I love their breakfast sandwich!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vegan Brunch

As a vegan living in New York City and working in a vegan business, the question most often asked by our employees is: "Where are the great vegan restaurants?" While there are many vegan restaurants in NYC, the real challenging question is: "Where can we get a vegan Sunday brunch?" This can be found but it is usually with non-vegan cuisine, such as eggs, meat, cheese, etc.

Sunday brunch is one of my favorite meals that I enjoy with friends for a relaxing time. And since this is one of my favorites, I make sure to go to places that I really love. There are tons of places in New York, where you can find great vegan food, but there are only a few that I truly love. Here's one of my favorites:

Sacred Chow
This great downtown restaurant has a bistro-fare of organic beers and wines, delicious soups, stews, salads and heroes, tempting desserts and hot drinks, tasty, hearty plant proteins, perfect complex carbohydrates and custardy frozen smoothies. But for me the main reason for going to the Holy Chow is for their Brunch Biscuits. I love their breakfast sandwich, which is a flaky-salty snack. It is just wonderful! Also, Sacred Chow makes the best tasting mimosas with fresh orange juice and delicious bubbly. The restaurant is entirely vegan and the staff is always very nice, so you not only get great food but wonderful service too.


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