let it all out and go 4 it!

had a dream last night that i was a soldier in full gear w a machine gun, hiding in thick bush; tall reeds were in front of my eyes, and above the reeds was a clear, beautiful blue sky. a voice, i believed 2 be g-d's, echoed loudly all around me: "they r out there right beyond the reeds, and they r coming 4 u in multitudes and u will die." suddenly i could see an army of soldiers just beyond the reeds coming closer 2 me, but they couldnt see me yet. i felt certain that i knew my way around this predicament. adrenaline was pumping my heart nervously, i was sweaty, cold, but felt sure. 2 my right was a large, abandoned skool-house, and i knew the building well. i got up and ran 4 the skool. now the enemy soldiers could see me, and gave rapid chase. i was faster. i ran up a dilapidated, broken down staircase and in2 a dusty, debris strewn class room, and locked the door. i placed a white sheet @ the crack between the door and the floor 2 lessen any noise i was making. i went in2 a bathroom and locked the door. i was working very fast. there was a window that i was able 2 shimmy from its foundation, and now i knew i would easily jump 2 safety wo any worry. i was calm. i could hear the soldiers coming up the stairs. but i knew i would be fine. and i felt that since i was now secure, i could piss in the toilet wo worry. and so i did: w ease, peace & serenity. i closed my eyes, w my head facing the ceiling, i placed my hands on the walls @ both sides of the toilet and let the piss pass through in utter comfort w a pleasurable sigh of relief. ahhhh, that tingling sensation from head 2 toe. i blessed creation! the window was open, it was gray outside now and the grass was green w dew. the slant on the dream: there r many, many unbearable obstacles that seem like absolute death traps. there r voices seemingly much larger than ur own that r telling u that u will never, ever make it. but make it u will, w even a little time 2 spare. yes u'll have 2 run, and it's scary, but there's a place 4 ur ideas, talents, dreams... it's just behind that last door, outside the window, in a green meadow... blessed creation. so relax a bit, let it all out and go 4 it.
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