ur one mean vegan!

it feels rather amazin', the circle of life thing: hux, my dear son, just finished readin' 2 me a great little book called, indigo and the whale. do u know it? it's about followin' ur dreams far and wide, never givin' up in what u believe in, and treatin' others, and all life w dignity and 2 beautiful music. u know the sweet, sweet song, teach ur children well, dont u? indeed! i've taught hux: 'bout mad cows disease, salmonella, e.coli...the importance of being vegan, 4 his mind, body, other beings, creation, 2 reduce carbon emissions, violence; bout fiendish folks in pursuit of $$$ despite hurting others w their products, obesity, human starvation, nyc hunger & homelessness..., all b4 he was 7, & always, and i mean always, b4 we'd be walkin' in2 a mcd's, a pizza joint, burger king... "r u sure u still wanna eat here?" i'd ask. and he'd usually reply loudly, "ur one mean vegan!" and in we'd go. i'd never say a word about the tortured-polluted food he was eating while he was eatin', well almost never. although i wasnt enjoying him eatin' his meal, i wanted him 2 do so while he was eatin' it. about that rather amazin' circle of life: 2day he rejoices in tellin' folks he's vegan 2. teach 'em well my dear friends, teach them well! and let 'em be, just let them be. make less violence, eat plant proteins. yes vegan!
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