his whisker hairs!

had dream where sacred chow was hidden under a lake. hux and i lived here in the country, upstate n.y.. lots, and lots of trees. the lake wasnt beautiful, it was gray, muddy looking w cut off trees, stumps that littered the bottom. so it was not inviting but dangerous. of course the problem was w finding chow. b/c it was so hidden, it was very difficult 4 folks 2 find. this depressed me. i didnt understand why i moved sacred chow 2 this underground space. but it was cold and hux and i really liked that. one day brad pit came by 2 eat. he had hairs that came out of the side of his nostrils. sort of like whiskers. i had tweezers, and i told him that chow was also a hair salon. so he laid down and hux removed his whisker hairs.
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