We catered an event for someone who wanted cocktail snacks. Perfect for Chow, right? We're all about having little nibbles and the like with a lovely glass of wine, or a glass of beer, in the company of good friends, or just your own happy tummy. So we came up with a menu of loads of nibbles. Some latkes, risotto croquettes, cocktail sandwiches, some of our meatballs, and some of the olive seitan. All in all, it was a fair bit of food, but they figured that they might need a bit more, all said and done. So he ordered five pound cakes to supplement the savoury snacks. I followed up with him yesterday. He sent a lovely email:

Hi Dino-

All went smoothly. We had more people than expected -- about 220 -- and perhaps under-ordered a bit. Good thing we did those bits of pound cake. The main food went in about 5 minutes. The dinner was great. Thanks for checking in -- the slight delay was no problem and given our green/eco crowd the food was very appreciated! Maybe I can stop into Chow sometime -- I've actually never been there!

Wow! That's a pretty good turnout! Also, the food got eaten, so no waste. And of course, it's all organic, Kosher, ethical, and vegan. Life is good and delicious.
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