the best food on the planet!

(a note from a long, long, long time friend of the chow; here on sullivan, as well as when chow was located on hudson.)

hi cliff,

hux is a very, very, very lucky little boy. he has a father who not only gives him some of the best food on the planet but also gives him an incredible amount of love. i know that you are a fantastic dad.

things are going well on my end. i recently finished writing a book. when it gets published, you will be happy to know that sacred chow is in there and is mentioned prominently. it was sacred chow that kept me nourished through the toughest 18 months of my life.

i will be in tomorrow (friday) at 1pm with my friend from barcelona. i told her she is in for a real treat.

i'm super-excited for the food!
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