hello and good-bye!

i love dreaming, no matter the context. but i truly enjoyed the dream i had while sleeping last night.
i was flying around nyc w hux resting on my back. endless white sand dunes w beach grass, bright moon, white, green, black ocean in the distance; and an old town, caribbean-british style w cobble stone streets, men and horses pulling carts w filled w happy looking folk. hux and i were flying thru the streets looking 4 the sacred chow. we stopped near w. 4th and washington place, he had wanted 2 stop 2 say hello 2 a doctor that he had used 2 go 2. i remembered the last time i had taken him 2 see her, she was wearing a monocle w a very chic tuxedo. his mom was outside waiting 2 take him up 2 say hello. i stopped and put him down and his mom took him up. it was a short visit, hello and good-bye, and off we went, as his mom waved good bye. we were back on our search 4 the sacred chow. we went down this street and that street but were hopelessly lost. so we idled our bodies, and went from a horizontal 2 vertical and began 2 walk. that movement: stopping and transitioning from flying 2 walking was goose-bumpy exhilarating.
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