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Submitted by A Friend on Wed, 07/29/2009 - 13:47

My girlfriend and I went on a double-date to a great vegan restaurant called Sacred Chow followed by some Red Mango for dessert. Tapas is so much fun.

I love tapas too. I went to a great tapas restaurant on Restaurant Row in NYC called Sangria 46. The peach sangria is great there as well, as is the noodle paella!

The name of that restaurant

The name of that restaurant is pretty funny, Red mango is delicious as well. Hope you had a good time!

What did you have for dinner?

What did you have for dinner? Was it any good?

We had some delicious

We had some delicious peanut noodles, an amazing spinach shiitake dijon salad, spicy sicilian meatballs, and a few other things. But my favorite was the watermelon fruit gazpacho. I thought the idea was crazy when I was ordering it, but it was so good.

It is good that you chose a vegan restaurant for your double date, plant-based foods are a deliciously healthier choice.

Red mango is my favorite dessert. Especially when they use fresh mango, it brings out the sweet flavor. I'm jealous of your meal =P

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