh vegetables into our entrees, and also feature our chef's signature vegetarian eggplant torte with grilled Sacred Chow tofu and asparagus.

http://www.morristownthisweek.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article AID=/20090819/MTW05/90817054


USA health-care is blatantly unconstitutional!

sacred chow supports health care that covers all folks that live and work w/i the borders of the usa, 4 what ever the reason that they r here. 2 not support such health-care is horribly immoral. sacred chow supports health-care that supports every ones health-care as a right. the rationing of the current USA health-care system, and all on the table, is blatantly unconstitutional!

join the table!

be tolerant of how others come 2 see themselves in this great big masterpiece. no piece's the same, 2 master it all, let go & love the differences. no piece the same, all different. think: vanilla-praline sinner bar crunch, red-hot chili peppers & sweet seitan sausages, creamy dark-chocolate halva torte, & coconut curry sauce w roasted yellow squash & cauliflower. all a different look, texture, taste. come 2 the sacred chow! HEY, u may love it all! but dont try 2 make me eat it, i'll decide on my own. join the table!

great blog!

hi there sacred chow! great blog! question: r u friends w moby?


hello troy,

thx 4 ur email! so great that u love chow's blog! 2 answer ur question: well yes, but the same applies 2 all who come 2 the table.
when sacred chow lived on hudson street, yossi, baker/cook, used 2 listen 2 moby all the time. his music is really beautiful!

thx 4 writing!

best, chow

delicious mouth-porn!

here i am @ the chow, just put it all tight 2gether, on2 1 small plate, & had me some delicious mouth-porn! griddled me up some flaxjacks w some map-syp & hndmde sausage. come 2 the table, eat plant proteins!

come 2 the feast, eat plant proteins!

very swift brunch 2day. dino told us that moby is becoming a regular. so nice 2 see new folks joining the table. the feast of the sacred chow is growing strong. like a young lad, he is searching 4 independence. oh we r so proud of him! pretty soon she will be 18. wow! she's beginning 2 ask questions about her direction. so we're all talking it over in a very adult manner. after-all, that is still more than 4 years away! but she is very curious, and that is amazing 2 feel. come 2 the feast of the sacred chow! eat plant proteins!


Tofu Scramble

I managed to convince our bookkeeper, Ed, to try the tofu scramble. He doesn't like tofu. The plate is now completely cleaned after he finished devouring it. :) That tofu scramble is magic.


PS The pancakes came out thick and rich.


seitan knk-wrst...buttrmlk pancakes!

ms. zou is in the kitch moldin' the seitan knock-wurst 4 chow's next brunch special, the sausage comes w cider-sauerkraut & pitch perfect buttermilk pancakes, pure map & earth balance. we just re-seasoned the griddle. wow! yummaroozawhiskee! those knockers will also be chow's protein special & will be served over pan-seared chili peppers w both russian & dijon dip. indulge me lads and lasses, come 2 the table, eat plant proteins!

pizzarustica a la napolitano!

chef dardi's dreaming up, vegan-style: pizzarustica a la napolitano. pasta frolla, not short like a pie dough, w a tofu-pesto ricotta w homemade sausage. go in2 heavenly italian ecstasy. cut in2 wedges, eat and fall down. a chow protein special 4 the last tuesday of august 2009.

tourte de blettes a la nicoise!

tourte de blettes a la nicoise, a chard-mushroom, pine-nut, rice, garlic, basil, raisin, onion tart from nice. an olive oil dough, from genoa 2 the italiano & french rivieras. delish savory tart. make the filling, blanch chard, chop fine. boil rice. onions, saute, add chard,stir in garlic & rest. dough in2 spring-form, over pan, spread in filing, pinch dough closed. bake til golden. serve w olive/tomato salad. viola! a chow protein special!

Vegan & Vegetarian Database


recipe: fruited couscous cakes!

we dont make this treat @ sacred chow bc it is pure wheat, but nonetheless it is a quite delish moroccan dish, w absolutely no added fat, it is very low on the carbon cals, and very easy 2 make. so we wanted 2 share.

get a package of whole wheat couscous. prepare according 2 directions.
meanwhile, in a large bowl, add chopped dates, raisins, (dried cherries or cranberries work well 2, and add nice color). in a separate bowl, mash, w a whisk, ripe bananas until completely mashed, add 2 large bowl. (some chopped apples w a bit of a lemon drip works well 2.) toast walnuts 10 minutes @ 325, cool, coarsely chop, add 2 mix. also place 1 t of vanilla x, 1/2 t clove, 1/2 t turmeric and 1/2 t sea salt in2 mix. blend well w rubber spatula.
drain couscous of all water over sieve, add couscous 2 mix, vigorously fold until well combined.

have on hand, 6-7 mini-bundt cups, or other ramekin-like containers, rinse well w water, dont dry. press couscous mixture firmly w rubber spatula in2 each cup til mix reaches top. chill 1 hour. place half sheet pan on top of cups, turn cups, or each ramekin, upside down, knock hard w wooden spoon, gently lift, release treat from cup. enjoy fruited couscous cakes!*

*works well as a savory ideas 2!

(if firmer directions r needed, just let us know.)

Order online!

You can now order any of our food via post. Email sacredchow@aol.com and we'll work out pricing and postage and the rest. :) There's plenty of stuff that will go just fine with no extras (like our cookies YUMMMM), but the rest can be sent frozen, with the little freezer packs. Let's make it happen. :) Have Chow wherever you are. Come to the table. Join the Sacred Chow.

and so on...eat plant proteins!

there r very real fears, very real. most of us prey off one another any way we can, even innocently, though we will 4ever be complete strangers 2 one another, destined 2 never know the mystery lurking in creation's ever-flow. we pass each other on highways, in trains, walkways, in newspaper details, while other beings scuffle, hop, fly, wiggle, swim, lubricate along the way 2. can see urself amongst nature's mingling detritus? bow 2 the g-d of love, let the power of humanity ripple outward. aah! utter softly, " i love u life!" embrace creation w the hug of gratitude, and all beings along the byway. think: 4 2day, 4 the generations, 4 the might of eternity, an aurora constantly unfolding. come 2 the table, join the sacred chow, sit down and hear the peaceful harmonium. Q: how much hardcore, sustainable gratitude and love can we send out 2 those around us? hardcore, sustainable gratitude and love?! A: meaningfully, 2 no more than 100-150 other beings. well then there u go, be kind and gentle 2 all, but especially 2 ur crew bc each one of us can deeply affect another 149 and so on. let the feast begin! 2 infinitude and beyond: eat plant proteins!


Root vegetable latkes w date butter, yes!

HELP! Vegetarian Visiting for 4 days

Hey all!
I am planning a surprise trip to NYC for my husband on his birthday. We will be there Monday through Thursday.
We are vegetarian who do dairy but no eggs. I would prefer all vegetarian places instead of trying veggie options. I did do a search and looked at old threads but nothing concrete came up.
I would appreciate some help here, as this is getting a bit overwelming.
I did pick up tips on the veggie falafal place, tiffinwala, zen burger and the candle cafe.
We are looking to keep costs in the mid range-not fine dinning but something clean and wholesome.
Thanks in advance!

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1) Sacred Chow on Sullivan St. off W. 3rd. in the Village is a favorite even among my omnivore friends. Lower than mid-range, good beer available, pleasant and low key. Root vegetable latkes with date butter, yes!

timi Aug 21, 2009 11:07PM


brunch y'all!

chef dardi just finished whipping up some delicious goodies in chow's kitchen. yo amazin', chocolate biscotti, fab beyond any descriptive; old fashioned choco chip cookie, oh my is all i can say; a gargantuaun almond jam dot cookie, so delectable; divine lemon cookies, and a coconut-carrot cookie thats yet 2 be named, but is pure magic. she also cooked up buttermilk pancakes inspired by childhood pancakes made by her mom. get ready 4 brunch y'all!

How to Use the Freeze Pane Command in Excel to Create Static Headings | eHow.com

How to Use the Freeze Pane Command in Excel to Create Static Headings | eHow.com

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I was searching for just this information today, while putzing around in Excel. Rather handy little tidbit. Does it work the same way in OpenOffice?

Yes. The place is that good.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Straight from Sacred Chow to my heart.

I'm "friends" with the vegan restaurant Sacred Chow on Facebook, so I'm privy to their shenanigans, sometimes even before they occur. You can imagine, then, 2 my almost psychotic glee when I saw this status update from the creators of my favorite marinated kale salad:

Sacred Chow, ms. fang is molding seitan sausages, which will be wrapped in alum foil and steamed and then served w grain mustard over warm sauerkraut & onions 4 our protein of the day.

F-CK, y'all. I dropped everything I was doing and IMMEDIATELY sent an urgent text message to my Sacred Chow conspirator. We salivated and cried and prayed for the weekend to come so we could sink our teeth into those g-d damn sausages. And then the moment came. BAM! Check out those f-cking sausages, y'all. Homemade! And that mustard - homemade. Off the g-d damn hook.

And... SHAZAM!

Detailed in my blog pics, we see our old friend Mr. Marinated Kale Salad, along with some supple, pouting black olive seitan. Next to our tapas is a Charlie Brown Smoothie.

Seriously, y'all. If you haven't been to Sacred Chow yet, you must Run. Screaming. to this place. The waitstaff alone is worth the trip. Where else could you expect a waiter to insert himself into your conversation with, "Oh my g-d are you all talking about Sarabe from The Lion King?!?" while playing Limahl's "Neverending Story" on his iTunes.

Yes. The place is that good.


i love u mommy!

tek: i'm kind of groggy. gonna have lunch later at sacred chow. because it's delicious. where's my hux at? i love sacred chow's cornmeal crusted brussels sprouts mmmmmm! hux: here i am mommy @ sacred chow w daddy! i love sacred chow's cornmeal crusted brussels sprouts 2. and i really love sacred chow's korean tofu! daddy makes that 4 me w soba noodles 4 lunch @ camp. he said u invented them. thx mommy! i love u mommy! see u soon mommy! bye mommy!


recipe: scrambled tofu!

i am sitting in chow's office w my little guy, hux. he lost his tooth yesterday, and boy is he ever the cutest. he had a delicious breakie 2day, chow's scrambled tofu w a soy buttermilk biscuit. scrambled tofu is really easy 2 make @ home! here's how u do it: just crumble up some firm tofu by squeezing it through ur fingers until the tofu is crumbled in 2 small, itsy-bitsy bits. put a pan on the stove, add a little oil, heat 4 a minute or so and saute finely chopped onions and minced garlic til browned. in the meanwhile, add 2 tofu a little turmeric, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, finely minced rosemary, cayenne (a pinch), shoyu, lemon juice, vinegar, mustard (dijon preferable) and a tad garlic powder. mix, mix, mix til well combined and place tofu mixture in2 pan. scramble until the tofu is yellow from turmeric and hot, hot, hot from the heat. if u wanted 2 add some baby spinach or green and red peppers 2 the mix, it would look really pretty against the yellow, and would add nice dimension and texture. a perfect side of fresh home-fries is great w the scramble. i was thinking of another way 2 do this, but havent tried 2 do so as of yet. i was ponderin' bout puttin' the tofu in2 a food processor along w all the above but 4 the onions and garlic, and adding arrowroot powder 4 cohesive holding power when heated. process all til very creamy and not grainy. place pan on stove, turn on heat and add oil, heat well, place in garlic and onions til browned as above, and add creamed tofu and scramble w fork. scramble til yellow and nicely browned. i think this application would work quite well and give a great scramble. as i said, i have yet 2 try, but will and i will let u'all know. if u do b4 i do, let us know. enjoy!


mangia y'all mangia!

hux and i r meeting up w his grandma 2day. she bought us tickets 4 his bday, march 25, 2 ride on the beast; that's a speed boat u take around the isle of york. the little huxster also wants 2 see g.i joe tomorrow, which is our off day 2gether. love that day! we walk and talk, hold hands, eat, laugh, run and hide. i won, i won! spoke w chef dardi 2day as well, she wants 2 make a sacred chow cookie that will be unlike any cookie currently on the market. we're very excited 2 taste it! also spoke 2 joy from candle cafe/79, she ate @ chow w bart, her partner in life/biz, a few nights ago. well, actually they had take-out as they were on their way 2 see wavy gravy at the ifc, which incidentally carries sacred chow wholesale. joy said that her food was spectacular. she had ordered the black olive seitan hero as well as the reuben and the bbq seitan heroes. she also bought desserts 4 her niece and nephew as well. she said they devoured chow's desserts: the sinner bar, the cupcake, the brownie, the lb cakes. she also told me that woody harrelson's kids love 2 eat @ chow, and especially love the black olive seitan. 2day is hux last day of summer camp, @ the children's aid society, a few doors down from sacred chow, an amazing place. i make lunch 4 him every day. his new fav is a garlic bread hero w chopped, sauteed broccoli. mangia y'all mangia!


eat yummy love!

here's an easy chow bisque recipe: saute minced garlic and coarsely chopped onions in oil til lightly browned, place cleaned potatoes(yukon gold, b) & broccoli in2 pot (or spinach or carrots or sweet potatoes...),cover w water.add coconut milk, nutritional yeast, salt, b. pepper, nutmeg. boil til soft, blend, strain if desired. add fresh herb: tarragon, dill, parsley 4 extra deliciousness. serve, eat yummy love!

chowing down on harry potter speak.

early mornin' txting!

2 cliff: "i hate the shrunken heads." cliff 2 dino: "he's that annoying shrunken jamaican." d2c: "dementors!" d2c: "goodbye friend's of hagrid." d2c: "that's a lie." c2d:" just one tiny little prophecy dear." c2d: " reads it, controls it, unhinges it." c2d: "ronald weasley, if u place just 1 toe out of line." c2d: " u may not like him minister, but u cant deny it, dumbledore has style." d2c: "kingsley shacklebolt." d2c: " ps the bird bites." d2c: " what's that he's drinking there? i dont know but i dont think it's pumpkin juice."


great sandwiches!

Had a delicious lunch today at Sacred Chow with a super tasty smoothie and great sandwiches. Highly recommended!


a coconut-rice milk mix!

nice, powerful rush 4 lunch @ sacred chow 2day. sept. 09, gourmet mag has lots of delicious plant centric recipes. earlier the queen wanted a latte w/o soy, so we created a coconut-rice milk mix. our royal highness was quite joyous about her cafe. now sipping a cappuccino w this milk blend me-self, tastes & smells divinely indulgent, w a "south of the border" palm tree sway 2 it.

days of awe!

days of awe, also a period of time between the jewish new year and the fast of yom kippur during which one is meant to reflect on life during the previous year and resolve all conflicts, forgive all debts and slights, and also 2 ask 4 forgiveness of others if you have hurt someone in any way.

what r ur days of awe?

4 me: the smell of my child's fresh skin, his giddy laugh @ an insight he shouldnt understand but does...seeing joyous folks feasting @ the sacred chow, respectfully guiding a contemplative staff... being reflective, forgiving conflicts, finding the strength 2 ask 4 forgiveness...

come join the sacred chow 4 a rosh hashannah feast, & revelations.

ah, days of awe!


הַלְּלוּיָהּ: the feast!

we do not fit in2 the squares perfectly bc we r made from so many different patterns. rigid rules can not apply here. we come 2 the table 2 collectively give thx 2 glory & grace 4 being present. welcome 2 the sacred chow, power 4 infinity. הַלְּלוּיָהּ: the feast! we've journeyed as seeds in2 life 2 be able 2 mindfully give prosperity 4 the generations & eternity. so yo, hosanna, hosanna!


hux "branching evolution towers."

his whisker hairs!

had dream where sacred chow was hidden under a lake. hux and i lived here in the country, upstate n.y.. lots, and lots of trees. the lake wasnt beautiful, it was gray, muddy looking w cut off trees, stumps that littered the bottom. so it was not inviting but dangerous. of course the problem was w finding chow. b/c it was so hidden, it was very difficult 4 folks 2 find. this depressed me. i didnt understand why i moved sacred chow 2 this underground space. but it was cold and hux and i really liked that. one day brad pit came by 2 eat. he had hairs that came out of the side of his nostrils. sort of like whiskers. i had tweezers, and i told him that chow was also a hair salon. so he laid down and hux removed his whisker hairs.

a cauldron of wine, herbs, oats & hemp!

I made batch of oat-cheese @ chow, added some hemp powder 2 the mix. the choice of adding this great plant protein 2 the combo felt right. i'm sure it will give a creamier texture as well. when chef dardi & i were preparing 4 our special tasting menu... last week, chef dardi needed ground hemp 2 cover her pan-seared tempeh, so i went on2 the streets 2 retrieve the ingredient. thus 2day, a cauldron of wine, herbs, oats & hemp!

hookah and kosher wine!

Nabil: hi mr p!
Cliff: yo buddy! how is you?
Nabil: good good. will be in ny next week for a few days
Cliff: me @ chow. u married yet?
Nabil: did i tell you i was getting married? i guess i did, sept 19 in pa at the audubon house
Cliff: and, u invited me!
Nabil: i did? goodness, how time flies. are you coming?
Cliff: probably not, so sorry. it's rosh hashingnah u know! r u happy man?
Nabil: yes, we are sacrificing a lamb and burning candles and the pita will be shaped like skull caps and yes, i am a happy man
Cliff: r u still ugly?
Nabil: thank you for asking! my beauty is inversely proportional to your age. you are like 100 years old now, right?
Cliff: u know i am kidding! u r the cutest kid on the block. what block i wont say! no only 326 years YOUNG!
Nabil: well done. want to see you! what are you up to next week?
Cliff: where r u now? how long were u over in the arab world?
Nabil: still there. dubai. almost 3 years.
Cliff: of course we will see each other. however, given my relative youth i might be off hiking in nepal the week after next. do u like it in dubai?
Nabil: time is of the essence then. nope, a little, sort of, i dont know. we want to move back.
Cliff: back 2 where? in the states?
Nabil: if you know anyone in pr who needs an awesome american palestinian-arab, let me know. yup, the states
Cliff: how's ur hebrew?
Nabil: shalom?
Cliff: salaam! miss u my friend!
Nabil: very good my settler friend. miss you too. need to go have dinner with the mrs.
Cliff: sorry bout all that work related stuff. man was it tough! what r u eating?
Nabil: what work related stuff?
Cliff: u know doody face!
Nabil: nice brown bread, goat cheese, cucumber, turkey.
Cliff: funny how ur eating brown bread figures in 2 my impromptu name 4 u 2day! work stuff from when we were planning.
Nabil: yum! dude, 100 years ago! we were both stressed, and i was a child, now i am fat and bald.
Cliff: just another kid on the street! it really was. but sorry is always appropriate if warranted. thx 4 helping me 2.
Nabil: thank you too! lived lots of life at the chow. feels like several lifetimes ago.
Cliff: ah, a fat, bald man, and u got a wifey now.
Nabil: not legally, but yes. she says hello! i think you met her back in ny, before we left for dubai. katrina in my friends list. you'll meet her when we come to ny. hows huck by the way?
Cliff: yes i did. i am so strong now. serene and calm. it's amazing what adversity will do 2 strengthen ur spine.
Nabil: well then, we will have a lovely chat soon, get caught up. do you want/need anything from dubai?
Cliff: hux is perfect. u'll love him. we still have ur blanket. he's a great friend. i adore him. he's fun 2 be with. glad we'll see each other soon. fresh dates!
Nabil: fresh dates it is... you will be on our date list. send him our love, huck that is, and you too. will get a US number when we land and i'll give you a call
Cliff: i have much 2 ask, but go 2 din, give a big bald hug 2 katrina 4 me2. have a great din. looking very 4ward 2 seeing u.
Nabil:if you are still online when we are done, i'll give you a buzz
Cliff: excellent. when u come in will have some hookah and kosher wine.
Nabil: nice! talk in a bit.
Cliff: love u nabil! have great dinner w the wife 2 be.

It was rad!

Enjoyed the brunch at Sacred Chow! Please pass along my two thumbs up for Sacred Chow. I love letting runners know about new vegan spots. DH and I tried Sacred Chow in NY last week, not a new place but we'd never been. It was rad!


love the old-skool carrot cake!

Dear Chef,

I come to Sacred Chow almost every Saturday to pick up take-out, specifically the kale and Indonesian tempeh and then generally two other dishes. I LOVE Sacred Chow! I also love the carrot cake (the old-skool sort you used to sell on Hudson Street) and zuchinni bread. Would it be possible to include one of those on the menu for Saturday?

Many thanks,
Krista P.

dear krista,

we will do our best 2 make an old-skool carrot cake 4 u on saturday. and if not this saturday, next. so grateful 2 folks like u who remember the shop on hudson and those old-skool treats.

thx 4 reminding us!


Thank you so much, Chef!

I'll be out of town next Saturday so please wait until September if you can't make it this Saturday -- or make it again, as it's bound to be a huge hit.

I love the zucchini bread w/ the white chocolate glaze, too.

Have a lovely weekend.


kosher 4 shabbos!

Reb Zev: Holy Chow! Someone observant called me yesterday and was very
happy to see the ks, kosher 4 shabbos, designation on Sacred Chow's menu
Sacred Chow: Holy Chow! We r very happy 2! It's so important 4
the message 2 be seriously felt. That's really great!
Reb Zev: He actually said that the ks made him comfortable that things
were okay at the Chow.


recipe: hear ye, hear ye!

what is my responsibility 2 being present?
i am just a talking protein, a flippant lipid,
w a just wee bit of consciousness.
but i bring this wee bit 2 the table,
and feast on the sacred chow!

: hear ye, hear ye.
1. a few dashes of good-natured fair-mindedness.
2. plant proteins.
3. plenty of clean water.
4. add spice.
5. mix in some salty pride, pepper w winsomeness.
6. cover, and keep warm.
7. let gently stew.
8. carefully ladle 2 the generations.
9. watch love grow.
10. see creation smile.


chocolaty, gooey, melts in ur mouth!

Heavy on the sprinkles cupcake at Think Coffee

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days but I have lots of good stuff coming up. I've been hanging out at a coffee shop called Think Coffee (where I am now) which has wireless and cupcakes!

Now, I am not usually all about an overly sprinkled cupcake, but this one I had last night works, in terms of the frosting and the melty chocolate frosting. The cake was a bit overly thick in a way that reminded me of BabyCakes NYC. Not bad, just more dense than I'm used to/would prefer, but still worth it. I forgot the price but will double check, and I also recommend Sacred Chow, though have yet to try their cupcakes. I like having cupcakes at non-cupcake specific places. It's like discovering an old friend (to me, anyway).*

They also get credit for not glopping on a huge mound of frosting. There's a layer, and it's rich and chocolaty and gooey, almost like the way the inside of an M&M melts in your mouth. It works, and what I ended up doing was eating about half the cake part with the frosting for an even richer eating experience.

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Texas for one more day!

Sacred Chow was AWESOME!!! We went our first night there and loved it - so perfect! Thanks!
You were so right about Sacred Chow! Loved it. And we SO enjoyed our trip.

Thanks for the Sacred Chow tip - we're going there one day this week! Texas for one more day and then NYC fun!!


"ciao bella, chowbelly!"

i love spiritual coincidences. just combined the phrase - sacred chow's belly - in2 one word: chowbelly. "here in chowbelly." say w italian accent. then i remembered the name of the ice cream shop that occupied this space right b4 sacred chow, ciao bella. "ciao bella, chowbelly!" and 1906 she was a french bakery, and in the 60's, an underground jazz bar. "all in chowbelly!"


blueberry-cherry muggle cake,

espresso con crema, handmade potter hux coffee cup.
in chowbelly.

plant proteins!

friends, friends, friends, we will always be.
whether in fair or in dark stormy weather,
plant proteins can heal us 4ever;
4 g-d's green earth, will be here be true,
love will unite us, dont be an ignoramus,
were friends, friends, friends.
dah, dah, dah, dah, dah...

sing the
chow "camp" song!

HEAL creation!

Come eat the Sacred Chow! Join us, @ the table, 4 a 100% Heart healing, Ethically kosher, Actualized vegan, Low carbon feast. Sit down, and HEAL creation.

cranes 4 killian!


feed creation w a bounty of colors.
make cranes 4 killian, and dont stop.
give creation the colors of joy and beauty.
create cranes 4 killian,
crane-nests 4 creation,
cranes 4 killian!
place ur cranes on the table,
4 the eternal feast of the sacred chow.


north korean farmer's cheese.

sacred chow's hand-crafted soybean curd w blueberries!
also known as north korean farmer's cheese.

the landlady!

had a crazy dream about sacred chow's landlord. mind u, i've fought him in court, and had a ferocious letter writing battle 4 3 + years; he is nearing 80, i have been told that he is in a coma, and gay w a wife and a lover. in the dream, we were outside in the backyard of sacred chow, he was ailing, w cane, stooped, i was helping him walk. he had false teeth and we kissed. i havent liked him much, but in retrospect his presence has given me a tremendous amount of fortitude, so i just sent a get well letter. the kiss? i leave it 2 ur imagination. i do feel good about the dream, in that it led me 2 write the note that i sent 2 his daughter, the landlady.

hello and good-bye!

i love dreaming, no matter the context. but i truly enjoyed the dream i had while sleeping last night.
i was flying around nyc w hux resting on my back. endless white sand dunes w beach grass, bright moon, white, green, black ocean in the distance; and an old town, caribbean-british style w cobble stone streets, men and horses pulling carts w filled w happy looking folk. hux and i were flying thru the streets looking 4 the sacred chow. we stopped near w. 4th and washington place, he had wanted 2 stop 2 say hello 2 a doctor that he had used 2 go 2. i remembered the last time i had taken him 2 see her, she was wearing a monocle w a very chic tuxedo. his mom was outside waiting 2 take him up 2 say hello. i stopped and put him down and his mom took him up. it was a short visit, hello and good-bye, and off we went, as his mom waved good bye. we were back on our search 4 the sacred chow. we went down this street and that street but were hopelessly lost. so we idled our bodies, and went from a horizontal 2 vertical and began 2 walk. that movement: stopping and transitioning from flying 2 walking was goose-bumpy exhilarating.

juicy, juicy!

harriet just insisted that we make a fresh fruit dessert, brit-style, w a cherry brandy reduction. delicious! immediately i wanted 2 eat it. stone fruits: peaches, cherries..., melons: honeydew, cantaloupe..., fresh dates, grapes, persimmons, allspice and lemon juice. juicy, juicy!


also worth a visit.

The Gotham Imbiber presents the Best Beer spots in NYC.

Demystifying the world of craft beer in

New York City

Canal Street up to West 23rd Street, western side of Manhattan
West Village, Greenwich Village

Bars and Restaurants

  • 124 Rabbit Club
  • Amity Hall (COMING SOON)
  • Blind Tiger Ale House
  • Chelsea Brewing Company BREWPUB
  • Craftsteak
  • Greenwich Village Bistro
  • The Half Pint
  • Minetta Tavern
  • The Otheroom
  • Peculier Pub
  • Petit Abeille (17th Street)
  • Petit Abeille (Hudson Street)
  • The Room
  • The Spotted Pig
  • Also worth a visit: Alta, 64 West 10th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues). Tapas restaurant, open from 6pm daily.
  • Also worth a visit: August, 359 Bleecker Street (between West 10th and Charles Streets). Restaurant with European craft bottles.
  • Also worth a visit: Bayard’s Ale House, 533 Hudson Street (at Charles Street).
  • Also worth a visit: Brass Monkey, 55 Little West 12th Street (at Washington Street). Meatpacking bar with a few good bottles.
  • Also worth a visit: Café 50 West, 50 West 22nd Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues). Cosy restaurant with two craft taps.
  • Also worth a visit: Lederhosen, 39 Grove Street (between Bedford and Bleecker Streets). German beers.
  • Also worth a visit: Markt, 676 6th Avenue (at West 21st Street). Belgian restaurant. The taps are mainly mass-produced A-B InBev brands, but there are some good (but pricey) bottles.
  • Also worth a visit: Sacred Chow, 227 Sullivan Street (between Bleecker and West 3rd Streets). Vegan tapas bistro.
  • Also worth a visit: The Slaughtered Lamb, 182 West 4th Street (at Jones Street).
  • Also worth a visit: V Bar, 225 Sullivan Street (between Bleecker and West 3rd Streets).
  • Also worth a visit: Vol de Nuit, 148 West 4th Street. (between 6th Avenue and MacDougal Street). Belgian beers.


perfect espresso & dry cappuccino!

just got off the phone chatting w the queen after making a dry cappuccino 4 a guest in the cafe. her majesty called 2 tell me that the good-woman who ordered it told her: " i am sad b/c all i have left is a drop."

hail 2 the queen 4 my new found love of making a perfect espresso & dry cappuccino!

next, her royalness has promised 2 show me how 2 make latte art.

i can't wait!

I'm jealous!

A Bright Spot

Submitted by A Friend on Wed, 07/29/2009 - 13:47

My girlfriend and I went on a double-date to a great vegan restaurant called Sacred Chow followed by some Red Mango for dessert. Tapas is so much fun.

I love tapas too. I went to a great tapas restaurant on Restaurant Row in NYC called Sangria 46. The peach sangria is great there as well, as is the noodle paella!

The name of that restaurant

The name of that restaurant is pretty funny, Red mango is delicious as well. Hope you had a good time!

What did you have for dinner?

What did you have for dinner? Was it any good?

We had some delicious

We had some delicious peanut noodles, an amazing spinach shiitake dijon salad, spicy sicilian meatballs, and a few other things. But my favorite was the watermelon fruit gazpacho. I thought the idea was crazy when I was ordering it, but it was so good.

It is good that you chose a vegan restaurant for your double date, plant-based foods are a deliciously healthier choice.

Red mango is my favorite dessert. Especially when they use fresh mango, it brings out the sweet flavor. I'm jealous of your meal =P


my heart, and my soul mate.

i'm talkin bout the soul mate i found in my heart.

he's not out there 2 find, she's inside my soul begging me 2 set him totally free.

each day i am closer 2 her wish. i am w him and she is w me. my heart, and my soul mate.


it's the 1 in the front of the crumbled pink box, in2 the looking lake thru the white pillars.

join the world at that table.

* understanding what sacred chow means.

understand that "the feast" won't come tomorrow. also know that there is no need 4 anxiety about this. there is a need 4 small actions. small signifying actions. the kind that tell u a feast is coming and that u mean 2 join the world at that table. we get 2 the feast by breaking the rules, by doing things that seem "silly" & "impossible." we do them 4 the sake of the feast.

sacred chow 4 the sake of the feast.


feed tummy!

he sees the toy box,
afraid, shaking,
nothing inside.
the boy calls out:
"why r u empty toy box?
where did u go?

a holly jolly shabbos!

hope u had a holly jolly shabbos, and in case u weren't told: oh bygolly have holly jolly shabbos @ morty gold's!

and here's 1 of morty gold's faves. u should only enjoy!


hey mister!

so 2day in the am, i was walking down e. 33rd towards 2nd on the south side of the street; and my ears catch, and my eyes see: a man whistling, g-d bless america - and i sing along.

hey mister, i can see & hear u whistling right now, and i'm singing along again: g-d bless america, land that i love, stand beside her, and...in kindergarten.

stand beside her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJNqep77vBw

the best waitress!

"Harriet is the best waitress: friendly, helpful, always there at the right time, made our dinner a pleasure!!"

read reb zev's:

Pasha's Parshas - Stay True to Our Values

Hospital Food? Hell Fire! First F = False.

sun shower, nyc.

hulk in hux negative.

double-image food poisoning.

see: http://a6.vox.com/6a00c225280b7a8fdb00e3989c68c60002-320pi
(F You candy, hand & tongues)

full moon in blue lake.

go 2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Blue_lake161206b.jpg, in S.Aussie.

The menu is...one of the best.

Eco-vegan, low-carbon, healthy food that doesn't taste healthy. Most of Sacred Chow's baked goods are gluten free, though I didn't know that until I read it on their website. My favorite place to eat in NYC, it has a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and great food. The menu is...one of the best. 227 Sullivan Street

The roasted artichoke bisque

  • Review by turtledog on August 1, 2009:

  • My husband and I returned to Sacred Chow yesterday for dinner following a movie. Our experience was just as good as the first time (which is cool since we often like a place the first time and then get disappointed on return visits).

    OMG!!! The roasted artichoke bisque is TO DIE FOR!!! Creamy, rich and delicious but not heavy. The flavor was unlike anything I ever tasted. I soooo want that recipe. I had 3 tapas: black olive seitan, collard greens and root veggie latkes; my husband had the orange BBQ seitan hero and the pound cake: orange chocolate chip for dessert. All delicious.

    We also had the nicest waitress (Elizabeth) that we've had anywhere in a long time. Sweet, respectful, helpful, unintrusive, just perfect!!! Give her a raise!!

    Sacred Chow is hitting #1 on our list of fave restaurants.