and so on...eat plant proteins!

there r very real fears, very real. most of us prey off one another any way we can, even innocently, though we will 4ever be complete strangers 2 one another, destined 2 never know the mystery lurking in creation's ever-flow. we pass each other on highways, in trains, walkways, in newspaper details, while other beings scuffle, hop, fly, wiggle, swim, lubricate along the way 2. can see urself amongst nature's mingling detritus? bow 2 the g-d of love, let the power of humanity ripple outward. aah! utter softly, " i love u life!" embrace creation w the hug of gratitude, and all beings along the byway. think: 4 2day, 4 the generations, 4 the might of eternity, an aurora constantly unfolding. come 2 the table, join the sacred chow, sit down and hear the peaceful harmonium. Q: how much hardcore, sustainable gratitude and love can we send out 2 those around us? hardcore, sustainable gratitude and love?! A: meaningfully, 2 no more than 100-150 other beings. well then there u go, be kind and gentle 2 all, but especially 2 ur crew bc each one of us can deeply affect another 149 and so on. let the feast begin! 2 infinitude and beyond: eat plant proteins!
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