Review on Yelp

The Reuben is astounding. Spicy and flavorful with onions and saurkraut on a crunchy baguette it is filling and tastes very much like a reuben.
The coffee smoothie made with bananas and coffee crystals was thick and not too sweet, which for me was perfect. My companion had the gym body smoothie with apple juice, almonds, flax and banana and that was really tasty too.
The place was completely empty when we arrived but within fifteen minutes it was totally packed.
The decor is eclectic and hippie-vegan like which was very cozy and inviting.
The waitress was low-key and friendly and singlehandedly handled the entire restaurant as well as phone orders. But that just gave us time to chill, burp and make room for the second half of my sandwich.
I will be back soon to try the power bowl and some desserts.
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