mangia y'all mangia!

hux and i r meeting up w his grandma 2day. she bought us tickets 4 his bday, march 25, 2 ride on the beast; that's a speed boat u take around the isle of york. the little huxster also wants 2 see g.i joe tomorrow, which is our off day 2gether. love that day! we walk and talk, hold hands, eat, laugh, run and hide. i won, i won! spoke w chef dardi 2day as well, she wants 2 make a sacred chow cookie that will be unlike any cookie currently on the market. we're very excited 2 taste it! also spoke 2 joy from candle cafe/79, she ate @ chow w bart, her partner in life/biz, a few nights ago. well, actually they had take-out as they were on their way 2 see wavy gravy at the ifc, which incidentally carries sacred chow wholesale. joy said that her food was spectacular. she had ordered the black olive seitan hero as well as the reuben and the bbq seitan heroes. she also bought desserts 4 her niece and nephew as well. she said they devoured chow's desserts: the sinner bar, the cupcake, the brownie, the lb cakes. she also told me that woody harrelson's kids love 2 eat @ chow, and especially love the black olive seitan. 2day is hux last day of summer camp, @ the children's aid society, a few doors down from sacred chow, an amazing place. i make lunch 4 him every day. his new fav is a garlic bread hero w chopped, sauteed broccoli. mangia y'all mangia!
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