Lose one.

As Boss Man mentioned, one of our very long time employees decided to walk, rather than working it out. And as he said, we'd tried to talk it through, figure things out, and move forward. No dice.

So out he went, into the wild blue yonder, with nary a word for any of us left behind. It's a shame, really. It wouldn't have taken that much to say something more than "I'm unhappy." Therein lies the problem. If you're not able to articulate why you're unhappy, how can we then help you to remedy the situation and make it better for all? It's like those people who give empty critiques. "It was bad." WHY was it bad? What about it didn't work for you? Speak up, and say something, so we can step in and fix it, and you don't leave on a sour note.

We both had an epiphany this morning. We figured out why the man who left us was unhappy. But it was too late, because he'd already walked out into the sunset. The problem isn't the language barrier; both Boss Man and I are fairly proficient at picking up the Spanish, and our bookkeeper speaks it natively. It wasn't a question of being embarassed to say something, becasue we spoke in private and as a group.

It was just not saying what was causing the upset, and thereby leaving us to deduce the reason for it, which is impossible to do. And now, we had to part ways with someone who has been with us for a very long time, and who knew plenty. I wish him well, and hope that he finds what he needs.
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