Zagat Rated!

Reviewed by RichardD7767 on 09/30/2009. Great variety of small plates. Very tasty. Sacred Chow brings the term "Sacred" to new heavenly heights.

Reviewed by AndreaF452599 on 05/09/2009. Sacred Chow is one of my favorites!

Reviewed by FunkyDuck on 05/09/2009. Hooray for vegan restaurants! The food at Sacred Chow is fresh and light. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by LaurenC5399 on 04/27/2009. AMAZING! If you are skeptical about vegan food, try Sacred Chow. I wish there were more locations so I could eat Sacred Chow at every meal!

Reviewed by MaryA6300 on 04/18/2009. Sacred Chow has amazing vegan fare. The food has taste and flavor. Great for a quick bite to eat.

Reviewed by Amojoam on 03/30/2009. Sacred Chow is delicious! Afterward, you don't feel like you've just eaten a bunch of vegetables. The tapas are unique! Great place to hang out at night!

Reviewed by CathyR700514 on 03/20/2009. Sacred Chow is my favorite restaurant in the city- fresh, healthy and all homemade. Creative and innovative tapas, sandwiches and amazing brunch. Happy hour specials 3 tapas come with a free beer.

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