the charred flesh of the less powerful.

how did the idea of consuming less violence become sacred chow's raison d'être? it happened while i attended law skool, when i was in con law 2 be exact. the prof was giving a lecture on the 3 levels of scrutiny the u.s. supreme court follows in discrimination cases: high-level, meaning the gov't/state or fed entity has the burden 2 prove that it wasnt discriminating against the person; mid-level, meaning the gov't and the person have an equal burden; and low-level, meaning the person has the burden 2 prove they were discriminated against; almost always a loser case. low-level cases represent so much discrimination, persons w disabilities, kids, seniors, gay & transgenderfolk..., discrimination that is not equally protected from hate and violence.

after i left con law that day, i began pondering my contribution 2 this chain of inequity: how did i add 2 the violence? how could i affect greater change? that pm, i went 2 my fav el salvadorian restaurant on florida & 18th w a fellow law student. we sat down 2 order the classic delish dish, shredded beef pupusas. and there it was in front of me, the answer: animals! was it possible 2 fight 4 real, hardcore protection of the disenfranchised, less violence and less hate, when i was consuming so much violence? i put down my pupusas, finished law skool, passed 2 bar exams, practiced poverty law in pennsylvania and new york, went 2 cooking skool, and opened sacred chow. and i never consumed another animal thereafter, never again.

how 2 make less violence was my goal, my mission, from con law 2 sacred chow. the notion that we can instantly make less violence if we eat plant proteins became the mantra: eat plant proteins, make less violence! of course, we now know that eating less animal protein assures less carbon emissions, less misery, less starvation & better heart health as well. by choosing 2 consume plant proteins, we release a new mentality that weaves itself through the world's bloodcurdling abattoirs, and less violence does indeed transcend.

we need 2 think hard about our food choices, our consumption of horrid violence, and how that consumption adds 2 violence on so many other levels. we must appreciate our ability 2 be able 2 litigate & promote equal protection guarantees under western constitutions. how very fortunate we r 2 live in ever-evolving democracies! stop b4 u fork in2 ur mouth the charred flesh of the less powerful protein that sits on the plate below u. strive 2 equally protect all life. consume plant proteins, make less violence! endeavor 2 be strong, healthy and smart, and teach the generations 2 come 2 eat the sacred chow.
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