never give up!

when putting 2gether the seitan roast 2day, dino and i wanted 2 stuff it w spinach-basil-arugula... a green leafy pesto concoction, which is the traditional way 2 go about makin' pesto; however, we were on the short side of the green leafy vegetables. "what should we do?" he asked. just so u all know, this question is a kinda larger life question if u wax philosophical; meaning, never give up, there's always a way 2 find what ur lookin' 4. as a matter of fact, there r many ways 2 the answer, just dont fret 4 2 long, chronology is a tickin' away. but re: this pesto question, we steamed some carrots and made one-mean heady, delicious carrot pesto. yup, heady and delish!

vegan pesto

green leafy veg, or steamed root veg, bean, tuber (just dont use a veg that is liquidy.)

nutritional yeast

sweet white miso (omit is want soy free.)

toasted nuts or seeds (watch out 4 chinese pine nuts or u might come down w pine mouth!)

minced garlic

xv olive oil

fresh lemon juice



all in2 food processor til creamy smooth.
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