Be smart. :o

Note to self: if you're using google anayltics, and you change the layout on your blog, it might be a good idea to copy the tracking code over to the new layout. So now I have a week's worth of empty days, because I'm an idiot. Good job, Dino. Good job.

Also, even though it may not seem that important, make a full backup of your layout's HTML, and email it to yourself as a .txt document. You won't regret it when you press the wrong button, and the whole damn thing goes belly-up.

Also also, if you're going to test things "just to see how it looks," then for the love of Bob, make a test blog where you can futz around with these settings. Because sometimes there is no undo button. No, I'm serious.

EDIT: There's a new feature over at SacredChow.com which is the Events Calendar. Check it out. I haven't started to put in all the events yet, but as soon as we get some biggies, I'll be sure to put them in ...

Oh right! Thanksgiving event! I totally forgot about that. Let me go add it in. Anyone have any thoughts about the shiny new feature?

EDIT2: I went ahead and added in the last day that you can place orders for food by the pound, or whole cakes, pies, etc. The last day will be Tuesday, 24 November, 2009. After we close on Tuesday, we will be unable to accept any further orders for whole cakes, pies, or pound cake loaves, or for Thanksgiving specials by the pound. Make sure you make your reservations and requests early, so that we've got plenty of food (or space) set aside for you and yours.
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