recipe: fruited couscous cakes!

we dont make this treat @ sacred chow bc it is pure wheat, but nonetheless it is a quite delish moroccan dish, w absolutely no added fat, it is very low on the carbon cals, and very easy 2 make. so we wanted 2 share.

get a package of whole wheat couscous. prepare according 2 directions.
meanwhile, in a large bowl, add chopped dates, raisins, (dried cherries or cranberries work well 2, and add nice color). in a separate bowl, mash, w a whisk, ripe bananas until completely mashed, add 2 large bowl. (some chopped apples w a bit of a lemon drip works well 2.) toast walnuts 10 minutes @ 325, cool, coarsely chop, add 2 mix. also place 1 t of vanilla x, 1/2 t clove, 1/2 t turmeric and 1/2 t sea salt in2 mix. blend well w rubber spatula.
drain couscous of all water over sieve, add couscous 2 mix, vigorously fold until well combined.

have on hand, 6-7 mini-bundt cups, or other ramekin-like containers, rinse well w water, dont dry. press couscous mixture firmly w rubber spatula in2 each cup til mix reaches top. chill 1 hour. place half sheet pan on top of cups, turn cups, or each ramekin, upside down, knock hard w wooden spoon, gently lift, release treat from cup. enjoy fruited couscous cakes!*

*works well as a savory ideas 2!

(if firmer directions r needed, just let us know.)
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