Can't let everyone have their say ... some don't deserve it.

So Boss Man got a nasty review from a nasty person, alleging that everything was horrible. She insulted the waitress, the space, the food, everything. Said that the food was so horrible that she couldn't eat any of it. And I'm like "Really?"

We talked to the waitress. "Uh. I would have remembered if someone sent back their /entire/ order." I agree with you, Ms. Waitress. Who goes to a place, and hates absolutely everything in it, and actually sits around long enough for the cheque, and doesn't say anyhting to anyone working there? Seriously?

Even when one thing goes wrong, the wait staff are very good about coming to me or Cliff, and saying "Hey. That was not good the way XYZ came up. FIX IT." Or, they'll say something later if the customer insists that they don't want something different (because if you're dissatisfied with something, we can't really expect you to pay for it, as long as you say something, and you haven't polished the plate clean or somesuch). Hell, even I've done it before.

My friend and I went to this restaurant that does a lot of raw food, right? I saw a raw hummus on the menu, and figured "Hey! Couldn't be that bad, right?" I got it, and it looks so pretty. I took one bite, and had to chew.

Uh. Yipes.

I called the waiter over in a distress, and said, "Hey! I'm so sorry to bug you, but this is totally not what I was expection I'msosorryfororderingit." He didn't bat an eyelash, and said, "Don't worry about it, man. I'll get you something else. Here's the menu." Five minutes later, I had a plate of creamy, dreamy mashed potatoes, piled high, and smothered in gravy. "That's more like it!", I said, and devoured it. When the cheque came, the raw hummus was never spoken of again.

And that is how it works when you eat out, right? Am I unique in this? If you totally hate something so much, would you sit there, eat everything, and then leave and send a moody angry message to the owner? One would think that the first thing to do is let the waitress know that you're unsatisfied, right? If she can't fix it, you then leave before finishing the meal, and make it clear that you're unhappy. Then, the waitress tells the management, who then figure out what went wrong, to try to fix it.

THEN when you send that angry message to the manager, he/she knows what you're talking about, and will get back to you with ways to get it fixed. Then, the people involved can figure out what day you were there, who was working, and who needs to get a little crash course in doing things the right way. It’s not that big a deal.

Does anyone who reads this agree with that person? That the service is terrible, and the food even worse? Are we sending out crap? I know the answers in my own head, but Boss Man doesn’t seem to be quite so sure, for whatever reason.
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