the sleep world!

okay, time 4 bed, i tell hux. he says, "b4 we sleep, let's go under the covers daddy and make a tent-tunnel, a cavernous cavey place, and use the computer 2 light it up and warm it up." so we do. and it is warm and it is lit up under here. it is cozy and nice. okay, time 4 sleep hux. hux says, "off in2 space life in a dream!" and then, "i am the g-d, g-d, g-d of all, all, all things, and i say off w the computer or time 4 a big knuckle sandwich. time 4 the sleep world. cyclonic double breath kick. hyper point. chomp along critical punch. special power attack. 550 damage scorch bomb. warrior seeds. eye-ball up monster. pinch whippie. eee, eee, eee. ppp, ppp, ppp. rahrr, rahrr, rahrr."
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