the almighty.

a very loyal & content guest sent us a disturbing post he received from an extremely angry one-time guest. he indicated that he often does searches 4 new reviews of sacred chow and came upon a negative twitter of hers, and felt the need 2 respond. she responded 2 him w a mean-spirited post. he was quite upset with her post, so he sent the post 2 us saying he was sorry he had ever mentioned anything 2 her, but wanted us 2 read what she had said. we immediately wrote him back and told him not 2 worry. we said that opening up ones life in a public way, like sacred chow, means opening up feelings in others that will not always be positive. we continued, we know the negative posts dont feel good, and we were so sorry that he became part of this little post battle. nevertheless we told him, we love u 4 taking it upon urself 2 answer the rants of this discontented guest, and thanked him 4 being a caring and loyal friend. upon re-reading this one-time guest's post, we were truly saddened that we had caused such hostile emotions in someone, so we decided 2 fully let go, we would make a paper copy of her words and set them ablaze under an evening sky. we watched the embers ascend in2 the heavens and asked the almighty 2 give it a good read. we love u all.
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