chowing down on harry potter speak.

early mornin' txting!

2 cliff: "i hate the shrunken heads." cliff 2 dino: "he's that annoying shrunken jamaican." d2c: "dementors!" d2c: "goodbye friend's of hagrid." d2c: "that's a lie." c2d:" just one tiny little prophecy dear." c2d: " reads it, controls it, unhinges it." c2d: "ronald weasley, if u place just 1 toe out of line." c2d: " u may not like him minister, but u cant deny it, dumbledore has style." d2c: "kingsley shacklebolt." d2c: " ps the bird bites." d2c: " what's that he's drinking there? i dont know but i dont think it's pumpkin juice."
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