chocolaty, gooey, melts in ur mouth!

Heavy on the sprinkles cupcake at Think Coffee

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days but I have lots of good stuff coming up. I've been hanging out at a coffee shop called Think Coffee (where I am now) which has wireless and cupcakes!

Now, I am not usually all about an overly sprinkled cupcake, but this one I had last night works, in terms of the frosting and the melty chocolate frosting. The cake was a bit overly thick in a way that reminded me of BabyCakes NYC. Not bad, just more dense than I'm used to/would prefer, but still worth it. I forgot the price but will double check, and I also recommend Sacred Chow, though have yet to try their cupcakes. I like having cupcakes at non-cupcake specific places. It's like discovering an old friend (to me, anyway).*

They also get credit for not glopping on a huge mound of frosting. There's a layer, and it's rich and chocolaty and gooey, almost like the way the inside of an M&M melts in your mouth. It works, and what I ended up doing was eating about half the cake part with the frosting for an even richer eating experience.

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