come 2 my door.

i am laying next 2 my little sleeping boy, he's 7. just finished reading a horrific article in the ny times about kids that r thrown out of their homes, and in order 2 survive they must sell their bodies 2 eat and obtain shelter. such a fierce disconnect, the mechanism that creates new life but lets the child go out in2 a world unprotected. i kiss my boy's face, the bridge of his nose, his forehead, his arm, i sweep my hand through his hair. that could never happen here. i want 2 hug every child on the street and invite them in2 my home 4 shelter. i want 2 put my hands on their shoulders, and whisper soft words of comfort and safety. my heart feels unbearably sad that their moms and dads didnt hold them tight, love them, sweep their hand through their hair. i open my doors of safety, love and hope. come through these doors, eat, rest, sleep, close ur eyes, feed ur bellies, that wont happen here. come in2 my embrace, i will protect u, shelter u, feed u. come 2 my door. u r beautiful my child, u r safe here. so many children in so many cities, in so many countries - in such despair. come 2 my door my child, that wont happen here.
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