a cool-minded fairness

what r we being ask to do by voting 4 an obama presidency?

we r being asked 2 see the many different ways of life that wake up in our america. obama's hertory is our history: diverse ethnicity's, skin colors, religions - r all american from all over the world. he is us, we r him. he speaks from experiences we all connect 2 b/c it is our history 2; and we will harness a cool-minded fairness, 2gether, that will create a riot of innovation 4 all creation.

vote 2 make a difference!


dear celiacers

Hi Sacred Chow! My name is Lauren and I was recently diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. I LOVE to bake and am having some difficulty finding ways to cook delicious gluten free items. I saw on your website that you offer classes on baking gluten free and I would LOVE to come and learn a thing or two. Please let me know when they are offered or if not then if I could maybe stop by the restaurant and get some tips from someone that works at your store. Keep me posted!
Thanks so much!

dear celiacers,

we can converse by e-mails and make the kitchen easy 4 u.

get in touch w us, here @ the chow blogspot, and we'll make it happen.


100% hardcore

the above is a written review in the ny times about candle 79, a vegan reataurant in nyc. it is a one star review. but there's an online audio that is very, very flattering about candle 79. and truly when u watch and listen 2 the slide show, 79 shines, as it should.

but it's clear that the reviewer thought 2 & 2 equaled a three dollar bill. he jests and jokes about plant-based food, like when he states a vegan reuben should be called a benjamin b/c it's not made from corned beef, even though the original version was reportedly made with ham by a man, not a cow, named reuben. sacred chow is also certified-kosher, maybe we should call chow's reuben, a reuven-shlomo? humour aside, would the reviewer use this sleight if the protein was turkey instead of corned beef? of course not! animal protein is the king of all proteins 2 the consuming mind. we all rely on the chain of life routine 2 calm our savage souls. which is why many of us refer 2 plant proteins as "fake meat", 2 mimic familiar blood names that help associate texture. so we hunt even when we're eating "fake meat", sinking our teeth deep into the flesh of a "3-dollar" veggie "burger or sausage".

the audio states: hardcore carnivores wouldnt tolerate candle 79's lack of animal protein, or any other vegan restaurants. i disagree! just knowing how necessary & important a low-carbon protein diet is 4 our survival changes everything. here, we get 2 use our intellect which is a tad smarter than our inner-beast. so we come 2-gether as a food culture that consumes a diverse texturality of proteins. and as we spin, we solve the most serious conversation of our day, healing mother earth. not only consuming delicious food 4 thought, but creating a sacred act of g-d. and by balancing this sacred consumption, w/ plant-based chow, we increase the health, wealth and safety potentialities 2 life's movement. just like that. just like that. so clink a good glass of wine or gluten-free beer, and give a great, great cheer!
eat 2 tip the balance!

sacred chow, 100% hardcore
100% ethically kosher*
100% low carbon code
100% heart healing
100% vegan
*international kosher council


Angelica Kitchen

Overall disappointing experience.I haven't eaten at Angelica Kitchen in years, because I feel that other vegan/organic places have opened up that are much better than this old standby (where you still have to wait for at least a half hour for a table and I can't imagine doing so in the cold weather, as there is no waiting area in the restaurant itself). I decided to give it another try last night (take out) and wow, I'll probably never go back.THE. WORST. VEGETARIAN. CAESAR. SALAD. EVER. For $8.50 you get a chinese take out container with romaine, tiny tasteless croutons, and at least they put the dressing separate so that it doesn't make the lettuce wilt but...a balsamic vinegarette on Caesar salad? No way! Maybe it was a mistake? I still don't get what warrants an 8.50 price tag for the salad. Get thee to Sacred Chow for the best veg. Caesar you'll ever have. Joi B. Brooklyn, NY

What the heck is Shul Food?


Good question.

It's what happens when talented, creative people get together, and let the ideas ... flow, as it were.

Shul, in Yiddish, means House of Worship, in German, means school. That's our idea: we're worshipping and studying the universe, the beauty of creation, and our ability to influence it in a positive way. Good? Good. Now laugh, darnnit. It's supposed to be a joke. Hahahahahahaha.



OK, so maybe not THAT funny. But admit it: you did pause for a moment, and wonder what we're on.

We're on love.


their faces frozen

when...Mr. McCain...was asked by a reporter...this spring whether American aid should finance contraceptives to fight AIDS in Africa, he initially said, “I haven’t thought about it,” and later added, “You’ve stumped me.”
Retrograde decisions on reproductive health are reached in conference rooms in Washington, but...this is...how they play out in African villages. A young woman lies in a hut, bleeding to death or swollen by infection, as untrained midwives offer her water or herbs. Her husband and children wait anxiously outside the hut, their faces frozen and perspiring as her groans weaken.
When she dies, her body is bundled in an old blanket and buried in a shallow hole, with brush piled on top to keep wild animals away. Her children sob and shriek and in the ensuing months they often endure neglect and are far more likely to die of hunger or disease.
In some parts of Africa, a woman now has a 1-in-10 risk of dying in childbirth. The idea that...mr. mccain's lack of concern...and...U.S. policy may increase that toll is infuriating...and disgusting.
Published: October 8, 2008


- pleasing u asap!

Posted by Anonymous on 10/04/2008 Disappointing
I am a vegetarian and have eaten in pretty much every veg. Restaurant in NYC. This (sacred chow) has to be on the bottom of the list. Food just didn't taste good. We ordered the tapas platter with mushrooms, root vegetable pancake, and Hummus. Mushrooms were extra chewy, pancakes were ok at best, Hummus had an unpleasant flavor. We also ordered pickles which were good and I got a Soup and Sandwich - they were out of orange seitan so i ordered black olive seitan - consistency and flavor way off soup was ok. Waitress was very helpful but overall dining experience was disappointing, would not return here.

dear anonymous,
i truly appreciate the blogs, they keep us on our toes. so thank you! for sure, i am disappointed. but i know that this blog, and other food blogs, like menu pages, help us, in the food industry, 2 perfect our goal in serving u more perfectly. here @ sacred chow, as we grow, we also teach new-comers @ sacred chow how 2 master certain food techniques. the olive seitan is a physically challenging food to construct. it takes time to conceptualize. but yes, the texture was different, maybe not perfect, but still interesting 4 the palate. the real interesting part is that i knew the texture was not on target, and u picked up on that. that's amazing! the same goes 4 the mushrooms. chewy they were, but i still found the texture appealing. recently however, we have been experimenting w these extra, tremendous shiitake mushrooms, and they need alot more coddling 2 to make them less chewy, which u picked up on. since that time, i have adjusted the cooking time and seasoning up on these meaty mushrooms, slow-stewing them in the oven makes them just right. what a great palate u have! i love, really love, the roasted black olive seitan. so, i will be extra-vigilant in making sure our new-comers r coddled by me into understanding the process perfectly. the other items r more or less subjective, including the pickles which some folks find 2 spicy. i am glad u liked the pickles though. i do 2, especially w a piece of the olive seitan wedged between 2 pieces of pickled daikon. we've been pickling green tomatoes lately 2. one person detests the daikon. he always says: "NO DAIKON W MY KOREAN CUTLETS." we say, no prob!
the soups and hummus change every day, and the latkes w/ date butter, most folks are mad about them.
i do understand, as some folks would say, maybe even u, that u cant please everyone, and we all have off days, even periods of time.
anyway dear anonymous, return 2 sacred chow, and eat a delicious lunch, brunch or dinner on us. i look forward 2 - pleasing u asap!
much love,
sacred chow


4 vegan food I will gladly walk over 2 Kelly Quad.

Just yesterday I was emailing Campus Dining, requesting more vegan and vegetarian options in the Administration Building Dining cart, upstairs from my office. And then today I noticed that Sacred Chow is being brought to Stony Brook. I'm thrilled! 4 vegan food I will gladly walk over 2 Kelly Quad. We are severely lacking vegan dining in the nearby area, especially on campus. I work here, and knowing the variety of students that we have on campus I know I can't be the only vegan. I lack my own cooking skills, so it's tough to bring in my own food, other than peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
I just wanted to say Thank you and I hope that your relationship with Stony Brook University is a long, happy and successful one! Can't wait to try your food!
Lisa Piquette
Undergraduate International Admissions
Stonybrook University

Stony Brook Campus

scroll down and check out the major brands listed below the announcement for sacred chow, @ http://www.campusdining.org/
aint that something!
It reads, and i paraphrase a tad:
You are invited to come taste some new foods we are now offering across Stony Brook Campus. They are produced by a company called Sacred Chow & the meals...are... 100%...Shabbos kosher...,Organic & Vegan. If you are interested in tasting some of these yummy cuisines, please click here for more information.


this a very good place for Celiacs.

Sacred Chow - A Gluten Free Restaurant in New York
By Kyle Eslick on September 28th, 2008 Filed Under Restaurant Menus Tag(s): , ,

Sacred Chow is a Village Vegan place that uses natural and healthy ingredients to create and re-create some amazing food. Much of the menu is naturally gluten free, and the menu notes any items that are not or can not be made gluten free, making this a very good place for Celiacs.
If you live or are in the New York City area and like to visit Sacred Chow, here is their address:
Sacred Chow 227 Sullivan St New York, NY 10012 United States (212) 337 0863
You should be able to find any other information you need on the official Sacred Chow website.

Power Chefs

NEW - Power Chefs 5-DVD Set!
Eating right is one of the most important things we can do for our health. But while everyone wants to live longer and be healthier, very few people know how they can change their diet to do so. In this five DVD set, Gary Null, Ph.D, goes into the restaurants and kitchens of the country’s leading healthy chefs and has them show you how you can make healthy, delicious, gourmet meals right in your own kitchen.
Learn from Power Chefs such as:
• Raw Chef Dan from Quintessence, who will teach you the importance of eating raw, vibrant, living foods.
• Steven Wu from Zen Palate, who will show you how just how quickly vegan Chinese food can be made.
• Tony Arricani from Café Viva, who will show you how to make a healthy vegan pizza.
• Vinicio Peñate from San Francisco’s leading raw food restaurant, Café Gratitude.
• Cliff Preefer from Sacred Chow, who will teach you how eating right can help not only your own health, but the health of the entire planet.
• Mia Rongstad, who will show you how you can make some of your favorite unhealthy childhood dishes into healthy vegan dishes in Gary’s own kitchen.
• And More!With over 75 recipes, this set will give you all the information you need to switch your (or your family’s) unhealthy diet to a healthy one, while still enjoying delicious, gourmet, surprisingly inexpensive, and easy to make meals.
5 DVD set - Approx 10 hrs

shabbos kosher

NYC Jewish Veg*ns Special Rosh Hashanah Dinner Party at Sacred Chow!
Friday, October 3, 2008 at 7:00PM

Pre-Fix Menu:
*Fresh Apples and Pears with brown rice syrup for a sweet and fruitful year
*Sweet Danish Rosh Hashanah Challah g.f, o.k
*Hearty roots, black eyed pea stew g.f, o.k
*Glazed Slow Roasted whole Carrots with Raisins (think tzimmis) g.f. or Ceasar salad, cubed vegetable croutons, both g.f, o.k
*Savory leek risotto on Stuffed mushrooms g.f, & prepared o.k
*Dessert or Drink (choice of one dessert or one drink) Chocolate Jelly Roll with fresh Pomegranate Seeds or Macaroon with Jam g.f, o.k, s.f OR 1 glass of sangria or espresso or peppermint tea.
All for $35 includes tax and tip
g.f.= 100% gluten free
o.k. = 100% shabbos kosher*(pre-prepared room temp, pre-heated soups, water, espresso, tea, coffee)
s.f = sugar free
B.T.W.: For Rosh Hashanah, and every shabbos, you can request a shabbos kosher pre-prepared Friday dinner or brunch, to stay or go, if you call and pre-pay.

After everyone has arrived, we will light the Shabbat candles (yes, even though sunset is scheduled earlier :) ), then have evening Kiddush, Ha-Motzi, and then a quick blessing for eating tree fruits.
See the full event details, including location, at http://vegetarian.meetup.com/440/calendar/8721390/i3/cl.

they're really good about picky eaters

Eating on the cheap in NYC next week?
So my friend and I will be coming up mid-week next week, and we're on a bit of a budget. Other complications are that I'm a vegetarian and my doctor has ordered a low-fat diet. My friend will eat just about anything. Any tips? Thanks!

JadeIguana Oct 05, 2008 08:08AM

Sacred Chow.. it's a tiny vegan place in the village that has sandwiches, salads, soups, and 'tapas.' They don't fry anything, and they're really good about picky eaters. so if you tell them no oil... you're not getting any oil.

let's make DEM get the job done! VOTE BIG!

why do so many of us identify w/ W. and sarah palin?
still 20% 4 W.!
it is not b/c we hold either one of them in the highest intellectual esteem.
we dont.
it's that they seem so typically ordinary.
they fit right in 2 the simple everyday.
simple, everyday is fine, but not on the global stage.
we all see the perversely gross ineffectiveness that has been wrecked upon the world, under pub leadership.
let's make DEM get the job done!
take action, and make change happen!
and believe in the extraordinary.