recipe: scrambled tofu!

i am sitting in chow's office w my little guy, hux. he lost his tooth yesterday, and boy is he ever the cutest. he had a delicious breakie 2day, chow's scrambled tofu w a soy buttermilk biscuit. scrambled tofu is really easy 2 make @ home! here's how u do it: just crumble up some firm tofu by squeezing it through ur fingers until the tofu is crumbled in 2 small, itsy-bitsy bits. put a pan on the stove, add a little oil, heat 4 a minute or so and saute finely chopped onions and minced garlic til browned. in the meanwhile, add 2 tofu a little turmeric, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, finely minced rosemary, cayenne (a pinch), shoyu, lemon juice, vinegar, mustard (dijon preferable) and a tad garlic powder. mix, mix, mix til well combined and place tofu mixture in2 pan. scramble until the tofu is yellow from turmeric and hot, hot, hot from the heat. if u wanted 2 add some baby spinach or green and red peppers 2 the mix, it would look really pretty against the yellow, and would add nice dimension and texture. a perfect side of fresh home-fries is great w the scramble. i was thinking of another way 2 do this, but havent tried 2 do so as of yet. i was ponderin' bout puttin' the tofu in2 a food processor along w all the above but 4 the onions and garlic, and adding arrowroot powder 4 cohesive holding power when heated. process all til very creamy and not grainy. place pan on stove, turn on heat and add oil, heat well, place in garlic and onions til browned as above, and add creamed tofu and scramble w fork. scramble til yellow and nicely browned. i think this application would work quite well and give a great scramble. as i said, i have yet 2 try, but will and i will let u'all know. if u do b4 i do, let us know. enjoy!
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