italiano-marinated soycakes!

little kid is a sittin just a few specks away from me in the chowbelly. how truly soothing! first 2 build, but then 2 be so honored 2 watch an independent mind, the voice of creation, interpreting and unfolding w such utter joyfulness. wow! that's a marvel and a half! hux just piped up and said: " that's him w a broken arm, he has a lot more life left in him. dude!" harriet just phoned from the foh, " i need the generic label 4 sacred chow: do u have one quickly available?" hux is pouting loudly @ the computer. ms. ah fang is ah mixin 2gether in the chowbelly, the next ah protein: raw collard hearts & shredded celeriac mixed w italiano-marinated soycakes. a fav recipe from the chow's far west village days! mangia!
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