"Wouldn't it be nice to make a pretty sign?"

Kyle called down, and let me know that it might be advantageous to make a sign saying that we're open on the 26th (Thanksgiving day). I don't know why it didn't sink into my thick skull, but when it dawned, it was like "OH! That would help, wouldn't it?" So off I went to Illustrator to crank out a pretty sign.

Pretty sign, for the record.

Thank goodness that I have a team of people to work with. If I had to do this on my own, I cannot begin to imagine the disasters that would befall everything. We all tend to look out for each other, because we really can't do this alone. And the good thing is that when someone speaks up, the rest of us usually take notice, and act on it. It's one of the benefits of working in a small place.

I've been in jobs (volunteer and paid) where getting something implemented was all kinds of special. You submit a proposal, then someone doesn't look at it for the next six months, then you send a reminder, which doesn't get read for another month. Then you get through, and by then, the idea is long past usefulness.

I wonder if I can keep this up, but if not, feel free to reel me back in and remind me, but I'd like to be thankful for something new each day, leading up to Thanksgiving, and share it with you folk. Today, I'm thankful for being in a work place where getting something done is a question of saying something, then watching it come to life about five minutes later!
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