love the old-skool carrot cake!

Dear Chef,

I come to Sacred Chow almost every Saturday to pick up take-out, specifically the kale and Indonesian tempeh and then generally two other dishes. I LOVE Sacred Chow! I also love the carrot cake (the old-skool sort you used to sell on Hudson Street) and zuchinni bread. Would it be possible to include one of those on the menu for Saturday?

Many thanks,
Krista P.

dear krista,

we will do our best 2 make an old-skool carrot cake 4 u on saturday. and if not this saturday, next. so grateful 2 folks like u who remember the shop on hudson and those old-skool treats.

thx 4 reminding us!


Thank you so much, Chef!

I'll be out of town next Saturday so please wait until September if you can't make it this Saturday -- or make it again, as it's bound to be a huge hit.

I love the zucchini bread w/ the white chocolate glaze, too.

Have a lovely weekend.

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