hookah and kosher wine!

Nabil: hi mr p!
Cliff: yo buddy! how is you?
Nabil: good good. will be in ny next week for a few days
Cliff: me @ chow. u married yet?
Nabil: did i tell you i was getting married? i guess i did, sept 19 in pa at the audubon house
Cliff: and, u invited me!
Nabil: i did? goodness, how time flies. are you coming?
Cliff: probably not, so sorry. it's rosh hashingnah u know! r u happy man?
Nabil: yes, we are sacrificing a lamb and burning candles and the pita will be shaped like skull caps and yes, i am a happy man
Cliff: r u still ugly?
Nabil: thank you for asking! my beauty is inversely proportional to your age. you are like 100 years old now, right?
Cliff: u know i am kidding! u r the cutest kid on the block. what block i wont say! no only 326 years YOUNG!
Nabil: well done. want to see you! what are you up to next week?
Cliff: where r u now? how long were u over in the arab world?
Nabil: still there. dubai. almost 3 years.
Cliff: of course we will see each other. however, given my relative youth i might be off hiking in nepal the week after next. do u like it in dubai?
Nabil: time is of the essence then. nope, a little, sort of, i dont know. we want to move back.
Cliff: back 2 where? in the states?
Nabil: if you know anyone in pr who needs an awesome american palestinian-arab, let me know. yup, the states
Cliff: how's ur hebrew?
Nabil: shalom?
Cliff: salaam! miss u my friend!
Nabil: very good my settler friend. miss you too. need to go have dinner with the mrs.
Cliff: sorry bout all that work related stuff. man was it tough! what r u eating?
Nabil: what work related stuff?
Cliff: u know doody face!
Nabil: nice brown bread, goat cheese, cucumber, turkey.
Cliff: funny how ur eating brown bread figures in 2 my impromptu name 4 u 2day! work stuff from when we were planning.
Nabil: yum! dude, 100 years ago! we were both stressed, and i was a child, now i am fat and bald.
Cliff: just another kid on the street! it really was. but sorry is always appropriate if warranted. thx 4 helping me 2.
Nabil: thank you too! lived lots of life at the chow. feels like several lifetimes ago.
Cliff: ah, a fat, bald man, and u got a wifey now.
Nabil: not legally, but yes. she says hello! i think you met her back in ny, before we left for dubai. katrina in my friends list. you'll meet her when we come to ny. hows huck by the way?
Cliff: yes i did. i am so strong now. serene and calm. it's amazing what adversity will do 2 strengthen ur spine.
Nabil: well then, we will have a lovely chat soon, get caught up. do you want/need anything from dubai?
Cliff: hux is perfect. u'll love him. we still have ur blanket. he's a great friend. i adore him. he's fun 2 be with. glad we'll see each other soon. fresh dates!
Nabil: fresh dates it is... you will be on our date list. send him our love, huck that is, and you too. will get a US number when we land and i'll give you a call
Cliff: i have much 2 ask, but go 2 din, give a big bald hug 2 katrina 4 me2. have a great din. looking very 4ward 2 seeing u.
Nabil:if you are still online when we are done, i'll give you a buzz
Cliff: excellent. when u come in will have some hookah and kosher wine.
Nabil: nice! talk in a bit.
Cliff: love u nabil! have great dinner w the wife 2 be.
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